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As the crowd cheers for the final event of the Friendship Games, Sunset sees the strange new Twilight Sparkle clutching her magical amulet. When she realizes exactly what Twilight intends to do with it, a gigantic train of emotions and memories hits her all at once as she desperately races to stop her -- even though she knows she's already too late.

Written from Sunset's POV in second-person. Violence tag for graphic description of physical transformation.

Written for Bicyclette's "A Thousand Words" contest and received Honorable Mention distinction!

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Don't worry, Sunset. You'll save her.:twilightsmile:

Brilliant snapshot of two moments Sunset may never forget. I love her internal conflict as she struggles to partition this new Twilight from the baggage surrounding the princess. And the memory of her realizing she was dabbling with forces far greater than she realized, and the following firsthand body horror...

Powerful stuff indeed. Incredibly evocative. Thank you for it and best of luck in the judging.

Howdy, hi~!

I love the emotional tension in this one. It's too late but Sunset will still try her darndest. The poeticness of the prose was really what nailed the feelings being told through the piece, just super engrossing as Sunset plays through her turmoil. I was leery towards the second person, but you really made it work for this piece. Thank you for the read~!

Understands she's not the same being you knew. But it's Twilight Sparkle.

You owe your life to Twilight Sparkle. You owe everything to her.

oof, that must really be a trip! knowing that it's not really pony Twilight, but also is in a lot of ways. it must be a complicated mix of emotions to feel, just like it is portrayed here

You're focused too tightly on Twilight as she now fully places her hand on the device. She holds it out away from her, as if it were toxic.

and oof, yeah! radioactive material vibes, a source of powerful energy that is harmful to those exposed to it

Wings... your wings... the wings you wanted, the wings you dreamed about, that you thought you deserved...

You can feel them ripping right through your skin.

And as the darkest recesses of your mind race up to the surface to take control, to dominate your movements and your destiny, a final thought escapes as you're subsumed.

Celestia... forgive me!

oof, loved every bit of this passage! that process of gruesome body transformation, that culmination of all of Sunset's ambitions, being as you put it subsumed by Demon Sunset is, like, a really heavy thing to experience that must leave its mark on Sunset that simply taking Twilight's hand at the end of the movie would not make go away. augh, this passage renders that experience so evocatively!

And you can't possibly let it happen to Twilight Sparkle. The only reason you're still you, and not that.

No matter what this Twilight has done, you have to protect her. You must.

auaugh! detecting SciSet vibes and deserved ones at that! in the end, they are the only ones that can truly understand each other about what they have gone through, their journeys being uniquely mirrors of the other, and augh, of course Sunset's empathy and sense of responsibility just strengthens all of the emotional brushstrokes here

Deep down you already knew you were too late, but seeing your failure come to light sends your heart plummeting. And as you feel the sphere pulse before detonating, you're left with just one more wish.

Celestia... spare her!

and augh, that this is what Sunset has as what she thinks is her last thought, calling back the deity/mother figure she ran away from, for the sake of Sci-Twi... i just love the layers to this!

with ponyfics having long entered their postmodern era, it takes something truly well-done to make a classic fic premise like this stand out, and this definitely does that for me! my own perception of Sunset's internal journey during this scene of the canon is basically this now, and augh, i love how it adds so much depth to it by really getting into the angst of it all. fantastic stuff!

Hello! Have a review. Second-person EqG is not an easy sell to me by any means, but the emotional hit of this -- especially the descriptions of Sunset's demonic transformation -- is a hard one. A familiar scene through new eyes, so have a like. Well done on the honourable mention!

Thanks very much! I think you need to correct the link, however. Right now it's just linking back to your own comment.

Whoops, that was incompetent of me. Fixed now, thanks for the heads-up!

Well, I can't say much as the usual well done, it's emotional, captures the moment of Twilight opening the device and how Sunset tries to stop her as she knew what was going to happen (*cough* Empathy *cough*).

So… Well done! :twilightsmile:

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