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As Sunset Shimmer was eating her breakfast in her house with her aunts a mysterious letter came in the mail. A letter explaining she was invited to go to the best wizarding school around. Hogwarts

Note: Sunset Shimmer will not be mean in this story. She might be aggressive and a bit of a troll but she will not be evil.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 45 )

You... might wanna fix your cover art. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, nearly gave myself a crick in the neck while looking at it

Why is Sunset defying gravity?

Love this, sunset would be me if I ever got a letter to hogwarts :pinkiehappy:

Not a bad that's start I think good so far

Looks like Harry and Sunset will get along just fine.

Her parents were aurorers.

Pretty sure the proper term is "aurors"

This is a very interesting story, nice to see Sunset not be the automatic snide bitch if a girl she was. But you could do with an editor.

Wanderer D

Nice cover art.
Unfortunately...I can't get into this one, which is a shame since there's a distinct lack of enough Sunny-in-Hogwarts fics and I was so ready to upvote/fav/watch this.
So far, this is entirely an AU; the characters barely resemble anything of their original personas beyond the names, and the short description is misleading.
This Sunset is basically an OC. She's definitely not Sunset Shimmer. Nor is this someone Sunset Shimer became.
In fact, I would suggest/insist that you change the short description given that this is 100% AU and that at no point whatsoever did Sunset actually "arrive" anywhere.

Best of luck.

why did i not see this on the 4th? this is exactly the kind of thing i want to know about. alright it's on my list to read

also, 'sunset thought to himself' needs to be fixed

I'll do it I'll need to cover it sounds fun

I was kind of hoping this was an Equestrian Sunset Shimmer, but seems it's just boring regular human Sunset Shimmer. Eh, to each their own.

Thank you for a marvellous first chapter!

This is really interesting! I hope to see more soon! Thank you for the chapter!:twilightsmile:

Oh yeah! I like the cover art! Well done to whoever drew it!

Comment posted by ThatOneFurryGamer deleted Apr 6th, 2019

I love this please continue

Thank you for the chapter! Love interest?

Yes, Thanks for the Chapter.
Nice start and an interessting world you did build.

Harry Potter copycat? Sunset backstory feels way to similar to Harry's, her Aunts just nicer.

The cover art is weird. It looks a lot like Diana Cavendish from Little Witch Academia, but there are a few things that are different enough to make me unsure if it's a recolored screencap. Maybe a copy-paste of Sunset's hair onto a pic of Diana. Argh, so frustrating when artwork sources aren't posted. :twilightangry2:

I don't remember the source, but I'm very confident that it literally is meant to be a comparison to Diana. Probably saw it on Derpi or EQD.

hmm... Blueblood is in Slytherin, Luna Ravenclaw, Sunburnt in Griffindor, Celestia in Probably Griffindor as well.

since Celestia said yer birthday was yesterday and Sunset's is today

Wouldn't Hagrid know Harry's birthday was yesterday since he was there. this makes no sense to me


I found it. I knew I'd seen it somewhere before. It's cropped from this:

My Little Witch Academia 1

Sorry but i found the picture on the internet so i dont know where its from or who made it.

Depend were you want her character to go. Do you want motivated, cunning, somewhat mischievous Sunset, then Slytherin. Do you want noble capricious, do or die Sunset, then Gryffindor. Do you want clever, dedicated, Ravenous for knowledge Sunset, then Ravenclaw. Do you want empathetic, loyal, true leader Sunset, Hufflepuff. It's your story, so it's up to you. Is the sorting more were her character is at, or is getting in a house to help shore up lacking qualities? Personally I like the idea of her going to Hufflepuff. It's certainly not representative of the qualities she starts with, but through her whole character arc (at least in the show) it definitely works. Of course there's the safe route, and I like the fan theory that Gryffindor is open to everyone, you only need to be brave enough to ask.

What are you even talking about? Who would go to Gryffindor or Slytherin?

Remember it's all about the choice, if Harry and Ron go to Gryffindor, what would Sunset gain by going to Slytherin? How well Sunset would tolerate Slytherin bigotry.

If Harry and Sunny go to Slytherin would that mean it's goodbuy Ron or would Ron would be willing to sacrifice Gryffindor to go with those two.

slytherin since it would open alot of new possibilities and since she would one of the few slytherin in the series that would be a decent person.

GRYTHENDOR because all the stuff happens to them if that simple

You have to think what would be more fitting for her. A snake in a lion's den, or a lion in a pit of vipers. She's intelligent and cunning but not foolish (which is a failing of Slytherin). But she's not about to jump in front of a bullet (either metaphorically or literally). So it would be more about the story you're trying to tell. At this point in her life what does Sunset want? If its straight power and influence then Slytherin is the best option. If she wishes for long term connections and usable pawns, then it would be Gryffindor. But where is she mentally and emotionally?

I'm for Gryffindor, it's the house for 'true' heros. The other houses can talked "up" by pretending they have amicable qualities but face it, all that is hot air, there is nothing keeping a Gryffindor from being "clever" or "cunning" or "hard working" so none of those traits are unique to the other houses. All of them come with more plot baggage than they add.

personally for me I'd put her in whichever house harry is going into reasons 1. at first harry is "the boy who lived" influence potentate
2. she would be able to see how impressionable he is at first ( I mean he's 11 and his situation is terrible and she would be able to see that.) 3. for the same reason sunset would probably be drawn to protect him because she can probably see how they treat him ( close, posture, attitude, and despite her anger at her own situation, that would anger her more. (as much as she would refuse to admit it) and she see this is a prime opportunity to manipulate him and earn his trust/ loyalty

Break the mold, send her to Ravenclaw. To be honest, Sunset has all the qualities of a Griffindor and the only thing that could mark her for Slytherin is unbridled ambition. But if we take into consideration that she is brilliant that would mark her for Ravenclaw. Plus there is the added bonus that you'll be able to keep us guessing as to whether she's going to go to the dark side or the light.

her days as queen bee mark her as slytherin. but after the sirens, gruffindor. however, you must consider her true nature as a pony in and of itself. magic is her life, studying it and learning...ravenclaw fits her nature just like it does twilight

agreed gryffindor

its gryffindor

in not en

Also consider that Harry himself almost went to Slytherin because he possessed some of those traits

it just coz all the cool stuff happens to the gryffindors plus when it comes down to it the house systems sucks coz people can have all the traits of each house some one being cunning ,loyal ,brave and studios is not out the the realm of possibility

A viper among lions it is then. Good choice.

Slytherin is nothing to do with Blood Purity though. According to JK Rowling, that was tacked on later, and there are plenty of half-bloods in Slytherin, and she implied there are at least a few muggle-borns.

I am highly thirsting for more

Ollivander got Sunset to hold out her right hand and the magic tape measure started measuring Sunset. Ollivander got tons of different wands until. "An unusual combination. Sycamore, Unicorn hair and phoenix feather, 10 inches, sturdy. Try this one". Ollivander said giving Sunset a wand. This wand was different. It felt warm and alive in her hand. She waved it and a cloud of sparks in the shape of a fire came out of the tip of the wand.

Why am I not surprised by the wand

yeah. Scabior was a Slytherin and he was muggle born

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