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During a trip to the bookshop for the Fifth Edition of the Ogres and Oubliettes GM Guide, Luster Dawn encounters a mysterious but friendly pony that is trying to remain incognito in Ponyville lest she gets swarmed by dozens of admirers.

And given this pony’s lineage and acts of heroism, could anyone really blame her for wanting to keep her identity a secret when she’s trying to do mundane things?

Flurry Heart and Luster Dawn vector belongs to EJLightning007arts.

Part of the Flurry and Luster's Comical Chronicles series.

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That title is giving the wrong impression for the story. The story is awesome to be sure. Just the title is a little... Off.

True, but it is about Luster Dawn and Flurry Heart encountering each other. Couldn't think of a more apt title if I wanted to. :twilightsmile:

It's a pity that I can't think of any nicknames for Luster that rhymed with "Sally".

This just makes me want to see a Luster Dawn X Flurry Heart romance story even more.

I'd honestly like to see this play out. Both the O&O game and this friendship. There is so much greatness waiting to be taped into right here.

Oh, trust me. I'm working on a follow-up. Maybe even more stories after that one.

Good to hear. Will be looking forward to it.

Luster Dawn scanned the many shelves of the bookshop, looking for the latest edition of the Ogres & Oubliettes Game Master Guide. While she could have easily travelled back to the Canterlot Library and got a copy from there, it would have been very awkward to have walked away with her friends only to come running back to her mentor for a ride back to Canterlot. She could have tried any other activity but she didn’t know what her new friends would be into and there was something inherently fun about them all going on an adventure to faraway lands battling whatever ogres come their way, just like how the princess and her friends went on all kinds of adventures and bested all kinds of foes. Only difference was they would be using their imagination instead of actually risking life and limb, since that’s the job of the latest element bearers.

If you listen, you can hear Twilight performing the most epic facehoof in the history of Equestria at Luster's thinking.

I love it by the way.

Heh. Not bad. OC insert amused me (I'm guessing all those events he mentioned were in previous stories of yours?), and the conversation between the two sounds pretty realistic. I'd love to see Flurry GM-ing an O&O game; my GMs (yeah, two) can get pretty sadistic sometimes, and I can just imagine Flurry going from kind, graceful princess to "YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR FINAL SAVING THROW! DEATH TO THE CLERIC! MWAHAHAH!" :rainbowlaugh:


I'm guessing all those events he mentioned were in previous stories of yours?

Yes and no. While he has been shown to be stalking Twilight in prior stories, I don't think there's been a story where he decided to stalk Cadence instead and faced the wrath of Shining Armor for his troubles.

Though that would have definitely been entertaining to write. :rainbowlaugh:

I can just imagine Flurry going from kind, graceful princess to "YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR FINAL SAVING THROW! DEATH TO THE CLERIC! MWAHAHAHAH!

Good idea. :moustache:

“Of course, I do!” Flurry answered excitedly, “I used to cover for Discord whenever he had fallen ill on Guy’s Night. And that’s ‘guys’ as in ‘all-male’ but Rainbow Dash and I are the only exceptions.”

So I'm a bit lost here. In Dungeons and Discords, Pinkie joined in as well. Was that just a one time thing here for her? Or is Discord pulling some genderbending shennanigans here?

I wouldn't be shocked. But being Pinkie being a mom probably has something to do with it too. Just curious.

Oops, I forgot Pinkie joined in as well. :rainbowlaugh:

Let's go with genderbending shenanigans involving Pinkie's O&O character.

It's probably a much safer bet that, since Pinkie became a mom, she hasn't been able to join like she used to. R63 is the poor man's excuse (if that was the case, Rainbow and Flurry would be dudes as well).

Just saying.

I'd love to see more of these two. Also look on the bright side, just one more month and this terrible year will finally be over.

True but I sense next year will be worse than this one. After all, people were glad to see 2019 go and hoped 2020 would be good. Next thing you know, 2020 was worse than 2019.

But on a more positive note, I'm currently working on a sequel to this story:

EThe Bewitching Bell Campaign
With Flurry Heart as the GM, Luster and her ragtag bunch of friends engage in an O&O campaign of silly proportions.
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It was great loved it. And saved !!

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