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This story is a sequel to Messenger

Sunset Shimmer has found herself spending a great deal of time with the Dazzlings as of late, as they adjust to their new life-after-magic. Though, considering what the four of them used to be, does she really know Adagio as well as she thinks?

A big thanks to Bookish Delight for collaborative help with vetting my ideas, supplying a few, authorial advice, editing, and general encouragement throughout the process here.

And thanks, as usual, to Csquared08 for additional pre-reading and some brief technical input.

Teen for occasional language, alcohol references and light intimacy.

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Excellent. Can't wait to see any updates.

5948706 They'll be coming fairly quickly over the next few days. And thanks. :raritywink:

I hate everything.

That's your downvote, isn't it? :trollestia:

Sky pls

One is not enough!

I didn't even read it yet and I'm giving it a thumbs up and I'm a huge Sunlight fan. Yet, here I am voting nicely on a Sundagio fic! :rainbowlaugh:


I'm amazed you managed to get this past Csquared.

“Don’t worry. Between a pair of my pants and one of Sonata’s shirts, I’m sure we’ll having you lookin’ fine.”

So, Sunset got into Adagio's pants, in a manner of speaking... Mind, you can stay in the gutter all you want, but try and keep it quiet.

Really good so far. Funny moments, serious moments, sexy moments, and an exchange that still clings to my mind...

Adagio grinned. “I know. But you did at least have fun last night, right?”
“Yeah. Though not sure I remember all of it, honestly.

Is she forgetting something important, or is it to throw off guys like me that see implied things on everything?
I don't know why I'm sitting here writting this when I could be reading the next chapter, but still, guess I really wanted to let you know how much I'm liking this soo far.

5948826 His small rowboat proved no obstacle to the battleship. ;)



You sure know how to keep a reader interested.
If I were to try and point out all the things I liked about this chapter, I would end up quoting most of it. Everything was soo damn near perfect...
Except when AppleJack told Sunset to go away. Harsh. But who knows what may have been going through AJ's head during those weeks...

This story is fuckin solid!!!



A number of possible chuckles with the clothing bit, yeah. Mine was a hint at Adagio's foresight that none of her own shirts would 'stretch' enough to fit Sunset.

And then the second bit about past-night's recollection is ambiguous, yeah. My intent is that they haven't done anything "like that" at this point in their progress, though.

And then with Applejack, the idea is a "Not on mah property" approach. She gave Rainbow a similar reprimand, but when Sunset took things to the next level, AJ felt she had to as well. May not have come across as well as it had in my mind, though. ;)

Will read, but first, that prequel... :raritywink:

Off to a slightly Freudian start. Poor Sunset. :twilightsheepish:

I like this take. Some things you don't just get over in the span of an adventure, and it looks like (judging by Sunset's newest song) the movies are leaning that way too.

Also, not sure if Aria/Rainbow and Sonata/Pinkie moments were foreshadowing, or just Sunset's subconscious linking them by perceived similarity. Or both. :raritystarry:

5949479 The latter, yeah. Regarding the pairing question. And then her helping Fluttershy up completed the "everyone gets a buddy" aspect. I actually hadn't set out with that in mind, but love the way it came together.

Sunset's got emotional problems.

5949914 And it's that journey of working through them that's so interesting to explore. The ride's not over yet. :raritywink:

To be fair, Rainbow had that coming for a while now. :P

I'll be waiting for that update with baited breath.



Because the subliminal message works TOO well with what I've read so far. Write on dear author.


This is going places I never expected. And I can't stress enough how much I'm enjoying it.

This is getting good. Can't wait for an update.

Heh. ;) And new drop just now. Next (and final) will be tomorrow if all goes well.

This gives me a big grin. Looking forward to bringing it to a close.

She fished out a small object and flung it at Sunset, striking her square in the chest.

“Take a good long look at that!”

Wrapping her arms around herself and blinking back tears, Adagio started forward and clipped Sunset with her shoulder as she sidestepped past. “And ‘fuck you’ too.”

Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Adagio raised a hand to the space below her neck. “Where is all of this coming from? You don’t honestly believe any of that.”

She doesn't know what she believes anymore. Poor girl.:pinkiesad2:

This is getting really good. MOAR!!!:flutterrage: The conflict is well-paced, the characters and their reactions feel real, and the internal processes don't reek of plot convenience. WELL DONE!:twilightsmile:


I almost forgot,


(and final)

Is this the part where my hatred reigns supreme? :scootangel:

5951898 Thanks.

and the internal processes don't reek of plot convenience.

This was a minor concern of mine, honestly, so it's great to hear this observation. That fine line narrating between what's in Sunset's head and what's actually going on, and then trying to make everything flow in a believable way.

Perhaps. But I know there have to be some feels in there somewhere. :trollestia:

Oh no! Sunset, what have you done?

Man, what's with all this salt stuff. I'm just tryna function :raritycry:

You fucked it up, Sunny.

Don't worry, there's at LEAST three girls spanning universes who'll take you on the rebound. :rainbowlaugh:

Adagio, lay off the wine. It brings out the evil temptress, that you so totally are, even more.

Man, I really want to find out if it's all in poor Sunny's head, or it's because of the residual negative magic...

Nuu Sunny whyyy? :applecry: Don't make Dagie cry...

Also, poor CSquared. :rainbowlaugh:

My hopes and dreams are dead.
I am a shell of a man.

I think I was just afraid of the feelings I’m starting to have for her.

Hatred levels: Maximum

>already at max
This isn't even the feels' final form.

The two shared a tender kiss as the sun departed in a soft flash of green.

You didn't have this last time I checked.

In fact, last time I checked, you made a point to mention that you made it through the whole thing without kissing.

Note to self: Never edit for Sky again.

There we go... now I can finally say I've got a Sirens story for the Captain's Chest, :rainbowdetermined2:

Also, this almost made me die:

Adagio laughed. She narrowed her eyes with a sly smile of her own. “Clever pony.”


Also also, I find it funny that we both imagine Sunset takes her coffee black, :twilightoops:

Heh.. now to see if anyone actually catches the reference leading up to the "clever" remark.

And yeah... Sunny's a shoe-in as a black coffee drinker. I'm totally not biased either. :rainbowwild:

"...along with all the coincidental ‘signs’ lining up like they did..."

"Hold on", Adagio said, holding up her hands in a stop-right-there motion. "What signs?"

Sunset looked down to her still steaming cup before quietly answering. "Seeing you the other day with your outfit from the Battle of the Bands, and how much you seemed to enjo-"

"You saw me wearing it!?!" Adagio's voice rose just slightly as her eyes quickly darted downwards to her posterior self-consciously. She then chuckled. "I didn't think you were into voyeurism."

Sunset's mind backpedaled so fast that it broke a leg and fell on the middle of the road, wherein it was ran over by a bus that had the words 'realization' written all over it. "Voyeurism is watching others engage in sexual behaviour... Did you... while I was still on your house..."

Adagio just smirked.

Mind, I thought I told you to keep it quiet whenever you were in the gutter. I'm trying to read here.

With her eyes still locked on the distant waves, she pulled her hand back placed a gentle arm around Sunset’s shoulders.

"she pulled her hand back and placed a gentle..."

Sky, you did it again. Are there any more ideas that may one day become stories lingering in that head of yours? Please say yes.

The Last Mari's fic? the one that uses one of your artworks as cover art?

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