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Umm, AJ is best pony. I live in a cold place. I write stuffs. Astronomy is awesome. Nuff said. ~Boost was here

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Currently Writing -- Paper Ponies
Chapter 1 (in-game)
Progress: 2%
Dream Upon A Star
Progress: [ON HOLD]11%

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(x) get 10 followers
() get 50 followers
() get 100 followers
() get 200 followers
() get 500 followers
() get 1,000 followers
() get 25 favorites on one story in a day
() get 50 favorites on one story
() get 100 favorites on one story
() get 250 favorites on one story
() get 500 favorites on one story
() get 1,000 favorites on one story
() get 100 likes total
() get 1,000 likes total
() get 10,000 likes total
() write 5 complete fics.
() write 10 complete fics
() write 20 complete fics
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() make a song
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() achieve all of the above goals

Techno's Tumultuous Tropes

Actual Bio

Hello there! You have stumbled across me through my content, and I welcome you. This is my humble abode here at Fimfic, so please feel free to look around at what I have to offer.
I am a male, mid-teenager residing in northern Pennsylvania in the USA. I love this site and cannot thank my cousin enough for getting me into this awesome fandom, even if it was only recently.
I mostly write adventure and comedy, but romance and SoL are there as well.
Along with writing, I will gladly pre-read and edit your work if you ask me to.
I am a HUGE gaming fanatic, so hit me up at Steam at moderncircal808.
And remember, be proud to be a brony. And most importantly:
Have a wonderful day!

LEADERBOARDS (of my fics) / To Write List

Most Faves - Paper Ponies [33]
Most Likes - Inspired Vol.1 [37]
Most Commented - Paper Ponies [33]
Most Chapters - Paper Ponies [6]
Most Words - Paper Ponies [21,707 0_o]
Most Views - Inspired Vol.1 [535]
Most Dislikes - Springsteen [9]
Least Dislikes - Stories of: The Ponyville Fire Department [0]
Least Words - My Guardian [1,400]
Least Commented - Stories of P.V.F.D. [1]

Snowdrop fic
The rest of Inspired - Vol. 1
Pokemon Crossover. Ponies in Sinnoh! Starring Scootaloo!
Wub Radio the 3rd
1 Year Anniversary fic
Eragon Crossover, this has to happen
Holocaust fic that explains Lyra
Luna Celestia conflict
Inspired - Vol. 2
Sonic Crossover (NO! It's not a Rainbow v. Sonic)
This might take a while...


5 Years Later... · 3:08am Nov 9th, 2018

Is anybody there?
Wow fourteen-year-old me was a wild time. Looking back it's crazy that I was able to blog and see everything I was going through. Really throws me for a wild ride, peering into who I was back then and the struggles I was facing.

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Hey, thanks for the follow! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the latest fave! Hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave! Hope you enjoy the story and its sequels :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

912920 Your writers workshop is what I'm mostly interested in, but I have yet to read Good Girl. I've seen you popping up all over the place, so I figured why not? And you're welcome!

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Box of Quotes

These are some quotes from comments, stories, or anything else on this site that really caught my attention. If you would like something here that isn't already, put it in the comments.

Reality is your perception of the world as your mind interprets it. So, perhaps dreams are their own reality in their own right?
~Midnight Mist

All you ever show other ponies is some apologetic, awkward young colt who doesn’t think he’s worthy of anypony’s notice and has no interest in them anyway. Maybe not deliberately, but still – most ponies won’t bother looking any further, that’s all they’ll ever know about you. Not that you should care too much what these one-off acquaintances think, but the point is it pushes ponies away, makes them disinclined to get to know you better in the first place. That’s not helping you any, and the longer you leave it like that, the more opportunities you’ll miss.
~mixtrak (excerpt from the story Wings In The Forest)

A good idea on its own is cute. A good idea with equally good characterization to back it up is one that readers will be clamoring to read.
~Golden Vision on Character Investment

- Protip: Reading backwards can help catch things you would otherwise miss.
~Sir Truffles

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