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Applejack always believed the simple life she had is everything she wants. Rarity goes through life like it's an endless catwalk, where everyone has a story and someone is worth talking about. But then, a simple drive takes some slight detours as secrets are revealed in more ways than one. Putting into question if they're truly content with the life they have or if that desire for more can come in the unexpected of ways.

Edited by Dramamaster829

*Featured 6/14/20*

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It's these kind of stories why I always thought 'Rarijack' would be more canon apart from the 'AppleDash' ship as the final episode would make official (Though to be fair, I have nothing against that scenario). A simple drive to escort a lady home, a friend especially, and Applejack thought that would just be it. But who would think that the two would end up talking about certain elements like the whole concept of a woman falling for another woman even though it appears to be frowned upon in Rarity's family? At least as it's indicated in this story.

But still, I do believe this slow build up for what we are ultimately granted in this story proves why the 'Rarijack' concept still holds up even during the post-show days. I can honestly say that on my part, I'm proud to have played a role in putting this together for a dear compadre.

Ska -and- Rarijack? Neat!

... okay so it's just Rarijack. That's fine too.

10283745 I'm confused but thank you nonetheless. Also, hi:heart:.

10283123 Thank you for helping me with the story :heart:

And thank 'you' for the vision to help me visualize where you wanted this story to go. It's always a high honor to work with such talent.

Sequel please, I must see that date! :yay:

10288274 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I may consider it but I have so many stories that I don't know what to do with them. I hope the rest of my content is just as good:heart:.

This was super cute. I really enjoyed it. Helped a car ride fly by.

10298689 Thank you. In glad you enjoyed it:heart:

Some very nice romantic fluff here!


There is clearly a lot of skill shown in this story from you, the author, and from the editor as well. Amazing job!

10310917 Thank you. Sorry for the late reply :heart:

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