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My name is Luster Dawn — the Mare who Lassoed the Sun. As the top student at the School of Magic, Princess Twilight was entrusting me to make friends and study hard. I was completely obsessed with one of those things and entirely uninterested in the other. However, magic in Equestria had been doing strange things, and it was stirring up trouble and fear across the nation. I needed to do something good with my inherent intelligence, and this was my chance to do it. I’d read every journal and book I could get my hooves on until I figured this out... or until it all caught up with me.

Cover Art done by the talented {Shaslan}
Abundant gratitude for my pre-readers and friends: {RanOutofIdeas, RDT, Mykola}

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This is shaping up to be an exciting story, and I wonder what else might be in store for Luster and Flurry.

Let's gooo!

Thanks so much! And of course, thanks for all the help :p


Thanks for the fave, I’m glad you enjoyed! And I agree, Luster is such an unexplored character.

Nice cover art, I can't wait to see what this story has in store:twistnerd:

I hope I can deliver! And yes Shaslan has such nice art : D

Intriguing! Any idea when this will be updated?

Soon, within the next two weeks is my goal (I graduated from college a month ago which is why I haven’t gotten around to it).

Very interesting chapter, looking forward to the next.

Thanks so much, it was good to finally get this one out. Gonna try to go through the edits more quickly than I was doing prior, the next few chapters only need that.

Great to see you back in action!


I do like this interpretation of Luster's meeting with Twilight. Excited to see their relationship evolve, as hinted at by Twilight's "ten years" comment. This is some good shit.

Thanks so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it.
Maybe I should actually release the next 5 chapters lmao, they’re just not edited yet

Great to see you came back

I'm glad to keep hearing you're still enjoying it! It's been a wild year for me, but I caught the writing bug again and figured I want to get as many chapters out as I can before it goes away. This draft has been in storage for 3 whole years, it's time to finally see the light of day :rainbowlaugh: I'll try and get the next four out soon as well, chapter 7 is a personal favorite and I'm curious to see what you think.

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