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Yeah I'm cancelling this. I will probably make a remake with the same characters and plot line, but I just can't do it now, I am not qualified enough to write it.

"I'll be back before you know it guys," and off she flew. Twilight knew something was going to go wrong when Rainbow Dash flew to Cloudsdale alone, but when she heard what transpired straight from the mouth of Princess Celestia, she knew that something had to be done. Rainbow Dash, while flying through her home town, had accidentally ran into somebody she would never forget... the reckless Lightning Dust. After the exchange of a few words, Lightning Dust charged her. RainbowDash fled, but not before the Royal Guard had seen the two. Celestia, being protective of her ponies, deems them as fugitives. Once news reaches Lightning Dust, she knows what must happen. The two start working together in a truce for one reason: clear their names.

Please critique me, positive or negative. This is my first story so please give feedback so I can change what I have to.

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I like where this will head and all but please do something original with the "Solar Tyrant" Celestia crap that's been done to death. I don't mind some of them but all lot of them have mainly been "she's evil now hate her" type deal don't make that mistake do something that shows her spiral into her madness:

1. The Nightmare finally possessed her.

2. A spell gone wrong turned her.

And that's all I have for ideas but seriously take what I have said into consideration.:twilightsmile:

3237816 Don't worry it wasn't what you thought, I was going to include why she turned evil, but I figured that would be placed better at a later chapter, all the while keeping you guessing. :twilightsmile: And thanks for the ideas + favorite!

3253502 We must have a lot in common, and you're almost spot on in that sense
:twilightsheepish: TEEN TITANS

3253695 If you really want me to update faster, share this amongst your brethren and show me there are more than a couple people waiting. I will work on this, but I'm going to veer away from this for a while. Point A being writer's block. :facehoof:

WTF? There's nothing here?

3336846 Something happened a while back where i accidentally published an unfinished chapter, so I have to do that every time I finish one :ajsleepy: sorry

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