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I wrote these in March of 2015. New to the fandom, I was coming to terms with my recent disability, and what it meant to me, and to my family. It was not an easy time for any of us, but we came through it, mostly intact, because caring really is the best Magic. Even when life is at its darkest, we can trust in the love around us. :yay:

These are two separate short stories.

The first is set in the Equestria Girls Universe, with Sunset Shimmer making an indirect appearance rescuing the stories protagonist :pinkiehappy: (yes, the protagonist is the silly flower :facehoof:).

The second story is set in the time before Luna's fall, when the sisters were new to their reign. (Yes, it's a Spike Origin Story. And please forgive the silly diamond dogs. They are not the same dogs that bothered Rarity, but perhaps distant ancestors? Yeah going with that. :rainbowlaugh:)

The theme between the two is unexpected second chances at life, which was very important to me at that time. :pinkiehappy:

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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart

There are many other stories in the Shimmering Heart Verse… Here are a few…

Note that Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart should be read before these stories, as there will be spoilers.

There is hope, there is love, and there is a reason to live. You are NOT alone. And Friendship REALLY is Magic!

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Broken, alone, heart sick, Anon-a-miss had taken more than Sunset's friends. They had taken away her heart. Her hope. Her life.

Anon-a-miss had taken away any reason she had to continue to live. She tried to soldier through it. Until she couldn't.

But she wasn't alone. When she couldn't find hope, hope found her. Life found a way. Harmony holds her own, enfolds them, and loves them where they are.

Sunset had hope. Hope lifted her up, and carried her forward when she was ready to lie down and die. Hope rekindled friendships, mended hearts, rebuilt broken lives. Hope restored life.

And Friendship was magic.

This is the story of Sunset's fall, her sorrows, and her attempt to end her life. But it's more than that.

It's also a story of hope. Of friendship. And of Harmony's grace, and the joys that come from living, loving, and helping friends. It's a story of happy moments, funny moments, joyful moments, living and loving even when days are darkest.

Not Just Another Anon-a-miss story - but set in and borrows heavily from the Anon-a-miss Holiday Comic and other Anon-a-miss fiction.

This story contains scenes of Violence and Suicide, be forewarned.

If you are thinking of Suicide, please get help! You are not alone! You are wanted, help is there, please just reach out, let someone know, let them care. Please!

Featured on 26 March 2021! Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

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Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, life has a way of turning out as it should instead of as we wanted. Painfully and to her surprise, Sunset Shimmer found that out, and she has never been happier! The story occurs at the very end of the first Equestria Girls movie, just as Sunset Shimmer is transformed by her very first taste of the Rainbow of Friendship.

Story for MLPFan234's Sunset Shimmer Story Contest

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