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Once upon a time, in the mystical and whimsical Land of Ooo, there lived two self-proclaimed sisters. The oldest, a Demon tied to the Setting Sun, and the other—younger by just a few years—a Vampire Queen.

Together they could do anything. And so, they embarked on an epic quest: To bring the sickest, gnarliest licks their guitars could produce to the unsuspecting people of Ooo.

And possibly save the world if they felt like it.

(Art by DustySculptures)

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A very interesting start, I wait for the second chapter.

Good start, sounds like it will be an interesting story. I will follow. :derpytongue2:

Good start as always waiting for the next chapter hopefully it continues to be good.

seems like Twilight found her again
wonder who the other is tho
may be Spike, but wouldn't shock me if it was Starlight

Watch it be Rarity and AppleJack

...yeah, okay. You've got my attention.


Okay, I'm interested. Though the time scale seems inconsistent. You say at one point Sunset's been around a thousand years, but there's also talk of humans dying out more recently, and that she's been here like a century? Which is it?

Wanderer D

11191735 Remember that Marceline met some humans while fighting the vampires? I'll delve a bit more in the story later on, but during that time Sunny was in the Nightosphere so as far as she's concerned, by the time she got back, all the humans were dead and gone.


I'm aware Marcy met some humans, but I'm pretty sure that was closer to after the Mushroom War since it was at some point after Simon had to abandon her to become the Ice King.

Well. This is quite the compelling start. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

Wanderer D

11191739 I might have to be more clear, I'll see if I can clean up the timeline a bit in this chapter later on. Might be just misuse of the right words to describe them. Thanks for the feedback!

I once said that since this fanfic site is the only one I both know of and trust, the only time I get to read fanfics that take place in non-MLP universes is if Sunset travels to them. That's still true, and now I'm following Sunset to Ooo! Looking forward to more!

Interesting start, curious to see how this will develop.

awesome chapter dude and damn am i interested in this now!!! I hope you make more chapter and keep up the good work!!!

Wow, there's a lot to unpack here.

Something that really stuck out to me was that Pinkie was absent from the dream where Sunset got hit by the Rainbow Beam™. Was that why the others were so vindictive? Did Sunny do something to Pinkie that kept her from being there?

Also, I was wondering how Hunson regarded Sunset as Marcy's sister. Not particularly clear yet, but if he regularly tries to take her, it sounds like he wants her back in the Nightosphere.

Looking foward to learning who exactly the humans are, since we got no details about their appearance. My guess is either Pinks or Twi.

This is a brilliant idea, and I love it already.

I'm a bit confused, is this supposed to be in the future of Equestria Girls' Earth, or a different universe entirely?

A crossover with a unique hook between 2 of my favorite cartoons? Sign me up. It's execution is great so far as well.

Good start and not a crossover I have seen before. Like the sister thing and that the vampire queen will be more friendly then her cannon self as she has a sister with her all this time.

Once the phrase "one thousand years" comes up, this will make a lot more sense to poor Celestia.

I gotta say, it's refreshing to see a plot where the wronged MC doesn't immediately flip around and help out out of the goodness of their heart. This right here is some very nice character development/definition.

It will be interesting to see Celestia and Fluttershy trying to adapt to Ooo, I hope that the other maine 6 will appear in the story

Funny that Celly and Flutters thought Sunset would just drop everything to come help them.

awesome chapter dude and wow, once celestia finds out sunset has been here for over 1 thousand years i wonder what her reaction will be?

Hmm. This does raise some interesting questions. Where are the others? When are they? What side effects might come from using the Memory Stone to override the portal? Will Sunset ever try to go back and deal with the sirens? Is it even possible?

Fascinating stuff. Looking forward to further developments.

Sunset turns them down and with some damn good reasons too! Love it!

Of course I am very familiar with the "refusing the call to action" trope so this plot thread probably won't be ending here.

Oof. Right in the feels. This isn't anywhere close to the end of the angst train, is it? Good thing I bought a ticket to ride till the end of the line.

Maa, forgiveness doesn't necessarily have to mean reconciliation, forgiveness just means you've dumped your end of the grudge and have gotten on with your life. Forgiveness don't mean amnesia either come to think of it, only means you ain't burdened.

A teenager's not going to let such a grudge go so easily in two weeks. But they need to do so, do they're going to have to grow up and do it fast. I wonder who'll be the one that manages it.
My money is on Rainbow, if only due to the fast part and being a much different approach from normal.

Oof. Yeah, Fluttershy's in a very rough spot now. I don't envy her one bit. I hope Celestia's having an easier time of it.

So much character development! Loving this!

Yeah I think is a tad too late for forgiveness.

Can't say I blame Sunset, for her it has been a long time. Also with how much the Humane 5 hate her, any friendship magic to defeat the Sirens just wouldn't work. Also there is the risk of Sunset getting mind controlled; that would just make things worse as the Sirens would get a pet demon as bodyguard.

Yeah, sorry kid but Sunset is not gonna risk her life to save people that wants her dead.

Dangit Celly, can you just, not? So many problems would be solved if that mare would exercise just a little more emotional courage and stop hiding behind her crown at the first sign of trouble.


The problem is that Celestia doesn't know how to deal with children, that's what Luna is good at, not her.

Well, poor Sunset, now only she got exiled as a demon, but she is gonna end in the local Hell and she almost lost her only friend.

Twilight, of course, being the only one of the mane 6 who *genuinely* just wished for Marcy to learn to be a better person.

"Wallflower, I'm sorry I had to call the police to stop you from doing something stupid because of what I said!

Re-reads quote
Blinks in confusion
Did....did Sunset just apologize to Wallflower for preventing her from committing suicide?! Cause that's what I see implied here...

And a really touching yet sad look at Sunset's first days in the Land-That-Would-Become Ooo

awesome chapter and wow ok. But all i can wonder is how will pony celestia react to hearing sunset is a 1000+a few hundred years old?

Wanderer D

11232280 give or take a hundred :trollestia: it would be an interesting discussion, right?
11232254 Her apology is for being the cause of the call in the first place.

Most enlightening look back at the beginning. Sunset still got the dopeslap she needed to shape up; it just came a lot harder than usual. And centuries later, after she thought she'd moved on, here come nasty reminders of how she ended up in Ooo. No wonder she doesn't know how to handle them.

Introspection is the first step towards healing. Too bad it took Sunset going demonic and almost getting gibbed by the Rainbow Beam™ to get there.

And of course, there's Marcy's side of things. I'm glad Sunset's there for her.


Unfortunately there is the fact those five girls almost killed Sunset and Twilight is not there anymore, so Sunset doesn't want to help and risk being mind controlled.

Plus she is about a thousand years old, if she suddenly stops being a demon she may end dead.

I can't not critique this as it stands...

If this story is primarily about Marcy, the first few chapters are mostly red-herrings. If this story is primarily about Sunset, the flashback chapter doesn't add much that's new (specifics, i concede). If this story is about both of them, I'm waiting to see them do more stuff.

As the story so far seems to focus on Sunset and the Canterlot High business, I will make a prediction: Magic / the universe is meddling where it isn't needed. Sunset had her centuiy or two to atone, and a few more centuries to simply live beneficently and wisely... unless what we've been told/shown about that has been false. If the past is still traumatizing her, then she needs therapy, not a quest.

I very much appreciate the emotional layers here. I just wish I could shake the feeling that there's a lot of handholding as I'm being lead around in circles so far. (It could be I'm just not your target audience.)

Wanderer D

11237311 The story is just beginning, but it is about both of them, and how family does change you when it's there for you in a positive way. There's other things there, of course, but telling the whole point of a story in a comment 4 chapters in is kinda spoilery. :twilightsmile:

They might have called each other sister, but that scene takes to mind that Sunset was more of a mother to young Marceline. But then again centuries together as young women will overcome some five to ten as a teenage maternal figure.

and another member of the human 6 shows up

thanks for the chapter

Huh, I gotta say, Rainbow was adapting quite a bit better than the first two were.

HAS it been a few months since Celestia and Fluttershy showed up? It wasn't entirely clear to me on that at the start of the chapter.

And hooo boy......Rainbow seems like she's going to do something reckless that causes trouble down the line...

Yea, I have a feeling Dashie is going to be trouble.

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