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Wallflower Blush finally has friends of her own. She’s accepted, tolerated, treated with kindness and respect. For once, she has a place where she belongs.

Or she would, if she weren’t the only one of the group to not have magic of her own, now that she’s lost the Memory Stone.

Fortunately, someone can help her with that. Unfortunately, the price may be higher than Wallflower thinks...

Cover art edited and assembled by forbloodysummer, using work by ShiroSotutsu and TwistedScarlett60.

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The inspiration for this story, summed up in a single picture:


Explanation: Wallflower sang a song called Invisible. Dio (The band) also did a song called Invisible. DIO, the incredibly memable anime character named after the lead singer of the aforementioned band, was a vampire. Obviously, this demanded almost 12 kilowords of fanfiction faff.

Thanks go out to for forbloodysummer and Tethered-Angel for helping with brainstorming and stuff :twilightsmile:

I don't know if you've noticed this, but only one of the last four stories you've posted has any sirens in it :trollestia:

Don't remind me, it's hard enough to live with myself if I ignore it :raritydespair:

Not a fan of the ending. Nothing wrong with it, and it fits the story, just not to my taste.

However, it seems that you've accidentally included the long description of the story in the story itself. The last sentence of it even butts up right against the first paragraph.

Yow. That was powerful. Very strong aesthetic coming across.

I... don't like it when a sympathetic character is mind controlled. And I don't like bad endings either. Yet this was compelling enough that I have to upvote it. So... Well done, I guess :twilightsmile:

No joke, I wrote... 99-ish% of this story like over a year ago, and the main reason I didn't publish it at the time was because I didn't think I liked the ending. It's not the first 'bad ending' I've written, probably, but it felt especially dark :twilightsheepish: So it's definitely the kind of thing I can see some people not being super into.

Thank you for reading and upvoting! I'm really glad you gave it a shot and... saying you enjoyed it feels a tad presumptuous, but I'm glad you found something to appreciate :twilightsmile:

The opening brought Luigi's Mansion to mind. Giant, creepy house, green protagonist...

As for the ending, me being me, I can't help but think "One friendship rainbow later..."

Brilliant case of seduction of the innocent. Chrysalis has a fascinating blend of cult leader, drug dealer, and other ever-so-persuasive elements. Though honestly, I'm surprised the girls reacted as negatively as they did. They already have two ex-demons. What's a little exsanguination between friends? (Heck, Sunset could offer a replacement. "Why don't we spend the summer in Equestria? I'm pretty sure I can spin lessons in a druidic circle as an internship for your transcript.") Still, at least no one expected Wallflower to sparkle.

But that's me. I can't help but look for the happy ending. Suffice to say, excellent work. Wallflower is rich soil for tragedies. Thank you for this.

9911917 :pinkiegasp: No, not the terrible tragic bad ending where Wallflower and all her friends live forever! How will they cope with such a harrowing fate?!

Wahaha! Walking into Chryssie's spooky mansion is never gonna work out well for Wallflower! Bummer about her soul though.


Though honestly, I'm surprised the girls reacted as negatively as they did.

I see it as more of an issue of an unreliable narrator. Wallflower seems like she's been under Chrysalis' thrall pretty much the whole time. I think Wallflower may have just been a way to get at the other girls.

Honestly, she probably wasn't using her soul much anyway, so it's not that bad a deal when you think about it.

I just found your stories, where have you BEEN?

...sorry, got carried away :facehoof:...

Brilliantly written, wonderfully dark without the obligatory gore-fest, and that ending...wow!

Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

I've been around! I don't write very consistently at all, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's difficult to stumble across my stuff--unless you go looking for dazzlings stories, which I've done quite a few of.

Thanks for commenting, really glad you enjoyed this one :heart:

So, to be honest, I'm not much a fan of vampires unless they're positively monstrous; Legacy of Kain, for example (especially the freaks in Soul Reaver), has probably my favorite vampire designs, especially the clan leaders. Melchiah being a mass of entire human corpses stitched together because even though he was immortal, his soul wasn't gifted with enough power to keep himself from rotting; Zephon being a giant arachnoid creature that has managed to fuse himself to a giant cathedral that was once to be an anti-vampire superweapon; Rahab, whose own evolution and subsequent devolution had led him and the rest of his clan to become immune to water, but in turn were easily devastated by sunlight, looked almost like an anthropomorphized take on the hellspawn of a shark and an angler fish; Dumah being a hulking man who looked more like a demon than a person; Turel having the misfortune of not only becoming a giant beast, but also going blind; all of them bore visages that betrayed the nature of their souls. It's all so very honest, and honesty is something I can appreciate. After all, there's little need for deception and seduction when you inspire such awe and terror that what you want is practically thrown at your feet.

And yet, despite my normal distaste for vampires that have beauty that they could employ to achieve their goals, we have Kars, who does things to me and I hate that I love it.

That all being said, I can appreciate the fey honesty of Chrysalis in this story; she certainly isn't lying at any point, but she's telling the truth in an appealing way, which is all it can take to convince someone that she only means well. Wallflower's envy fits her to a T, and so combining her insecurity with Chrysalis' honeyed words echoing in her head is a perfect recipe for what may or may not be disaster, depending on who you ask. If there's any complaint I may have, it's that the Rainbooms universally rejecting Wallflower's vampirism seems a little out-of-character for them. Not terribly so, but it's there, if only because I have the headcanon that Sunset basically has the hots for all of her friends (she does give all of them bedroom eyes at some point or another, multiple times in some cases), and would find the idea of banging a vampire almost irresistible, especially if said vampire is a friend that she would more or less trust. Or, in a nutshell:

Sunset: "I'm gonna FUCK a VAMPIRE."
Everyone else: "Sunset, no!"
Sunset: "Sunset YES~"

Seeing as vampirism is a much more common theme in the human world than Equestria, so it seems, I understand the others having their reservations. I can even imagine Fluttershy eventually being receptive to having a vampire for a friend; after all, she accepts nature's cycles, including that there are creatures who prey upon others, and even if Wallflower's new form would cement her as rather unnatural, it still otherwise follows certain laws of nature.

That of the food chain, first and foremost.

But still, especially with all they went through, I feel like at least Sunset would do her best to try and understand what Wallflower is going through, and try to find a way to work with it, because her friends' happiness is immensely important to her, and if becoming a creature of the night is what Wallflower needs to achieve happiness, she wouldn't throw out the idea of compromising somehow, such as through finding nonviolent sources of blood on which Wallflower can feed.

Aside from that, it was an all-around great read, and I really like the way you portray Chrysalis as dangerous, but not necessarily malevolent. Even with the bad ending, which is something that normally doesn't sit well with me, it still meshes together well, and I find it to be enjoyable in its own dark way.

I think that's a completely fair take on vampires. One of my recent favorites in that genre was Code Vein, which has appallingly edgy designs for its very very pretty band of anime vampire best friends and even the supposedly more monstrous forms of vampire-ish creature there are, well, a bit difficult to take very seriously at all. I felt it worked, but in a very sort of guilty pleasure yes this is cheesy and ridiculous but the combat is fun so let's just roll with it, but in something that was trying to be a bit more serious I'd most likely have wanted a lot more Bloodborne.

And yet, despite my normal distaste for vampires that have beauty that they could employ to achieve their goals, we have Kars, who does things to me and I hate that I love it.

ok but like let's be real for a minute

kars does not get by by just being pretty

If there's any complaint I may have, it's that the Rainbooms universally rejecting Wallflower's vampirism seems a little out-of-character for them.

That's very fair.

... Probably. I actually don't recall the exact circumstances here, so probably shouldn't say too much on the topic, but I can believe I took it a little far with how decisive their stance was. I can probably see them being wary--Wallflower if I recall pretty much hasn't appeared since her first showing, so perhaps there's a case to be made that the Rainbooms still don't know her quite well enough to not be a bit rattled, but if I recall I have her hanging out with them and treating them as her friends and stuff here, so that's probably kind of a sketchy argument. I'm happy to accept that as being a flaw.

Thanks for the big chonky comment! Always glad to see this one getting some attention :twilightsmile:


ok but like let's be real for a minute

kars does not get by by just being pretty

Oh, of course not, but considering how he pretty much had me going full-on Squidward-imagining-Squilliam-in-his-underwear ("OH NO, HE'S HOT") anytime he was on screen, Kars certainly could.

Fantastic work. Incredibly well written, and had me enraptured the entire time. Usually, with stories with so much detail, I tend to get annoyed, but not here.

Insane stuff, I couldn't put into words how good it is.

A fantastic take with plenty of familiar gothic elements to love. I’m sure Wallflower doesn’t feel useless anymore.

I’m always pleasantly surprised when people like this one. I remember being a bit iffy on it myself.

Thanks for commenting, hope you’re doing well.

I'm doing fairly well; I've been wondering how I haven't seen you around much. Having these stories come up on my RiL reminded me how much I missed seeing your stories get updated.

I've been gravitating towards drawing more than writing a lot of the time lately, and I'm not particularly interested in drawing pony stuff, so while it'd be a little overdramatic to say I've left the fandom or something, it'd be a little overdramatic.

I miss posting here too, though, and there's at least one more idea I'd like to get somewhere with, but no promises.

Would that idea happen to be Adagio?

I don’t see myself finishing that one, sorry.

I think the first draft was finished or close to it, though, so if you wanted to know roughly how the rest of it was going to go, I could see what’s there and share it.

Oh, damn. I was really looking forward to that one, especially because it was just marked as being in hiatus. And yeah, knowing how it ended would be fine.

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