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I like the three Ps: Physics, Ponies, and....something else that starts with P


This story is a sequel to Sunset Setup

Sunset just admitted that she has no idea what type of person that she would be attracted to.
Naturally, her friends decide to send her on a bunch of blind dates to figure it out.

2018-07-30: Added a few tags that I noticed were missing. Romance, and Drama. And I had to remove Comedy, because I guess we can only use 3 blue tags.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 8 )

Ouch! What the HELL! That, actually hurt! Good job though. But Damn, are we going to find why Muffins broke it off? I really don't think sunset was given the full story. Still, life works that way sometimes, all we're left to do is move on down the road to our next destination. But good job!

There might be a Muffins 4 some day.
but I think moving forward a few steps is needed right now.

Hope things work out, Sunset seems to hold her heart out on a sleeve at times.

Limestone Pie = Tsundere

She does.
It's part of why she's so amazing :D

I don't know if she's TRUE tsundere.
Every time we've seen her, it's basically in the context of her keeping her farm running. So her attitude there has some explanation.
Off the farm, during her free time, how would she be?
We haven't actually been witness to that yet.

Ok. But she still displays tsundere-esque tendencies.

This is true.
I tried capturing that without going overboard with it.

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