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An alternate take on events that begins in the middle of Chapter 2, Episode 6 ("The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over") of Make Your Mark. This story assumes reader knowledge of the show up to that point.

Zipp had a lot of suspicions about Misty, the strange unicorn that Izzy had met in town earlier that day and invited to an impromptu sleepover party at the Brighthouse. But while she'd been exercising her detective skills on their guest all night as the oddities surrounding her piled up, she hadn't meant to drive Misty away. So when, after Misty flees from the party in a panic, Zipp notices that she's still out in the Brighthouse's garden, pacing frantically, Zipp decides to see if she can talk to her, and figure out just what is going on with this curious new pony.

And what she learns may well give Zipp room for pause -- and a need to exercise some comfort skills.

Please note that while this fic is rated E, there is some mild discussion of parental/familial abuse.

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Cover art by emera33; used with permission. Pre-read by TCC56 and Goldenwing.

Featured 10/9/22-10/12/22!

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She really does...

parental/familial abuse.

Well no kidding

Because somepony hurt her. She hurt her. A lot.

Yeah she really was abused probably not physically but emotionally I felt bad for her

Ooooh, this was a really good Misty story digging into her potential origins. Very well done!

Darn it you beat me to it. Now I can’t write my little Misty fic! :flutterrage: Or can I? 🤔 :rainbowwild: Misty does deserve so much better. Serious case of Stockholm Syndrome happening there. I wonder, I think it’s pretty obvious at this point Misty will eventually turn on Opaline much like Tempest did the Storm King, but what do you think are the odds of Opaline getting a redemption arc with Sunny and Misty at the helm? Right now I’d say maybe 20% chance. Sunny would probably try to convince her there’s so much good she could do with her alicorn power if she used it to help others instead of serve herself.

*hugs Misty*

Incidentally, I finished getting caught up on Make Your Mark just a matter of minutes ago, so this is good timing for me! :pinkiehappy:

Poor Misty though, and agree she is effectively in an abusive environment with Opaline that she should get out of when she can...and get many, many, many more hugs. :twilightsmile:

Still reeling from the shock of Misty simultaneously validating and completely undermining her earlier investigation, Zipp could only respond with confusion. “What she… did for you?”

“She called it a hug.”

Man. There are so many sadfics on this site, but when you read one and realize that it might actually be canon...

Anyways, this was really well done. Zipp was a good choice here: sure, she is the most cynical and world-weary of the mane 5, and while initially that nearly lead her into trouble with Misty but she also has an empathetic side that got to shine through here. And I like how the revelation was handled. Zipp's intelligent enough to understand that Misty isn't going to tell her everything right away, and while she is making a big step in the right direction Misty's problems aren't instantly fixed in the end.
All in all, not a bad read.

Aww you should definitely write it anyway. More love for Misty!

You broke my heart. Thank you so much for writing this

Hehe yeah I will.

The end of the last "Make Your Mark" episode has Misty second-guessing whether working for Opaline was a good career move. I would expect something along the lines of this story to happen relatively soon.

Why hadn’t she listened? Misty had wondered. Opaline is so wise, so smart, so powerful… who could hear her words and not see the truth in them?

Sigh oh Misty if only you open your eyes and see the truth about Opaline true intention

I would say this is a pretty nice story and yeah she really does need a lot of hugs so it looks like Zipp was looking out the window and she saw misty out there and she didn't leave yet so she went out there to talk with her and apparently she's been acting a little bit more agitated nervous and apparently she never gotten a hug before when Izzy hugged her and apparently she never had any love like that apparently zipp thanks that she's been abused and she still has no idea about Opaline but all she knows that she needs a friend that can help her to get through whatever she's going through which that's pretty nice of her and Misty is very conflict about this whole situation but she has to do her mission despite her psychological abuse from Opaline she is so desperate for the cutie mark I just hope that someday that sunny and the others can help her again this was a pretty good story keep out the good work

If Hasbro doesn't redeem Misty and have her join the Mane Five, someone is going to pay.

Also, I can't help but wonder how they'd all feel finding out she has no cutie mark at her age..

At this point, I’ll be very shocked and disappointed if they don’t.

so adorable,,,


Yes she does.

Honestly, if it wasn't a kids show, I'd suspect Opaline of actually being Misty's mother, just not acknowledging it and treating her like crap because she came out "just" a unicorn. But that might be tad heavy of a subject for the target audience.

This was a beautiful story, and honestly, if I could make this canon, I would. I feel like Zipp and MIsty have such great chemistry, simply because Zipp was so suspicious of her, and Misty is really bad at inventing stories. When the Mane 5 finally do find out that Misty and Opaline are connected, I think it'll be Zipp who first finds out, and I really hope that, when she does eventually find out, we get some nice character development with Zipp where she sees Misty as, like in this story, not a potential threat, but a pony who just needs help. Beautifully written - going in the Favorites list! :twilightsmile:

This is one of the first G5 stories I've enjoyed. Thank you.

Oh my gosh. I hope you're wrong about it being to dark, because that would be a perfect and horrible twist...

She might want to be petted as well.


I really wish this was what happened- I feel like someone should’ve noticed her trauma and offered to help or talk to her or something.

I’m surprised that Misty didn’t start crying when Zipp hugged her.

Adding this story to my G5 faves.

Opaline as far as the show is concerned doesn't give two whits about Misty or anyone else. She cares only for power, her power. The latest episode of MYM pretty much establishes that Misty is starting to open her eyes to things.

Here's hoping that future episodes don't undo her progress or worse try to force a redemption on Opaline. Evil for the sheer sake of evil is boring, but a one hug/song redemption isn't very satisfying either.

No, Eileen,you need a hug. Writing one of the greatest G5 fics I have read:heart:

Just realised I never actually commented on this. Derp! It’s an absolutely adorable piece, heartbreaking and sweet in just the right balance, and everything just feels right for the characters.

Excellent stuff, and thank you.

I want to SLAP the person who put a thumbs down.

Hey now, no need for any slapping, especially with this story. But I'm glad you liked it!

Ok no Slappies :applecry:
*lowers wooden spoon*

that is totally evident misty is realizing that opaline is only using her because what misty wants so much is to have her cutie mark and opaline knows that she can take advantage of that to use misty for her own benefit, but misty is realizing that opaline it is only its use and sooner or later you will have to choose a side

If I haven't said it before in this comment chain I saw some art of Opaline actually considering the cutie mark issue. It gave me an idea on some dialog for the situation:

Misty: "I'm finally getting my CUTIE MARK?!" (excited squee)
Opaline: (chiding) "Now Now Misty settle down or I won't be able to concentrate"
"All right, now close your eyes...and no peeking I mean it"
Misty: 😆
Opaline: "All right Misty you can look now"
Misty: 🟦🤔😕 "I don't get it Opaline...it doesn't look like there's anything there?"
Opaline: "That's right Misty, very good (grinning) To put it simply your cutie mark is nothing...(lowers voice to a loud whisper) just...like...you are."
Misty: :applecry::fluttercry:
Opaline: "Oh for the love of Faust, Spare me your insipid waterworks".

I should do something. I have to do something. Right?

Maybe, but it's your decision Zipp. :fluttershysad:

“Yeah. Uh, I should just… I should just leave, and go, so I stop ruining everything. I should have left earlier, I shouldn’t have just been wandering around in your garden, I shouldn’t be here –”

Your just gonna make things worse Misty, not to mention upset Izzy. :pinkiesad2:

“–and now I don’t know what to do!” Misty continued. “I can’t leave! I don’t want to go back, but if I stay here, then you’ll just keep asking me questions and I’ll just end up blurting it out that I’m not from Bridlewood–” Misty instantly silenced herself, eyes wide as her body again froze and horror etched itself across her face.

Good going Misty. :duck:

“I-I-I-I mean I’ve heard of it, yeah, um, obviously. Obviously? Right, yeah, definitely,” Misty replied shakily, starting to pace again. “But, I mean, I don’t get them very often. Not for any weird reason or anything, I just don’t.” Misty sighed. “But when Izzy hugged me in town, it… actually, it was pretty intense. She said she was kind of an intense hugger. But it felt really good! Like really, really good!”

Hugs aren't that bad once toy get used to them. I dislike them the last few years, but these days I love them whenever I have the opportunity to get one! :twilightsmile:

Because somepony hurt her. She hurt her. A lot.

And that someone is opaline! :twilightangry2:

Why hadn’t she listened? Misty had wondered. Opaline is so wise, so smart, so powerful… who could hear her words and not see the truth in them?

No, she's evil Misty! :flutterrage:

I owe her so much, she found me, she raised me, without her I’d have nothing, she’ll give me a cutie mark one day…

She won't Misty, she's lying. :fluttercry:

Excellently done. Deep-hitting emotional impact without feeling manipulative, wonderful warm fuzzies without feeling sappy. And the last bit with Misty's internal conflict is a great note to end on. Thank you for this; I'm glad I was able to get to it once I had the needed context.

Misty really does need this given how badly Opaline abuses her.

This was a very well-executed piece! Pacing, characters, and descriptions all hit their mark. I'm so glad that g5 is giving authors like you the room to work your magic, by giving us these wonderfully rich scenarios.

“Yeah. Uh, I should just… I should just leave, and go, so I stop ruining everything. I should have left earlier, I shouldn’t have just been wandering around in your garden, I shouldn’t be here–”

*insert story title here*

“But when Izzy hugged me in town, it… actually, it was pretty intense. She said she was kind of an intense hugger. But it felt really good! Like really, really good!”

Ponies are usually very at hugging.

She reached out with both forelimbs and wrapped them around the unicorn, who squeaked in surprise.
“You said you haven’t had many hugs before, didn’t you?”
“Well, here’s one more. Just for you.”

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Her face fell. I can’t say anything like that. Opaline doesn’t care about that stuff. She only wants to know what a good job I did being a spy.

You can simply say you managed to infiltrate them.
That would satisfy Opaline (at least for now), and it isn't even a lie.

But could it really be magic? Real magic? Misty pondered. If it is, why wouldn’t Opaline want to know about it? Maybe she’s forgotten. She’s been separated from her magic for so long, maybe it’s something I should tell her about so she’ll remember!

Title of the sequel: "Opaline Needs a Hug"

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

And you did!

EAll Misty-Eyed
After receiving a verbal lashing from Opaline following her latest failure, a distraught Misty is left evaluating her situation in life.
Whinifree · 2.1k words  ·  49  0 · 1.1k views

But to be fair, this applies to most ponies.
(Be careful around evil alicorns though.)

That would be so horrible, and so very in character in all the worst ways. And so I shall revise it to end with the ever-wonderful Gabby, sensing a fellow creature who wants their destiny, swooping in and giving Opaline a full-speed Captain Griffon Punch.

So, only just discovered this fic, and yeah. It's exactly the sort of thing you hope would have happened, but it didn't work out that perfectly for Misty, sadly.

As the weeks have gone by since then, every time we see the little blue boo, it's just twisting that knife a little deeper. When the 5 find out about Misty, it's going to be heartbreaking for everyone, especially Izzy and Misty.

And even when we get that "YOU GO, GIRL!" moment of Misty finally telling Opaline to go take a flying leap. .. even that is going to be heartbreaking. That's the tragedy of it.

Misty is trapped in that horrible spot where she's starting to realize that, wait, the way Mom treats her isn't normal. It isn't normal for somepony who raises you to hurt you. It isn't normal to be used, lied to, gaslit, and constantly torn down by the pony who's the closest thing she has to a parent.

But she still wants that love so very badly. She's starting to see what normal actually is, and the realization that she is never going to get that from Opaline is going to rip all our hearts out.

Hello! Have a review and a like. The first specifically Make Your Mark-inspired fic I've read, so I'm glad to be able to say I liked it. Perhaps it feels more like a beginning than a story complete in itself, but I found Zipp's characterisation satisfying. And yes, I want to hug Misty now!

“No… I’m not. I-I-I lied. I didn’t mean to lie, but…” Misty swallowed, her eyes momentarily darting back and forth so quickly that Zipp almost didn’t notice. “But Izzy seemed so happy in town when she thought I was from Bridlewood, and I couldn’t let her down. Not after what she did for me.”

You really capture the conflicted feelings abusers inflict in their victims.

I agree with everyone else: Misty really needs a hug.

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