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“You scared me there, you saucy witch!”


Principal Celestia has accidentally fallen through the mirror into Equestria, and it may be a bit before she can go home. Until then, she has to learn to cope with a strange world, in a strange body.

At the same time, Twilight has to figure out how she can help her new guest while keeping Equestria from freaking out over the presence of a second Celestia, and Sunset Shimmer has to figure out how she is going to make amends with those she had left behind in Equestria, while keeping an eye on her Principal.

Disclaimer: Since I wrote this description ages ago before I even knew the plot, the story is mostly pure comedy in the beginning, with eventual Sunlight and Chryslestia shipping!

Cover image by Arvaus, used with permission.

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This story deserves a follow.

This is actually a well written and enjoyable read...

I am both shocked and surprised, and pleasantly so.

This is definitely going on the follow list. I can't wait to see how thing turns out.

This story has captured my attention. IT SHALL BE FOLLOWED!

Wonderful premise. I look forwards to seeing where this goes.

And that is why the Earth Terminus for the Mirror was moved in my headcanon... Oh dear this is going to be hilarious

This is surprisingly good, especially when compared to most of the stories that get posted here, even by experienced writers. The formatting is good, the editing is solid, and the writing itself is very well done. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you can do with this.

A proper teacher oughtn't be using expletives in front of her students at all, much less repeatedly. I disapprove. :trixieshiftright:


Superintendent Faust


After reading Mr Disc, I suppose this was bound to happen, Can't wait to see where it goes. =D


A proper teacher doesn't normally turn into an adorable little talking pony with a multi-colored mane. :trollestia::facehoof:

I like this, there is allot of untreaded ground as far as the relationship between the Equestrian and human world counterparts. I look forward to seeing the ideas you put forth.

Love this keep going hope to see more soon :heart::pinkiesmile::heart::twilightsmile::heart::yay:
Is this going to be a Sunlight (Twilight X Sunset Shimmer) or Twilestia

:rainbowderp: What a way to start your story...I like it!:pinkiehappy:


I would have personally preferred if Principal Celestia had ended up an exact body-double of Princess Celestia just for the sake of seeing her wrestle with the temptation of that type of power... but still, really interesting concept. :twilightsmile:

I haven't read it yet, but the premise is hilarious.

i am undecided mostly about the Romance tag ,because in most cases it means forced shipping.
But despite that it is good, writing is solid etc etc lets see where it gets and maybe after that i decide if thumps up or down.

5857378 I'm a bit of a shipfic addict, so when I write my own stuff, I usually can't help myself.

Good Premise, especially if we establish Principle Celestia as a bit grouchier than Princess Celestia.

One thing that should be checked over though, is what you're writing in prose to cue shifts in the perspective of the narrative. The moment where Twilight comes in to check on the noise left me with the impression that Celestia knew who she was before she actually saw Twilight. Only after fully completing the paragraph did it click that we'd shifted perspectives to Twilight.

Give your work an extra reading pass and check for indications of 'jump cuts' like that. Ensure that with every perspective or 'camera' switch, we know who we've moved to.

I would have thought Principal Celestia would be built like Flure Delis and that Flure is about as tall as Alicorn Twilight

Well, for me it's the "read when completed" bookshelf. This really sounds like something to be read whole in one sitting.

I'm kind of confused how Twilight could mistake a unicorn that's smaller than she is for an alicorn that's twice her height, and aren't they right by the mirror that's now sitting somewhere in Twilight's castle?

Well, third-person omniscient is a thing that exists, but yes, I agree that it was confusing.

You had me at "Superintendent Faust". ^^ This is very promising, can't wait to see more!

I hope this story addresses the huge discrepancy there is between Pony Princesses & Human Principals when it comes to Powers & Responsibilities.

5856839 Funny you ought to mention that, I thought the same coming in. But reading this, not only does it kinda play with a similar idea that I have for Discord, but this author is giving a unique take on Celestia.

I must say, if the author is reading this, I'm giving you praise for the approach you're taking, and even I'm interested in where you're taking this. Even for a guy who wrote the Mr. Disc series, I say please, go on, I'm interested to see where this is going.

5857758 Thanks, I appreciate the support! I was actually unaware of your series before I wrote this, though now I'm going to have to take a look, it sounds great.

5857066 About time someone doesn't throw a romance subplot in with the comedy, let's be honest they tend to take away from the experience if not done well let us all take a moment to toss a stone at Flash Sentry's Human Counterpart shall we? He is a perfect example of my point.

Take my like and follow and one mustache. :moustache:

5857870 I hope it doesn't disappoint, but there is definitely shipping incoming, but I'm hoping it'll be a bit of a slow burn, and in the mean time we can have plenty of unrelated goofiness

5857787 careful that you don't let how someone else did it influence you too much!


This looks promising so far, but Twilight doesn't call Celestia "Princess" anymore

5857210 I imagine human celestia playing with sun.

Superintendent Faust

Oh HELL the frick yes!

On a side note: who is the president at that point?

The Sunbutt has been DOUBLED! :rainbowlaugh:

Think I'll keep an eye on this.

Interesting, this is a very original concept, and there are many directions you can take. I would prefer the scientific/logical bent, since the person in question is an educator who's spent probably half her life instructing people on the ideas of life.

I want to see Tia giggling at her 'mini-me' and I shall be satisfied.

While this looked like an interesting story, you lost be by the fact you made Principle Celestia. a FREAKING UNICORN!

Celestia unlike Twilight was BORN an alicorn, thus her human counterpart would be an alicorn as well. :facehoof:

5857545 yes, this is the key flaw in this story. the premise is sound and interesting but both Celestia should look the same. though the Human one would be minus the regalia.
If Human Twilight came through, yes she be a unicorn because pony Twilight was born a unicorn. H Twilight hasn't learn the lesson her pony self has thus would have changed. Celestia was born an alicorn thus her human self would be the same. Both seemed to have the same ideals just different scales since one rules a country the other a school. But by all logic H Celestia should be an alicorn. This is why I'm down voting this. Fix this one issue and you'd have me back.

5858820 Also faust. Because everyone is faust

Its the conspiracy of the century :trollestia:


Actually, I don't remember anything in the show or the comics stating that Celestia was born an alicorn. I didn't read any of the books, but even the comics are often ignored by writers here, and the comics also contradicted the show more than once.

So, if there's nothing in the official episodes stating that Celestia was born an alicorn, you can't go around claiming that it's true.

I'm pretty sure there's no canon telling whether Celestia and Luna were born as alicorns or not, but a popular fan theory is that Celestia was born a unicorn and Luna was born a pegasus, which sort of manifests in canon in their general behaviors.

That said, there is official media (one of the books, I believe) that says Cadance was born a pegasus.

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