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As Sunset Shimmer was eating her breakfast in her house with her mother and aunt a mysterious letter came in the mail. A letter explaining she was invited to go to the best wizarding school around. Hogwarts

Note: Sunset Shimmer will not be mean in this story. She might be aggressive and a bit of a troll but she will not be evil.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

You... might wanna fix your cover art. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, nearly gave myself a crick in the neck while looking at it

Why is Sunset defying gravity?

Love this, sunset would be me if I ever got a letter to hogwarts :pinkiehappy:

Not a bad that's start I think good so far

Looks like Harry and Sunset will get along just fine.

Her parents were aurorers.

Pretty sure the proper term is "aurors"

This is a very interesting story, nice to see Sunset not be the automatic snide bitch if a girl she was. But you could do with an editor.

Wanderer D

Nice cover art.
Unfortunately...I can't get into this one, which is a shame since there's a distinct lack of enough Sunny-in-Hogwarts fics and I was so ready to upvote/fav/watch this.
So far, this is entirely an AU; the characters barely resemble anything of their original personas beyond the names, and the short description is misleading.
This Sunset is basically an OC. She's definitely not Sunset Shimmer. Nor is this someone Sunset Shimer became.
In fact, I would suggest/insist that you change the short description given that this is 100% AU and that at no point whatsoever did Sunset actually "arrive" anywhere.

Best of luck.

why did i not see this on the 4th? this is exactly the kind of thing i want to know about. alright it's on my list to read

also, 'sunset thought to himself' needs to be fixed

I'll do it I'll need to cover it sounds fun

I was kind of hoping this was an Equestrian Sunset Shimmer, but seems it's just boring regular human Sunset Shimmer. Eh, to each their own.

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