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Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart - Babroniedad

There is hope, there is love, and there is a reason to live. You are NOT alone. And Friendship REALLY is Magic!

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61 - End of the Beginning - Dust


Lightning Dust was enclosed in a white cloud, drifting through the cosmos. Ahead of her, a rainbow band of color stretched out from horizon to horizon. As she drew closer, she could see golden fields waving in a gentle breeze, stretching for as far as the eye could see.

In the distance, Dust saw a magnificent white horse cantering towards her. As she came closer, Dust saw her brilliant white wings spread wide. A majestic horn projected from her red main, glowing with ethereal aqua light. She drew up before Dust, smiling serenely. Dust noticed a mark on her flank, a purple inkwell with a golden quill. Her large auga eyes bore into Dust, with a gentle smile on her muzzle.

“You’re magnificent!” Dust breathed, falling to her knees in awe.

“Greetings, my little child. I am Faust, and I have come to welcome you to eternity,” smiled the alicorn.

“Thank you!” breathed Dust.

Her face fell, gazing in sadness at the ground before her. “I don’t belong here. I’m an evil person.”

“No my child. You do not belong here. You belong in a place of eternal torment and anguish.” replied Faust gently.

She paused for a moment, to allow Dust to collect herself. “Fret not child. Mercy has been shown to you.”

Dust looked up to Faust, barely daring to hope. “How?” she croaked. “How can there be mercy for me after all I have done? How is it possible anyone could find it in their heart to show me mercy?” Tears fell from her cheeks as she cried out in her shame.

“Harmony hears the cries of her children. She has heard your cries. And she heard the cries begging mercy for your soul from her precious child, whom you attempted to cut down in her prime,” answered Faust.

Sunset? Sunset prayed for me? She forgave me? She prayed for my soul?” whispered Dust, incredulous. She looked to Faust, hope lighting her face. “Sunset prayed for me?”

“Just so, my child. She prayed for you, has forgiven you, and begged Harmony you be released from your torment, to know everlasting peace instead of everlasting suffering. She begs you be allowed to roam the sacred fields of Elysium, here to wait for the day when she can join you in joyful eternity.”

Smiling in joy, Dust rose to her feet and hugged Faust gently. “Oh thank the Maker! Praise Harmony! Thank you dear Sunset. Thank you Faust! Thank you!” she cried.

“Come my child. Join us in these fields of peace and harmony!” Faust stepped back, horn glowing in power, wings outstretched.

Dust bowed to her knees, arms outstretched. “With all my heart, yes!”

A gentle light enveloped her, and she floated before Faust. She was transformed in an instant, arms and legs to legs and hooves, head and hair to muzzle and main, and from her back sprang two wings, flapping genty.

When the light faded, Dust floated before Faust as a beautifly pegasus pony. “Welcome to eternity, Lightning Dust. Come share our joy!”

With a laugh, Faust sprang away, bounding joyfully through the fields. Dust flew behind her, laughing and calling out in joy.

THE END…. or is it.

Author's Note:

Yeah, for anyone who guessed it - Dust was the ‘angel’. Amazing what you can get people to see and believe with a little PCP and some post hypnotic suggestions.

(Yes - PCP is Angel Dust. The irony was intentional. :rainbowlaugh:)

So what happened… Dust pretended to leave the house, but instead sat in a ball in the hallway balling her eyes out waiting for Sunset to trip complete balls. Why is she crying? Believe it or not, she has fallen for Sunset. Not in a ‘come on baby’ way, but in a ‘soul to soul deep spiritual sister’ way.

So why was our neighborhood butt-head still doing this horrible thing to her ‘soul sister’? She loves Gilda. Gilda was her only friend when she was younger, Gilda looked out for her and protected her, and helped her through some brutally rough times when she was growing up (abusive - but that’s another story). She would do anything for Gilda, even rip her own heart out. And that’s what she’s doing here. She is literally ripping out her heart.

Every vicious act she has done to Sunset, every betrayal, every time she whispered the subliminal lies through the speaker while Sunset slept (yeah, those dreams were a bit too spot on, don’t you think?), every time she turned on the subsonics to bring terror to Sunset’s sleep. As she slipped the PCP into Sunset’s soda then pretended like nothing was wrong. Then pretended like Sunset was sick. ‘Helping’ her into bed, then refusing to help her at all. And giving her the final ‘help’ of essentially walking her through her own suicide. It was ripping Dust’s heart out. Every step of the way. But she couldn’t stop. She needed to do this for her first love.

Dust is one broken soul. I love her, I hate her, I want her to know true peace and harmony, all at the same time.

Poor Lightning Dust.

At first, I was just going to let her demons eat her from the heart out, until she killed herself to find peace. But screw that.

No one gets to ride the short bus to eternity in my stories. If one person reads my story and decides I am saying it’s okay to take the short ride out, I have FAILED. I don’t get to ride the short bus to eternity, and no one else does either.

Like Faust said, our journey is not complete. There are hearts still to mend, love still to share, and joy to spread. Get cracking people - look around, it is needed EVERYWHERE. No leaving the field before this battle. Gird up and step into it. Face eternity, don’t flee to it. We have lives to finish living here. Our time will come when harmony calls us to her. Not before then.

So Dust, my second favorite broken soul - right after her soul sister Sunset - I give you peace eternally. Dust died for what she did. Not because Sunset could not forgive her - she could, and she did, and she ends up loving Dust’s soul as dearly as Dust does hers - only more perfectly, not because Sunset is perfect. But because Sunset is perfectly willing. She keeps coming back. She works it. And she won’t stop no matter what, because her heart cannot bear to lose one single soul along the way.

So Dust, my broken soul. You were caught. The Royals have cameras in their house, because they care and fear for the life and soul of their dearest foster daughter. You were watched. You were seen. And from that, Shining was able to find out everything. Prison is where you ended. And no, you were not allowed to join your first love. Our imperfect criminal justice system doesn’t work like that. You were alone, with only your broken heart and broken soul for company in the darkest hole of hell that is our prisons. And when one of your fellow inmates decided you needed to die, you did not fight them. Dust, you didn't take the short bus to eternity. But you did have a shorter ride then the rest of us.

And Dust, when you arrive, look up. Faust will be there. But guess what? She loves you, just as she loves Sunset, and all her ponies. And as you were dear to her beloved Sunset, you will be dear to her too, as she welcomes you joyfully, in mercy wholly unearned, to the beautiful waving fields of Elysium.

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It all is posted in one wow

See, here's the thing. You say this isn't another comic related story. But having read it, there's literally nothing here that's not been done before. There never is with this kind of story.

Or at least. 99.999% of these don't do something different. There's a few exceptions of course. But they're buried under the mountain of the fix fics, or whatever you call these.

Fair point. Anon-a-miss is a lot like most day time drama I think... Everyone can agree it's over the top, over done, over wrought... and they still keep coming back and watching it. :facehoof: I admit it, that's me.
The claim that it's not just another Anon-a-miss knockoff is because of the reason I wrote it, and the way I'm presenting Sunset - she's my hero, and the way she faces her demons inspires me. That's just me, others welcome to disagree. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I know the 'smart' thing to do is post a chapter a day to maximize interest and stay on the front page as long as possible... but with the holiday here, and knowing most folks probably download the stories to read on their phones and devices (I use calibre for what that's worth) I figured it would be a mercy just to post it and let anyone who wanted to read it just read it. :pinkiehappy:

It’s still good though I’ll admit I just submitted the beginning of my anon-a-miss story so I’m no better lol it’s over done but I still enjoy reading and writing it

A fair bit in the story mirrors some of the <phft!> I went through myself. They did actually screw up the dyes on my cat scan and MRI. :facehoof:
Mercifully no one ever mistakenly assumed I ran a porn blog though... :rainbowlaugh: One look at me could have ruled that out! :trollestia:

I used the free grammarly app for my spell checking and grammar checks. It probably let me get away with all sorts of things that I shouldn't have. :facehoof::rainbowlaugh: Sorry. :twilightoops:

6/10 above average story. I'm kinda sad Dust died.

Thanks for the read and the thoughts! :twilightsmile:
Yeah, Dust was something else. I'm happy she got to find peace in the end.

10740252 I... don't think I've ever seen this before.

Always seems to me that no matter how they start into something Applebloom seems to be the one calling the shots at the end. Even in the show it seemed that way. And Sweety Belle seems to always back her up. So I kind of ran with that. :unsuresweetie:

Just my thoughts... my head cannon has Sunset as ascended. I see her as an alicorn with flaming red and gold wings - if not literal flames, then at least in coloration.

That's at least part of what I was alluding to during her meeting with Faust in Elysium, for what it's worth. Daydream Shimmer, with a Greek Goddess type twist.

I'm looking forward to writing more of that. I do wish the Has-bros would have run through the third season instead of killing Equestria Girls off. :facehoof:

:facehoof: Fixed Apple Bloom's name in the Canterlot Movie Club and Five Former Friends chapters. Two words not one no matter how fast I say it... Sorry! :twilightoops:

For anyone curious, I like to listen to some chill Pony while writing. Here's a few of the playlists I use on iTunes.

I use iTunes in the hopes that the artists are getting something out of my playing their music, and because my laptop is a MacBook Pro, so just easiest to do. :twilightsheepish:

I have totally been following your story! :twilightsmile:
And thank you for the welcome. :pinkiehappy: I love the idea of Sunset, Luna, and Celestia as family.
Thanks! :raritywink:

I’ve read it thanks :pinkiehappy:

Yeah I love soft fluttershy and yay is her best moment so I mustache you :moustache:

Duh oh! :twilightoops: Yeah that would have been perfect! lol! :rainbowlaugh:

lol! :rainbowlaugh: I think I lost mine about a month after I got out of the hospital. Yeah, had to do it, was a pita but I didn't want any of the respiratory issues they stressed it was supposed to help me avoid. Honestly don't miss it in the least. :twilightoops:

Figured Dust was up to something. Surprising Celestia wasn't affected by the speaker, maybe since, unlike Luna and Sunset she didn't have anything horrifying or guilty of to relive.

With Luna throwing out the line about Celestia not being able to have children because of her, I'm surprised Celestia didn't adopt Sunset as an actual daughter, not just a foster one.

I think the foster route was a quick solution for Celestia and Luna to get Sunset home. I would not be surprised to see Celestia and Luna fully adopt Sunset at a later date.
And yes, Luna and Sunset both have their demons, one reason I think they relate to each other so well. :twilightsmile:

Thought you might've been setting up something with that line, seeing as it came after the fostering process. If it did happen, Sunset would get the next best thing to what she originally wanted (besides the alicorn/princess thing)

I do feel Sunset and Luna relate to each other in a way since at least for Princess Luna, they once felt they were wronged by the same pony. Having given the vice-principal her own Nightmare Moon incident, something similar could be said of VP Luna and Sunset (in a way anyway)

I'll DM you what I might expand on.

Double with what I know of prison life (from a outside perspective) those convicted of crimes linked to minors are hated by prisoners and guards and are the bottom of the totem pole so to speak. Their is a reason my crime shows have non solitary confinement life be a actual threat for pedos and the like. They historically don’t last long in the general population

so whatll happen to gilda?

My thoughts on Gilda.... hmm. I believe there is no hell so deep that a heaven can't redeem it. I think she will go through her personal hell and come out the other side a better person, with a people who really care and love her.
But being Gilda, she is not going to make it easy on herself. Some people just have to do things the hard way, and drag themselves and everyone around them through the depths of hell along the way.
I was going to include a short for her in the side stories... but now that I've started plugging away at the follow up story, I am leaning towards including her in some of the arcs there to really give her a chance to work our her demons. She should make for a great villain, and maybe eventually even a great friend - who knows what the future holds for her? :twilightsmile:

thanks for answering, after all, she redeemed herself in the actual show

Did you read my comments from the previous chapter too? Chapter seven?


I apologize to All and Any one who may be offended by my story.

That line above startled me to read, especially if you think that is what I thought, although I realize you did frame it in a general and plural context. For my part, I did not mean to imply that your story offended me but rather I thought the premise it rested upon was unrealistic but that isn't your fault. Rather, it feels like a flaw stemming from your source material. If anything, it feels like you improved an inherently flawed concept. I say that from a perceptive of one who hasn't finished the story yet but I like what I read from your story so far.

(grin) Some of the chapters do seem unusually short, but I wonder if this is a pace most others are more comfortable with. I can't help but notice this one story of yours alone is more successful in terms of viewership, like/dislike ratio, and comments than any story I have, and it was posted after most of my stories. Wow! Aside from quality, what is your secret? My theory is your staggering 1,588 you are following.

Just realized what an idiot I am. Yeah, it's out of order because it begins in medius rea, and then the threads work their way together towards the end. I may have done a less than stellar job with the transitions, I accept that criticism, with apologies. :derpytongue2:

to be fair, i am already irritated beforehand. we don't get human shimmer X pony twilight. like in the cover picture. no dealing with cannon's magical threats. and equestria's side has too little activity.

Totally get that, and that's fair. The way things ended up, well. Spoilers for the sequel, if that matters. But yeah, was not with Pony Twilight, who ended up not really interacting with Sunset until the end. Fair cop on the cover. And I am to broke to commission a real one. Sucks. :twilightoops:

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