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Your Honor, the fish sticks are done!


Rainbow Dash has fallen in love with a new kind of sport: Bare-hoof brawling. It's a dangerous sport; one that requires a lot of guts, but she's totally up for it. There's only one place in Equestria that has violent sports like that, and that place is Glitzville, a small, flying town with an action packed fighting ring called The Glitz Pit. When Rainbow arrives and shockingly sees who the champion of The Glitz Pit is, she promises herself that she would become number one no matter the cost! However, as she continues to fight, the more she realizes that she had gotten herself into a little more than she was offered.

Chapters (3)
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I didn't do a lot of editing, so call me out if stuff sticks out.

Rainbow Dash has fallen in love with a new kind of sport: Bare-hoof brawling.

That's kinky as fuck.

Would read if I played the source material

*post-fixed errors

“Yes, Mr. Grubba. Follow me, miss, if you will.” She said as she lead the two ponies out of the office and down the hallway.


The Thundering Thrasher?
Mo' like the Sundering Trasher!

2838464 Get source material. Shouldn't be that expensive.

“Did you see who the champ was? That bitch doesn’t deserve it! Do you remember what she did back in Ponyville!?” :pinkiegasp:
Woah, Nelly! You might wanne' hold your horses there, Dash. This seems a little drastic.
Is that the motivation for becoming the new champ?
My my... what would Fluttershy think of you right now.... :fluttershbad:

2838501 Well, Dash has always been the extreme type, so I thought it fit.

2838538 Lawl.

He stopped in front of a huge, decorated door with screaming roaring from the other side.

Will keep up le corrections.

2838568 It's a good one I'll give you that. My favorite in this game is Chapter Six just because Smorg is an awesome boss and it's based off one of my favorite books (I think).

Now it's here, the match for the number 19 spot!

I've been taught that numeric symbols are used in comparisons and stuff…

I would do "nineteen", as that was what I was taught.

Caught up by the diamond dog's defeat, the next one caught her Rainbow off guard by grabbing her by the neck, causing her to make a choking sound.

"Haha! Got you know, pretty pony!

"The Thunderin' Thrasher thoroughly thumped those thick-heads! Yes, folks, I was counting on using that long alliteration when I first met this young lass.

Not a mistake…

But you crazy bugger, you. :pinkiesmile:

2838464 I haven't played this particular Mario game (mainly because I played Sonic more), but this story still kicks ass. Seriously, good job, Dunsparce.

2838779 Thanks. To know someone thinks my story is good even when they don't know much about what it's crossing over with is a good feeling.

I'm hooked on this now. :pinkiehappy:

First chapter:

You think you can be me?

I wouldn't want to BE you, but I'd definitely BEAT you.

smelly, and beat up.” Some of the lockers were even bent somehow!

Uneeded quotations.

Dirty Diggers

You sly dog, you.

Everything else was fine.

I am a sucker for a Paper Mario crossover...

2838970 Me too. Why do you think I wrote it? I have another one comin' out Wednesday. I have an update schedule on my page to the top left.

2838980 One of these days I should finally figure out how to use Stencyl and make an actual game...

Is 'The Great Gonzales' going to make an appearance? Even if he doesn't battle, I want to see him in here somewhere. That would be awesome! :rainbowkiss:

You get a like and a favorite just for the idea.

Can't think who was that awesome guy who gave you tips and stuff... He was in the minor league room...a Golden Koopa I think.

2840189 Yeah...I loved that guy. I know you will do him right, I hope so anyway.

2840263 Then Grubba squashed his face and stole his power.

Glitz Pit held some of the best memories of the game for me. Plus, after you beat it the first time and play through again, it is a fairly easy way to make some cash that was fairly simple. You didn't have to worry about death in because you could heal between fights easily, and I loved the place. Could help hone skills in button reactions. It was also fun beating up Rawk Hawk. I look forward to seeing how Dash deals with special rules and the pain she is bound to be in. Can't wait for more Glitz Pit Pony action.

All set for her first fight... no visit to a doctor to get a thorough once-over beforehand (beforehoof?). :rainbowderp:

It wasn't like that in Thousand Year Door either, but at the very least it's what you'd do in real life. :eeyup:

"“Eye eye, captain!” Rainbow replied."

*Aye Aye*

Also, This story is rather interesting so far, does it have any ties into the main Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door storyline? With the Crystal stars and all that Jazz?

2838595 Smorg is certainly impressive as a boss but come on man... Doopliss :pinkiegasp::derpyderp1::rainbowderp::unsuresweetie::raritycry::twilightoops::applejackconfused::fluttercry::applecry:

Is this a dead project? Because if it isn't you definitely need to make more. Awesome story :twilightsmile:

3366455 Still goin'! Just getting an update past the 25th! I have big projects until then

You just crossed The Thousand Year Door with Ponies. I think I love you... :raritystarry:
Nice story though. Good job! :twilightsmile:

3437687 I know, sorry. I forgot about it because Wario and Bowser

Great worrk as usual! :twilightsmile: Also, do you need a proofreader? I would be happy to help, but it seemed like there were some errors that are easily made.

Until looking at the image you put in comments I could not think who Rainbow's combatant was. But knowing it's Colgate/Minuette makes so much sense now. :derpytongue2:

Cracking a rib definitely needs medical attention, though. Can't sleep off something like that, except in PM (Paper Mario). :moustache:

Hell, about time!

At first I thought The Brush Baroness was Rarity, but then I remembered chapter 1.
I hope the next update is quicker.

3441836 Hah! Sorry! I've been super occupied, but I'm actually working on the next chapter as we speak. Who knows, maybe it'll be done soon? I feel like going on a writing spree with this story.

So how long til an update exactly? Same with Bowser and Wario.

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