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Timber Spruce barely seemed to react to the appearance of magic. Celestia investigates why.

First story in my "The Song of the Spheres" continuity.

Written for the May 2021 Original Pairings Contest. First story on FimFiction, too, so ratings/comments appreciated!

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Any chance of a sequel?


Perhaps. I do have quite a bit of headcanon regarding this matter stored up, perhaps it's time to put it to work. Which would you like to see more of in a sequel, a deeper exploration of Everfree or of the world outside it?

Maybe both. Sort of like the Avengers saga where we see each individual before the big crossover movies. Perhaps one story focusing on Everfree and another showing just how magic as affected the world

Wow. So many secrets are being hidden.

"So you didn't notice that someone you see twice a year was in trouble," Timber shrugged. "Big whoop. Newsflash, Miss Majesty, you're human, just like the rest of us. You're allowed to make mistakes."

Actually, at least one of them is magical unicorn pony-turned-human, not just human. She still makes mistakes though.

Also, this story uses an old but very misinformed trope that has been a theme in fables throughout history, of a wolf chasing a lonely traveler (though, in this case, with a helpless friend). In reality, this is almost never likely to occur. Wolves almost always hunt in packs. The only times in their lives when a wolf is ever not with a pack, is when it is one who has reached sexual maturity, and wanders off to find a mate and start a new pack. Though a human child may be slightly smaller than an adult wolf, wolves, especially lone ones without packs to back them off, are extremely weary of any animal close to their size. They much rather prefer hunting smaller game like rodents. For a lone wolf to attack not just one, but two humans together, and ones who fight back with sticks no less, is extremely unlikely unless the wolf was severely sick or starving to the point where it ignores almost all instinct.

Those logical fallacies aside, Timber acts much more mature in the story, and slightly out-of-character. He speaks to Celestia as if they are equal in age, though he's supposedly younger (though, eqd is pretty sketchy when it comes to topics like ages and who is older). Also, he barely acknowledges how any of this very serious situation will affect his sister or his new girlfriend. In fact, he barely acknowledges them at all. When he said his motives weren't purely selfless, I thought for sure he was going to mention wanting to keep Twilight safe, but nope.

It's a serious discussion he's having with Celestia, but the movie (and subsequent animated shorts) also show him to be a more relaxed character, even a bit of a goofball at times, even in serious situations, but still caring for the welfare of others and mostly happy. Other than a few passing remarks, he acts rather detached here, much more resigned than accepting, almost depressed in places. Cynical? It just seems out-of-character.

Still, it's an interesting premise, just maybe the execution and characterization need some work.

Oh, this is intriguing. I'm always a sucker for the magic of the human world. On to the next installment.

Ri2 #7 · May 25th · · ·

The Everfree's clearly getting outdated news; they already took care of the storm.

Or is this before the boat trip?


Or was that the storm that Everfree sees coming? :duck: One storm may not be the storm, after all.

Have to say read this and decided not to read the sequels. It looks very interesting, but I'm happy to just read this first one.


Perfectly fine! You're the reader, you get to decide what you read. :twilightsmile:

Why did I wait so long to start reading your stories? This is fantastic! I have no words for how intriguing your worldbuilding is. Now excuse me while I binge the rest of these instead of finishing my paper like I should.


While I appreciate the kind words, I would appreciate not distracting you even more. Tend your paper; my words will keep. :twilightsmile:

Why isn't there an alternate universe tag?

Well, that was weirdly epic. I liked it.

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