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For every action, there is consequence, as Sunset Shimmer soon found out on the day she was exiled from Equestria. Finding herself on a plane, haunted by a sinister presence and on a course beyond her control, everything that Sunset has ever known is about to change as she faces the inevitable conclusion to her life choice.
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When someone looks at how this story turned out, some would say this is a darker, mature version of Sunset Shimmer's descent from Equestria before finding herself in the human world. Where we see in some case a more symbolic yet descriptive process as to how Sunset Shimmer worked her way into the human world while everything she ever knew was gone. And to add more distress to her situation, we get that foreshadow of a demon and another creature who would remain a part of her prior to her start to adjusting in the human world and all the while they are both fighting for control over one body. A sort of conflict between 'Light and Dark' in a sense. For what it is, I'm satisfied with how this turned out overall. For everyone else, it's all a matter of interpretation and how they look at this story.

Didn't this story used to have more chapters?

10310030 Huh? This is the first time I'm posting this.

Even when its pupils were completely bear.

I think you meant 'bare.'

Great fic!

10310237 Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for pointing it out and I'm glad you enjoyed it:heart:

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