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Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart - Side Stories - Babroniedad

Side Stories to Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart. There is hope, there is love, and there is a reason to live. You are NOT alone. And Friendship REALLY is Magic!

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5 - Twilight Sparkle - The Date

Twilight Sparkle - The Date

Twilight stumbled out of the portal.

“Woah girl! Gotcha,” said Sunset, reaching up to catch her friend as she tripped out of the portal, stumbling into her arms.

“Hi Sunset!” she greeted as she extracted herself from the impromptu hug.

“I think you’re actually getting better at this!” snarked Sunset. “You didn’t knock me completely over this time!”

“Oh, hahaha! Aren't you the funny one?” snarked Twilight right back. They both laughed.

Luna grinned. “Greetings Princess Twilight. Ready for your date?”

Twilight turned to Sunset. “You told her?” she whispered, blush creeping up her cheeks.
“Oh, Twilight… I told everyone!” grinned Sunset. “News this good has to be shared!”

Twilight facepalmed.

“So the first stop is home, where you are getting a complete makeover,” stated Sunset, as they drove out from the school parking lot. “We can’t have you looking anything but your best for your date now, can we?”

“Indeed!” added Luna from the driver's seat, looking in the mirror at the girls. “And Tia and I will of course be documenting the entire process for posterity.” She smirked.

Twilight buried her face in her hands. “You’re kidding right? Tell me you’re kidding.”

Sunset put her arm around Twilight. “Would we ever kid you? What kind of friends do you think we are?” She smiled, pulling her into a hug. “We might tease a bit, but never kid.”

Twilight turned and gave Sunset a deadpan look. “You know they’re the same thing, right?”

Sunset gave her a gentle squeeze. “Can’t pull anything over on you, can I Princess?”

Twilight smirked.

Luna pulled into their driveway, parking her sedan. She took Sunset’s chair from her trunk, setting it up while Twilight helped her friend from the car. Once Sunset was settled they rolled up the walkway and into the house. Rarity was sitting at the dining room table looking through a fashion magazine.

“Oh, right on time Darlings!” she smiled, closing the magazine and rising to greet them. “Princess, I hope you are as excited for this as I am! This is going to be fabulous!” Rarity gushed. She gave Twilight a gentle hug and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Hi Rarity! You really don’t have to make a big deal about this, honest! It’s just a simple date, really…” replied Twilight.

“Oh, Pish Tosh, darling! Of course we have to make a big deal about this!” Rarity enthused. “This is your chance to really Sparkle… pun intended dear.” She swished her hands. “Now chop chop! Time is wasting, we have much to do, and your date awaits!”

“Wait, what?! Flash is here?!” panicked Twilight.

“No, no no no. I only meant that I am sure he is waiting breathlessly for your date to begin. Focus dear, to the boudoir!” Rarity took Twilight by the hand, leading her up the stairs to Sunset’s room. Sunset shook her head, her face in her hand, while Luna covered her mouth laughing quietly.

Upstairs in Sunset’s room, Rarity had laid out Twilight’s ensemble for the evening. On Sunset’s bed were lain out a sleeveless scoop top mini-dress of midnight blue decorated with star patterns and galactic swirls, oversized pink star hanging earrings with pink star studs, a necklace pendant with her cutie mark as the jewel, light pinkish purple sheer nylons with lace star patterns embroidered throughout, a pair of light purple flats, and a mid-sized silver clutch purse.

“As this is a casual date, I thought it best to stay with a casual outfit,” explained Rarity. “No need for heels while watching a movie. Not to mention they take some getting used to, dear.”

Twilight went over to look at the outfit, picking the dress up from the bed. “This is really pretty Rarity!”

“Thank you dear, not time for that yet. That’s one of the last steps. First let’s get you cleaned up, and give you a little pampering.” She took Twilight’s backpack and set it aside, next to the bed. “You won’t be needing this dear. And anything you need for your date will fit in that clutch, or you don’t need it. Hmmm?”

Taking Twilight by the arm, Rarity led her out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. “It may not be the spa, but every makeover has to start from a clean foundation!” she chirped, leading her in. Turning to shut the door, she smiled back at Sunset and Luna. “We’ll be out shortly ladies!”

Luna and Sunset laughed. “Have fun Twilight!” Sunset called out. They went to wait in Luna’s room, firing up her game system to pass the time.

“You know Rarity, I can totally do this myself,” Twilight groaned, sitting in the tub with shampoo all through her hair.

“Tisk! No can do dear! I’m making sure you get the full treatment here. You can finish washing yourself, but I am not letting you do your hair. Your hair is your crowning mane dear, and it shall be glorious! Just be patient for a bit while this infusion treatment sets, then we will rinse and condition, and you can finish up.” Rarity gently massaged the herbal infusion shampoo and treatment into Twilight's scalp.

Twilight frowned. Rarity sighed. “Twilight dear, this is my chance to spoil you. This is your chance to sit back and be spoiled. Please dear, just relax and let me pamper you for a bit.” She smiled at Twilight. “Please dear?”

Twilight smiled at her friend. “Okay, fiiiine. When you put it that way....”

“Wonderful Darling!” grinned Rarity.

While Twilight finished her shower, Rarity got the curlers and dryer ready in Sunset’s room. She took over Sunset’s desk as a Glamor Station, staging her cosmetics, and placing mirrors she had brought on the desk to allow her to see her work. She also borrowed the lamp from Luna’s room to brighten the lights so she could clearly see to apply Twilight's makeup.

Hearing the shower turn off, she ran across the hall to Luna’s room. “Almost time girls! Are you going to keep us company while she gets ready?” she called out from the door.

“Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” laughed Sunset. With a grin Luna saved the game and powered down the system, then they both rolled over to Sunset’s room behind Rarity, Luna bringing her chair with her. They settled into the room to wait for the girl of the hour.

Twilight entered wrapped in a fluffy white cotton bathrobe, her hair wrapped in a towel. “Okay, I’m ready! Where do you need me?” she asked Rarity.

“Have a seat here dear, I’m going to style your hair first,” Rarity pointed to the guest chair by the hair dryer. Twilight sat, and Rarity removed the towel. Starting with a large brush, she gently combed out Twilight’s hair, working in lavender scented conditioning detangler as she combed her way through the tresses.

“Mmmm… that feels wonderful!” hummed Twilight as she worked. “Reminds me I should schedule another spa day with the girls when I get back.” Rarity grinned and nodded.

“So you and Flash are going to finally watch the StarWars trilogy I told you about. You’ll love it!” Sunset smiled. “It’s just nerdy enough to keep your interest, with lots of action and a touch of romance.”

Twilight scowled at her friend. “I am not nerdy!” she pouted.

Sunset looked to Luna; they both started laughing. Even Rarity choked back a giggle. “Fiiine. Whatever…” Twilight grinned. Looking at Sunset she snarked “Take’s one to know one!”

“Yup! Pot, kettle, black!” agreed Sunset, still laughing. “But you make it look soooo adorable!” Twilight just rolled her eyes.

Rarity finished combing out Twilight’s hair, and started setting in the curlers, using the large set for loose curls. Once finished she placed the dryer’s hood over Twilight’s head and turned on the hair dryer.

“You know she won’t be able to hear a thing now,” Sunset said to Rarity grinning mischievously.

Rarity grinned back. “Don’t you know it! What say we have a little fun with our Princess?”

“What?” said Twilight.

Rarity bent down next to Twilight.“No worries dear, we were just chatting! This won’t take long!” she spoke loudly into Twilight’s ear. Twilight smiled and nodded.

Sunset nodded, then elbowed Luna and grinned. Luna nodded then gave Sunset a mischievous grin back. Luna pointed and looked to Twilight with mock concern. “Sunset, what is that on Twilight’s head? It looks like all her hair fell out.”

Sunset put a hand over her mouth in mock horror. “Oh no!” she pointed too, and waved her hand around a bit. “Like that whole section there. We should tell Rarity.”

Rarity pretended not to see or hear them, oblivious to the entire ‘conversation’. Twilight watched Sunset and Luna with growing horror. “Yup, it’s really bad. We should tell her,” Sunset continued to point and shake her head.

“What’s wrong? What are you saying? Is something wrong? Rarity is something wrong?” said Twilight, looking to Rarity.

“What’s that dear?” asked Rarity looking at Twilight. “What did you say?”

“Rarity is something wrong?” asked Twilight, starting to sound alarmed.

Rarity looked to Twilight, looked around her head, then back to Luna and Sunset. “Is something wrong?” she asked, with a wink.

“Nah, no, nothing.” They both waved their hands in negation, shaking their heads. Rarity looked away and they both made faces of frustrated panic.

Twilight freaked. “Rarity! Something is wrong. Make them tell you… something is really wrong!” She pulled at Rarity to get her attention.

Rarity turned to face her, then smiled and booped her nose. Sunset and Luna both busted up, and Rarity started laughing. “Got you!” she smiled.

“Oh hahaha! Really! Ugh… you guys are the worst! Jerks,” groaned Twilight. With a grin, she started laughing too.

Kidding aside, once her curls set, Rarity worked deftly, putting Twilight's hair up in a high ponytail, with adorable loose ringlets for her bangs. Looking in the mirror, Twilight snarked “You made me look like Sonata.”

“But much cuter!” smiled Rarity, buffing on foundation. “Hold still dear, this needs to be done right. No wiggling.”

Sunset had her phone out, taking pictures the whole time, Luna looking over her shoulder at each one. Rarity was in her element.

Going for a natural look, Rarity used a light touch, only using enough shadow and color to bring out Twilight’s natural beauty. When finished, she turned Twilight to face the mirror.

“Well darling? What do you think?” she asked, leaning over her shoulder.

“Wow! I’m gorgeous!” gasped Twilight.

“Thank you dear! An artist always appreciates true praise!” she smiled at Twilight.

“Wow Twilight! I’d date you!” snarked Sunset.

“Down girl! I’m spoken for!” snarked Twilight right back. They all laughed.

Twilight changed out of the bathrobe and into the dress and nylons. Rarity helped her put on the necklace. While she stood in front of the mirror turning side to side admiring her outfit and new look, Sunset went to her dresser and pulled a box from the drawer.

“Wait, I have something for you. One sec,” she called out. Rummaging around, she pulled a bracelet from the box. “Here it is. I want you to have this.” She wheeled over to Twilight, and placed the bracelet on her right wrist. “It’s so you know we’re always with you, even when we’re not there.”

Looking, Twilight saw it was a charm bracelet, with seven charms, each of the girls cutie marks, including hers and Sunsets. “Ah, Sunset, thank you! That’s adorable!” She gave her friend a hug.

“Just remember to take it off and put it in your backpack before you go through the portal, or you may only see it when you visit,” advised Sunset. Twilight nodded and gave Sunset one more hug.

“What time is it?” asked Twilight. “I don’t want to be late.”

“We’re good. Flash shouldn’t be here for another twenty minutes or so. We can wait in the dining room if you want,” answered Sunset.

“Hold on, first - let’s make sure you have what you need in your purse before we go down,” replied Rarity.

“Oh, good idea! Okay,” Twilight ran over to her backpack and pulled out several scrolls. Turning to Rarity she saw her shaking her head.

“No dear. Just, no. You’re going on a date, not to the library to take notes for a research project. Just basic items, like breath fresheners, lipstick for touch-up, your cell phone. Money… wait,” she recalled Twilight’s currency issues. “Okay forget that last one. Just the basics.”

“Uh, cell phone? I don’t have a cell phone.” Twilight frowned. “And what’s a breath freshener? Like hay?”

Sunset facepalmed, then laughed. “Nerd! Horse nerd!” she teased. “Here, I got you this.” She held out a new phone. “I’ve even added in our numbers and email so you can reach us. And put Twilight buttons on the home screen so all you have to do to call is hit the icon with our faces. You’re welcome granny!”

Twilight deadpanned, taking the phone from her. “Ha ha. I think I can figure out how to use a phone.”

“Yeah but not tonight. Tonight you have better things to do. And I can show you all the fun stuff later,” grinned Sunset.

“Thanks!” smiled Twilight. “Thank you all of you! You girls are the best!” Luna smiled, snapping pictures with her phone as the girls squeed and hugged.

“Okay. I figured you might not have lipstick or, uhem, breath mints - not hay - and a wallet, so I already placed those into the purse. You’re good to go Princess!” said Rarity, handing Twilight her clutch. “Let’s go wait for your date!”

With that, the girls all went downstairs to the dining room to wait for Flash.

The girls and Luna were all seated at the table, chatting happily while enjoying their sodas, when the doorbell rang. “Oh I wonder who that could be?” chimed Rarity happily.

“I’ll get it!” said Sunset, rolling to the front door. She opened the door to Flash standing there, wearing a polo shirt and black jeans, with a light jacket. “Wow Flash, you cleaned up nice!” grinned Sunset.

“Thanks!” grinned Flash.

“Come on in!” She rolled back to let him by, then shut the door behind him. “We’re in the dining room with your date.”

Flash followed her into the dining room. “Hi Ms. Luna! Hi Rarity!” he greeted. Looking a bit shy, he added, “Hi Twilight.” Twilight blushed and smiled.

“Hi Flash!” she turned her head demurely.

Rarity almost squeed in joy. “So adorable…” she breathed softly. Sunset just grinned at Luna, who grinned back.

“So Mr Sentry, what are your plans for this evening?” asked Luna with her straightest face.

“Uhm.. Uh.. .Uhm..” he answered.

Sunset laughed into her hand.

Don’t break my date please,” deadpanned Twilight.

“Uhm… Yeah. We’re watching the classic StarWars trilogy, and eating dinner,” replied Flash. “Nothing else, honest Vice-Principal Luna.”

“Flash, they're teasing you. They already know what we’re doing. Don’t let them rattle you,” said Twilight, giving her friends some side eye. “We should head out. Sounds like we have several hours of movies to watch.” She smiled at Flash, then stuck her tongue out at Sunset and Rarity.

They all laughed.

“Very good Mr. Sentry. Please see that she is back here at a reasonable hour. And do have a good time.” Luna smiled, then gave Twilight a hug. “We’ll see you when you get back. Have fun!”

“Bye guys! Thanks for the help! See you tonight!” Twilight walked out the door with Flash.

Sunset shut the door behind her. “Okay, who’s ready for some games!” called out Sunset.

Flash opened the door for Twilight, helping her into his sports car. Shutting the door for her, he ran over to his side and got in.

“Okay, so do you need me to stop anywhere on the way, or can we just head over to my house?” Flash asked. “We already have drinks and snacks there, and my parents took care of dinner. Anything else?”

“Nope. I’m good!” answered Twilight. Flash put the car into gear and backed out of the driveway, then drove towards his house.

“Just a heads up - my parents are really looking forward to meeting you. I may have told them you were a princess. Not about the pony thing though, or magic or any of that.” Flash informed her.

“They will be there? Are they going to watch StarWars with us?” asked Twilight.

“No! No nothing like that. They will be there, and they just wanted to meet you, but nah, we’ll have the den all to ourselves for our movie night.”

“Ah. Okay!” smiled Twilight. She took Flash’s hand. “I’ve kinda been looking forward to this.”

“Me too!” Flash said. “I can’t wait to introduce you to the StarWars universe! You’re going to love it. Hey, do you play D and D?”

“D and what?” asked Twilight. “What’s that?”

“It’s a questing adventure game, where you create characters, then take them on quests with a game master. You roll a 20 sided die for luck and other factors. It’s really fun, I bet you’d like it.”

“Oh, you mean like Ogres and Oubliettes? Yeah, my brother taught me how to play. I used to play it with him and his friends before I left to go to Celestia’s school,” replied Twilight.

“I don’t know what that is, but probably yeah. Would you like to join my crew and I sometime to play?” Flash asked.

“Like a date?” asked Twilight.

“Uh… not really a date, everyone in my group would be there. But we could go out for dinner or something afterwards if you wanted for a date,” replied Flash.

“Sure!” Twilight agreed.

Flash grinned. “I can’t want to tell the gang. They’ll be stoked!”

They pulled into Flash’s driveway. Turning off the car, Flash got out and opened the door for Twilight. He took her hand and helped her out of the car. “Wow, Flash, such a gentleman!” grinned Twilight.

“Anything for you Princess!” grinned Flash, hooking his arm in hers, leading her to the door.

Entering the house, Flash called out. “Mom, Dad, we’re here!”

His parents came out of the living room. “Bradley, Princess! Welcome to our home!” his mom called out.

Flash groaned. His dad grinned. “Mommmm…. Please don’t call me that. No one calls me Brad anymore. Flash. I’m Flash mom, everyone calls me Flash now.”

“Brad, what’s wrong with your name? It was your grandfather’s name. It’s a good name!” his mom replied. His dad was fully laughing at this point.

“Please mom. Please?” Flash pleaded.

“Okay!” his mom smiled. “If you want, Bradley.”

Twilight smirked. “Parents, am I right?” she whispered to Flash.

“Don’t you know it…” groaned Flash.

Introductions made, his parents invited them into the dining room, where they chatted briefly while enjoying some snacks and sodas.

“If you need us, we’ll be down the hall in the living room. Help yourself to the snacks and drinks.” Flashes mom said. “Dinner will be around 5:30 or so, just let us know around then when you have a break and we’ll put dinner out. Have fun you two! Princess, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” His dad smiled and nodded, then they headed down the hall and into the living room.

Flash and Twilight grabbed some snacks and their sodas, then set out for the den.

“So wait, Luke is Darth Vader's son!” gasped Twilight in shock.

“Yup! And there’s more, but it hasn’t been revealed at this point,” nodded Flash.

“Wait. Wait wait wait. What more? Who does she pick? Luke or Hans?” asked Twilight.

“I can’t tell you that! That would be spoilers!” grinned Flash.

“Tell me! Tell me tell me tell me!” begged Twilight.

“Nope. That’s going to have to wait for the next movie.” he smiled.

“Ugh. Brute!” grinned Twilight.

They took a break for dinner. Mr. Sentry had grilled fish and vegetables, having been told Twilight didn't eat meat. So dinner was the grilled fish and vegetables, homemade potato salad, chips, salsa, and fresh garlic bread. It was delicious - Twilight had to get seconds of everything.

After that it was back to the den for the last movie, then the end of the evening. The movie over, Twilight thanked Mr. and Mrs. Sentry for their hospitality. Date completed, Flash drove Twilight back to Sunset’s house.

“That was awesome Flash! Thank you for that! You were right, those movies were fantastic! And they looked so real! I can’t believe how real you can make things look! I wish we had something like that back in Equestria,” gushed Twilight.

“Wow! I think I just minted a fan girl!” grinned Flash. “Hey, now that you know you can make movies like that, what’s stopping you from doing it? With your brains and magic, I bet you could go crazy with making stories into cool movies.”

Twilight smiled and got a distant look. “Yeah….” she said. “Yeah… we should do that.”

Flash grinned. “Equis to Twilight. Come in Twilight.” Twilight started, then looked over smiling.

“So you want to maybe come back over for our next game day? I’ll let the gang know you’re coming.”

“Yeah. Yeah I’d like that. When is it?”

“Next weekend, on Saturday. Can you make it?”

“Count on it. It’s a date!”

“Okay. We’ll catch some dinner afterwards, then it will be.” grinned Flash.

They pulled into Sunset’s driveway. Flash got out and escorted Twilight to the door.

“Good night Princess.” grinned Flash.

“Good night Flash.” smiled Twilight. Then she quickly kissed him on the cheek, blushing madly.

Flash smiled and blushed as well. Twilight entered the house, then turned back to Flash. “See you next weekend!” She shut the door.

Flash practically floated back to his car, smiling the whole way home.

Author's Note:

Total inspiration for Twilight's Date Outfit.