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This story is a sequel to Tales of an Equestrian Battle Mage

Book Two of Tales of an Equestrian Battle Mage.

Sunset, feeling herself betrayed by her Princess, escapes through Starswirl's portal to the Realm of Men. Concerned for her safety, her battle sister Aiko follows her through. Nothing however goes as planned. The forces of darkness have gathered, and see a chance to land a decisive blow against Harmony, striking down her agents as they pass through the chaotic realms.

And Sunset is left to deal with what remains, her sister at her side, in a Realm so different from anything they expected and no way back for now.

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Shouldn't you wait until the previous story before you start the squeal?

Yes. It's just taking *so long* to get through all the arcs between now and then... I broke down and just put this out. Shame on me, I know. :facehoof:

Next chapter coming out tomorrow or Monday. :pinkiehappy:

And it's out, with minor corrections to the first chapter for typos, etc. And it's Fae, not Fay, as in Fairy. :raritywink:

Good question. That is a term from the prequel to this story. Basically, Sunset was a Battle Mage in the Mage Corps along with Aiko and a few others, and they consider themselves Battle Sisters bound by blood, the blood they have shed, not the waters of birth.
Aiko went through the portal after Sunset because she was not going to let her Battle Sister face whatever was waiting for her alone. That's a battle sister. :pinkiehappy:

Who are the two girls in the cover art and where are they from?

The two girls are 6 year old Sunset Shimmer and her former battle sister now sister Aiko from the story. I am not exactly artistic so my apologies it’s not better. :pinkiehappy:

Haiiiii BABroniedad!
I was wondering where did you put the stories in bc I don't know about Fimfiction(the website before) so I thought its somewhere on DA. Now I see, I will read them when I have time after the Midterm Exams.
Best Regards,
Celsia(Amber2024 from DA).

Actually I kind of like it (even if Sunset’s hair is completely wrong). Are you accepting OCs into this story?

As main characters probably not at this point, camios maybe. The story is outlined and "storyboarded" out, but later on maybe more active opportunities, depending on the character. Sorry. :twilightsheepish:

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