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This story is a sequel to A Certain Magical Sunset

Sunset and Twilight, recently graduated from Canterlot High, have accepted the opportunity to attend University in Academy City, honing not just their intellects but their magical skills as they become embroiled in the plots within plots at the heart of the Academy and beyond.

This story is a cross-over between the Shimmering Hearts verse from Six Friends One Heart, and the magical wild verse from A Certain Scientific Railgun and it's companion stories. The insane magic in Railgun, psychic and otherwise, along with the intrigue, drama, and friendships in those stories made this a natural fit with Shimmering Hearts.

It's recommended to read prequel first as it does provide the background for the setting and characters.

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This is a really good story. Great job. :twilightsmile:

I'm gonna be honest that is the most non-platonic , platonic relationship I have ever read just make it officially non-platonic already 🤣(*my Sunlight supporting heart has been screaming for it ever since I started reading this*)🤣 but you do you *ehem* just hoping for Sunlight ship to sail*ehem*🤣

Anyway thanks for the great fic🙏🥰 even if my ship may not sail it's still a great fic overall🥰

“Nah, I got this. Give me like 20 more minutes tops,” smiled Twilight back. “Go ahead and get ready for bed. I’ll join you as soon as these are done, and we can give them to the girls when we see them.”

Just a question why when you see them can't you just teleport back to Canterlot then give it to them then? Didn't you have a built teleporter for that or just Sunsets powers?

Ah sorry. I understand the confusion. The girls mentioned there are not their EqG dear friends, but Mikoto and her friends who are off on their own adventure in the Railgun / Index timeline. They will return in a bit and rejoin the story at that point and get the fobs then. Apologies for the confusion. :twilightsmile:

Ah I see got it Thanks for the good chapter🙏🥰

sees naked sunset

Me: "Sunny bun, are you TRYING to make me clop? I mean your legs are nice but it's too early for your shenanigans right now

She keeps saying she is gonna make them pay but why the hell is she not doing anything and now she done gone fucked up! It's like she is waiting for something to happen to her friends before she does anything and now it will😮‍💨

Also gonna criticize you a bit dear author the chapters getting redundant the chapter plot is pretty much the same thing, the characters are just doing the same thing in the other chapter just with other characters thrown in😣 fluff is good but having it repeated over and over lessens its impact. Just saying hope it gets better from here🙏

Sorry bro, too much? I can pull the silly art from the comment. I hate clop, so was definitely not trying to get anyone clopping. Was trying to be snarky and funny. But if I crossed the line I can certainly remove the so called art from the author's note and behave from this point forward. Thanks for sharing man! :twilightoops:

Yeah, she done bucked it up. And she has no idea. She seriously thinks because they are on Mars the coven's cant reach them.

So what do you think is about to happen? Not spoiling anything but let's just say the piper will be paid for that little mistake.

Regarding your criticisms, point taken. In fact point taken hard. Thank you for being honest and speaking up instead of just rage quitting when I kept up the stupid. I have already written the next few chapters to finish this arc so my apologies the improvements will not be there, and as I hinted joy will not be visiting Sunset and the girls in this arc. They shouldn't have as much repetitive fluff in them as this is where stuff is going down... but they will likely not be completely the better you hoped for, I fear.

That said, because of your comment and my editor Scroll slapping my upside my proverbial head I will be redoing what I had planned going forward to make the chapters something I hope you will enjoy reading. I'd be happy to discuss it with you in DM if you wish, but again thank you for the clearly much needed and appreciated input.

Thanks AngelaCA. :twilightsmile:

Are you telling me they don't have any security system in place in case of a break in? For shame Twilight For shame🤦

You mean not counting nanny cams in their apartment... yeah, babes in the woods. Time to learn, girls. :facehoof:

Well that's better it's now not redundant and more plot driven, I like it🥰

Than I am happy. :twilightsmile:
And I will strive to keep the story more, umm.. moving, less slice of lifey. Thank you for the sharing your thoughts and concerns. :raritywink:

Twilight laughed, wiggling to break her grip. “When did you get so sappy?” she teased back. “Too much watching StarTrek? Turned you into a Cling-On?”

me in dr zoidberg from futurerama voice

that pun was bad and you should feel bad

jk lol

Personally I like having the slice of life moments in the story, it lets us know WHO these characters are (in this story) and WHY we should care about them. I say in this story as I am familiar with both MLP and Index/Railgun and would assume personalities etc are original story unless told otherwise which the slice of life moments are perfect for.

sigh wow i admit it sunset is a better person than i

if someone hurt someone i love im ashamed to admit i wouldnt let it go if she or he forgave them

i wont kill them but if anything id want them to hurt

and now that i think of it sunset would be very ashamed of me i dont think id be able to look her in the eye if i did and that would hurt me more than to her looking at me with a look of shame and discust on her face if i did such a thing and yeah i know shes a cartoon horse but i admit having a crush on her and if ponies ever became real someday Faust willing i dont want her or the ponies to reject me if i gave into revenge

I So hear you there. And I can relate to the crush. :pinkiehappy:
Rares was my first. :raritywink:
Then Twilight. :twilightoops:
Then a particular bacon-haired pony. :twilightsmile:
Not gonna lie, if I died and met ponies, would not be sad about it. Not one bit. :pinkiehappy:
Edit: Also, just gonna add.
Sunset would not want you to feel shame. She has felt it enough herself, so no shame. She only forgave Robin after Mikoto's action and glare... so I'm sure she would completely understand your feelings.

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