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Techno Flare

Here to help others and leave the world better than I found it.

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G5 Oneshot:

  • I had a draft but I might trash it and start it over


  • Chapter 6 almost revised
  • Chapter 10 drafted
  • idk how long it's gonna be I'm just gonna write

A new chapter (it's corny because I graduated) · 7:35am Jan 26th, 2022

Very long overdue Chapter II is out now. I was debating on writing a blog but what better way to procrastinate going to sleep?

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Hello to those who have scrolled down far enough to find this!
I'm Techno Flare. I enjoy video games of many varieties. I stopped pursuing writing much during high school, but with the end of g4 and my recent fiction fascination, I've come back to this site. You may see some of my old stories on my page, which I won't delete for sentimental value, but know that I've grown a lot from that person all those years ago.
I try to be easygoing and chill, but please don't throw any discriminatory comments on this page or I will take them down. If you respect me, then I will respect you, and we'll get along just fine!
I hope you find something you like here, and if you ever need to talk privately, shoot me a PM.
Catch you on the Flipside!

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Thank you for the follow; I hope my future work is worthy of your attention.

Ah, thank you so much for the follow! Like drinking mixed drinks, you'll regret this in the morning. But in the meantime, thank you! :twilightsmile:

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Box of Quotes

These are some quotes from comments, stories, or anything else on this site that really caught my attention. If you would like something here that isn't already, put it in the comments.

It's not really what [characters] value, it's not really their identity, it's an overlap between the two.
~Hank Green

Reality is your perception of the world as your mind interprets it. So, perhaps dreams are their own reality in their own right?
~Midnight Mist

All you ever show other ponies is some apologetic, awkward young colt who doesn’t think he’s worthy of anypony’s notice and has no interest in them anyway. Maybe not deliberately, but still – most ponies won’t bother looking any further, that’s all they’ll ever know about you. Not that you should care too much what these one-off acquaintances think, but the point is it pushes ponies away, makes them disinclined to get to know you better in the first place. That’s not helping you any, and the longer you leave it like that, the more opportunities you’ll miss.
~mixtrak (excerpt from the story Wings In The Forest)

A good idea on its own is cute. A good idea with equally good characterization to back it up is one that readers will be clamoring to read.
~Golden Vision on Character Investment

- Protip: Reading backwards can help catch things you would otherwise miss.
~Sir Truffles