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Sunset and Flash have “started over” as friends, but the guilt from her past is on her mind whenever she sees him now. With her newfound power, she could see into his mind and find out his side of their past… but she can’t go invading his space without asking, right? She's going to have to wade through the emotions of her past while keeping the reality of her new life afloat.

Set directly after EqG:LoE, and is my take on the romantic happenings of our pony friends and a certain Brad.
Cover art done by a kind soul.

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I appreciate that my guy

i belive the EQG writers were heading in this direction with Flash and Sunshim before the show was canceled :raritycry:

Good story. Flash deserves some love.

This was really well-done. I quite enjoyed seeing how it all progressed to the conclusion. :pinkiesmile:

I know! Especially with Cheer You On, I'm pretty sure they were at least hinting at it!

Thanks for the kind words :)

I'm glad! Thanks for the kind words, I hoped the pacing wasn't too slow or anything.

The sensation of feeling the air moving but not feeling the force of the wind was always surreal, and this sensation excited me.

How does that work?

I could understand a person’s innermost cognitions, but articulating was a different process.

What’s the difference?

I rocked forward, then right back down as a ringing ache ravaged my skull. "Sunset don't!" Twilight knelt down and fussed over my head.

Don’t what?

"I think that when I saw what Flash said about me in the past, I tried to interrupt the flashback. When that happened, it showed like a broken record of a memory."

What did he say in the past?

"So then what?" I glared in frustration. "We make some memory-wiping gadget and pretend this never happened? I'm not going to be able to put this all behind me and not make up for what I've done wrong."

That’s actually not a bad idea.

I wanted to belt lyrics in a car with him.

What does that mean?

1) So I imagine levitation to equate to something like feeling the wind against you but not feeling any push, rather it would be sliding along the faces of whatever it were holding. I guess this isn't the best wording, I can understand the confusion.
2) I often find some of the smartest people have the most trouble putting thoughts into words, they don't use the right vocabulary or can't convey the right meaning.
3) Twilight wanted to say a bunch of things there but "don't" was the only thing that came out before Sunset tried to move.
4) Here she's referring to when he says "It wouldn't be the first time." and "I always fight for girls who don't fight back."
5) I wanted to mention Flash saying it would be a good idea, but I felt it took away from the moment.
6) Belting is a way of singing.

I appreciate the feedback! I want to make sure I'm being as clear as possible going forward (unless I intentionally try not to be clear :p).

Thank you! So is your profile picture! 😊

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