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This story is a sequel to GARGANTULON VS. THE SPACE DRACULAS

Rarity and her friends are too old to go trick or treating-- which is what little sisters are for.

With the excuse of chaperoning Sweetie Belle and company, Rarity sets out to savor the last Halloween of her youth before she heads off to college.

Plus, free candy.

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This is mindlessly self indulgent and I love it. The call backs to your other stories great.

I DO like Rarijack...

Where did you get your pfp? It's absolutely gorgeous!

“Gasp!” Rarity said the full word.


Loving everything here thus far, especially the callbacks. Eagerly looking forward to more.

... Did pony Twilight ever irradiate a crab?

“I--” Applejack held up a protesting finger, then sighed in resignation.

No no, she's got a point . . which somehow only makes it worse . .

Excellent beginning, quite funny. Yes, Rarity. Dress Applejack up, like you always fantasize about. :p

What’s this? Rarijack shipping mixed with Halloween hijinks? Count me in.

Better get going before it gets too dark and all the full-sized NuttyOatyOat bars are all gone.

Rare is just itching for a chance to play dress up with her Apple-tree. Also, why do I have the image of Scoot dressed up like a knock-off Garathim?


--which was when Rainbow Dash started screaming.


This is the first of your work I've read Tumbleweed, and I realize now that this mistake must be rectified. I've been struggling to come up with the proper praise because making me smile through an entire chapter like this is a feat worthy of great commemoration. You write these characters and their interactions, the way they dress, the way they act, with such practiced perfection that as my sides split from reading this, I could see their every movement as though a comedy was playing in my head. It's hard for me to envision anything, so making me able to see everyone and laugh and share in this moment you wrote is like seeing the sun for the first time. Reading this story was like eating a piece of a dessert you made and being able to taste each masterfully crafted ingredient, it was as much a treat for me to read as it was for you to write! If this is what self-indulgence looks like from you, then please indulge yourself more often. This was incredible!!

Not to mention the fact that I’ve made it a point every Halloween to never dress up as anything that I wouldn’t mind being transformed into on account of magical chicanery.

The question is whether she started doing that before or after pony Twilight first came to this world.

“Nothing you need to worry about anytime soon, darling.” Rarity patted her little sister on her tiara’d head.

"Not until you're out of college, anyway."

I do love how "kindly, misunderstood old lady" and "ravenous extradimensional horror" are equally likely possibilities given what the girls go through Looking forward to more, especially since that scream could be from anything or nothing.

At what point in time does this story take place?

“It’s true! I heard that, like, a long time ago, some guy kidnapped a bunch of Trick or Treaters and then ground them up into meat pies and then he gave the people-pies to other Trick or Treaters. And then they died! On Halloween!”

I do not know why that made me laugh as hard as it did.

It's a good thing for Rarity that Applejack doesn't know French history very well. :duck:

A "kindly and ravenous extradimensional old horror" is also a possibility!

Okay... no. Rainbow Dash came off as a complete asshole, here. And them actually going through with it is pretty damned cliche.

“No time!” Rarity said, and slammed the door behind her. This done, Rarity made a quick, frantic circuit of her room, scooping up the individual costume pieces and donning them as fast as she could. Knee high boots went over tight breeches, and a doublet with slashed sleeves made for a fine contrast with a shoulder cape in red wool. Rarity hung a (fake) rapier from a (real) leather baldric, then put on the outfit’s piece de resistance: a broad brimmed hat with an impressive white plume thrust into the band. She spared a moment to examine herself in one of her bedroom-slash-sewing shop’s many mirrors, then tilted her hat to an appropriately rakish angle.

Jeez, someone seems impatient! :twilightoops:

“Uh. Dead?” Applejack shrugged. “And scary?” She at least proved the latter part when she reached behind her back and produced a rusted hatchet. “Grr.” Applejack said, without much conviction.

So she's supposed to be a skeleton? :unsuresweetie:

“Why darling!” Rarity’s eyes shone in eager anticipation. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Why do I have a bad feeling it's something AJ won't like. :fluttershysad:

“If you say so.” Applejack mused. “At least it’s better than, like, just booty shorts and a funny headband. It’s too cold to go runnin’ round as a sexy catgirl or a sexy devil or sexy mailman or whatever.”

Glad to know she's fine with the costume. :twilightsmile:

“Worry not, fair maiden!” Rarity struck a heroic pose with her cape thrown back and a hand on the hilt of her replica rapier. “Rarity d’Aubigny, master swordswoman, shall protect you!

You missing a " at the end of the second line.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Same. :fluttershysad:

“Check it out!” Rainbow Dash pointed a claw at the dark and dilapidated two-story perched on a hill at the end of the street. With its peeling shingles, crooked siding, and sagging porch beams, the house looked like it could barely stay upright. A chill breeze carried dried leaves across the abandoned house’s lawn like miniature tumbleweeds and made the two-story creak. “It’s the murder house!”

There's a house I'd so not go anywhere near! :twilightoops:

“It’s true! I heard that, like, a long time ago, some guy kidnapped a bunch of Trick or Treaters and then ground them up into meat pies and then he gave the people-pies to other Trick or Treaters. And then they died! On Halloween!”

I find that hard to believe. :ajbemused:

“And how’d a guy have time to kidnap some kids, go all cannibal on ‘em, and then get other Trick or Treaters all in one night? Baking pies takes time.” Applejack rubbed at her chin, thinking. “Even if he prepped the dough beforehand, it’d still take a couple of hours to get it all put together. And then you gotta let the pies cool or else they’ll fall apart when you try to put ‘em in somebody’s bag of goodies.”

Exactly. :duck:

“Oh yeah?” Rainbow Dash leaned forward and waggled a foam claw in Rarity’s face. “If you think that house isn’t scary, I dare you to go up and ring the doorbell!”



“I won’t!” Rainbow Dash chimed in.

:facehoof: I really hate you sometimes Dash.

“Somethin’ like that. But before ya get any other … ideas, better letcha know that Rainbow Dash is coming too.” She threw an arm around Rainbow Dash’s carapaced shoulders, and leaned in close. “Unless you’re too yellow .”

Too yellow!?!? :applejackconfused:

So, how many more chapters will there be. 1 or 2 more? :rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

A fun and cute story. Nicely written :)

The fat, ring-tailed critter scrambled over Rainbow Dash, chattering away. Thankfully, the thick foam rubber of the Gargantulon costume protected Rainbow from the raccoon’s claws and teeth. But at the same time, the costume’s clumsy bulk also prevented her from stopping the raccoon from diving into her open candy bag. The raccoon’s hind legs kicked wildly as it gorged itself on stolen candy like the lawless beast it was.

Where's Fluttershy when you need her. :twilightoops:

Cutting her losses, Rainbow Dash dropped her bag of candy and lunged away from the brazen raccoon. Near-blind from panic (and a googly eyed mask), Rainbow Dash slammed into Applejack, who in turn slammed into one of the vertical porch supports. The termite-gnawed wood gave way, and Applejack could do little more than swear as the entire porch roof collapsed with a hellacious crash.

Oofity. :fluttershyouch:

Knocked to the floorboards, Rarity’s world was reduced to dust and darkness. She squirmed, mostly on instinct, but got the debris kept her pinned. An alarmingly warm trickle of … something trailed down her cheek. Blood, perhaps, but it was too dark, and Rarity was too rattled to confirm. Which was probably for the best-- she hated to think of what blood would do to the pressed felt of her swashbuckler hat. But if she was bleeding, then what had happened to--

'got the debris kept her pinned' makes no sense. It should really say 'but the debris kept her pinned down.'

“I mean, yeah?” Applejack said. “Figured it was better than leavin’ it at your place. ‘specially ‘cause it wasn’t as dull as I thought. Now hold still.” Applejack got to work, methodically chopping away. Brittle wood shattered under the old hatchet and soon Applejack pulled herself clear. Her braid had come undone and her dress tore in several places in the process, which, combined with the hatchet in her hand, made for her spookiest costume of the evening.

There's something that'll freak Rarity out. Applejack's costume she made is ruined. :raritydespair:

With a few more hatchet strokes, and Applejack freed Rarity and Rainbow dash. As soon as they got clear, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo rushed over from where they’d been watching at the curb.

Remove 'and' before 'strokes.'

“Oh, and, uh. Next time I won’t make up any scary stories just to scare little kids?” Rainbow Dash added on.

Good. :ajsmug:

“Perhaps.” Rarity ran a hand through her hair, then winced as she felt the stickiness of congealing blood beneath her fingertips. “But I’ll have you know, Rarity d’Aubigny is made of sterner stuff than you’d expect. If anything a few bloodstains may make this outfit more historically accurate.”

Question answered, the blood came from applejack. :applejackunsure:

“It’s foolish, I know. It’s just … what if something happens? Ever since we met Twilight Sparkle-- the first one, from the horse dimension –it just seems like nothing is impossible. Which is thrilling. You’re thrilling.” Rarity clenched her fingers in the sleeve of Applejack’s peasant dress. “But what if something horrible happens, and-- and--”

Pony dimension, not horse Rarity. :facehoof:

And with that, Rarity stood up on tiptoe, and pressed her lips against Applejack’s.

That's what I was waiting for the moments signs of a Rarjack ship was mentioned! :yay:


... Did pony Twilight ever irradiate a crab?

Not that she'll admit too :pinkiecrazy:

Not to mention the fact that I’ve made it a point every Halloween to never dress up as anything that I wouldn’t mind being transformed into on account of magical chicanery.

Wise, very wise.

11406074 :rainbowlaugh:

“Sugarcube.” Applejack turned to face Rarity, and gently traced calloused fingertips over a porcelain-pale cheek. “I ain’t goin’ nowhere. And hell, even if some weird magic monster did manage to knock me off, I reckon I’m too stubborn to die quiet. So, like, I’d crawl back from the dead or something.”

“For me?”

“Well, mostly for revenge, but I guess I’d stop by to say howdy while I did.” Applejack smiled. Winked. It was entirely too charming.

Might as well, while you have the time.

GARGANTULON may die, but will always be reborn to fight the Monsters!

Raccoons outed as villian of the story.

Ever since we met Twilight Sparkle-- the first one, from the horse dimension

One of the reasons why I love Equestria Girls. Where else can you get this sort of thing to make perfect sense in context?

Lovely little seasonal tale. Self-indulgence is no sin when it's this tightly written and consistently entertaining. Thank you for it.

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