• Published 2nd Apr 2021
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Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart - Side Stories - Babroniedad

Side Stories to Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart. There is hope, there is love, and there is a reason to live. You are NOT alone. And Friendship REALLY is Magic!

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1 - Intro

Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart - Side Stories

Author's Note:

There are many other stories in the Shimmering Heart Verse… Here are a few…

Note that Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart should be read before these stories, as there will be spoilers.

I will try to keep these stories in chronological order once released.

However, to keep things simple for FIMfiction readers (like myself ) who like to follow ongoing stories by just skipping to the end and reading the new chapters, I will be initially posting new stories to this collection as the last chapter.

That means the latest story will always be the last chapter in the book. When I add a new story to this collection, I will move the previous last chapter to its correct place.

That should make it easier to read. I hope. I follow other writers here whom I absolutely adore, but who add new chapters and updates directly into the middle of their stories - so I miss them sometimes. I figure, because this is a collection of related but disjoint stories, it seems fair to keep it simple for readers and clean up later.

So… Thank you for journeying with Sunset through this, the Shimmering Heart Verse.

As is stated in the notes to the main story, this story contains graphic descriptions of Suicide and Violence, as well as occasional abusive language. The topics dealt with in this story are often hard to hear. And while I hope you find this story entertaining and enjoyable, these topics are anything but.

If you find yourself thinking of taking your own life, I BEG you to get help. NOW. Make that call, send that email. Reach out! You are NOT alone!

Visit the https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ website, or call their hotline at 800-273-8255. Don’t put it off. Your life MATTERS! There is hope, there is love, and there is a reason to live.