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This Story is a prequel to Uncovered
Bringing her bet cat home from the vet was always a hassle as Opal never liked visiting the vet and was always a cranky kitten after getting her check up. So it was no surprise that when she gets teased by annoying woodland creatures that she would get lost in a tree and then refuse to come down as Rarity yelled out to her. What is a posh little girl to do? Never fear! Your friendly neighborhood cowgirl is here!

My first Rarijack Fic! Like, comment follow and enjoy! ^_^

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Comments ( 30 )

Please, for the love of Kami, get a proofreader who has English as their first language.

Trust me if it were that simple? I would. Sadly? One man production here:raritydespair:

A little harsh there, mate.

Eh its all good, any feedback is good feedback and he ain't wrong lol I need a proofreader so damn bad its ridiculous how I manage without one xD

True that criticism should always be appreciated, but still, there are better ways to word it. Doesn’t hurt to at least be polite when pulling a Sugarcoat.

There is a Proofreader group on here as well. Let me get a link for you

Actually, there are two from the top of the list.



thank you. Always appreciate when people give feedback like this and are willing to help me out. Gives me more motive to write.

Could use some editing but darn it its cute!

thanks and i am aware of the need of an editor i just couldn't wait to post this lol xD the idea was too fresh in my head and writers block has been TERRIBLE

Cute little story


Le Sigh, when will I get to read a story about people actually becoming friends instead of getting the crazy eyes for each other? No offense author, truely this comment is an arbitrary one, couldve been left on any one of the hundreds of A/R stories out their... I guess you could look at it like winning the lottery, except you get no money, someone has just yelled at you and they are proceeding to moan and gripe about a story they haven't even read yet without offering any objective criticisms... So more like a McDonald's sweepstakes.

No worries. Like I always say. Any feedback is good feedback. I wanted to try my hand at this ship but have it be a slow burn in a sense but also have some parallel to the romance between buttercup and bright Mac but try and put a different spin on it. This story is just the first of about 4 that I have planned. Thanks for the input!

This is pretty good, keep up

There will be a sequel I just need a little time to form ideas

Just wanna thank everyone who has liked this story! Reached 40 likes. Currently drafting the sequel which will be a direct continuation of these events with a small few weeks time jump. This series is gonna be a slow burn romance so I hope you all are enjoying it

Story Approver

"She was a Rarity."

Good ending line. The story was cute and had suitable cover art to go with it. I will give some criticism though:

Try not to let your sentences run on for too long. It can be very draining to read which can lead to people skimming over some stuff. Also,

A smaller, more honest soul

I'm guessing the chapter title is a reference from RWBY? If so, you got some good tastes.

Was wondering when someone would get that reference

Very cute story, thank you for writing.

Glad you enjoyed it. Working on new one shots for this couple

I see you have gotten comments about it needing some edits, and I'm not sure if you've done any yet. It does need some editing, but I to did think the criticism you got was a little harsh. This is a very cute story. Nice and self contained with a good feel over all. Your biggest problem I can see is run on sentences. I think you have the same problem I do. I know I start doing run-on's when I forget to watch myself and start writing like I speak. It's actually an easy problem to police, and I can give you a tip if you want.
Other then that, please fix the mistake in the description. I noticed you've been here a while, so you should know that that will make people lose faith in a story. And it's a good story, just needs some polish.
Noticed some other stuff while going through comments, but this one is getting long enough. I'll pm you if you do want more advice.

Comments and feedback are fine and yes I know I need editing done.

short and nice, very good!

Cute one-shot with some nice characterisation. Well done!
Keep up the good work!


Thank you! New story posted that is kind of a sequel to this

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