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I like the three Ps: Physics, Ponies, and....something else that starts with P


So, a while back, I posted up She Came To Me. This was a place for me to put down stories that weren't long enough to be posted on their own, but were complete in my eyes. It's first two entries were most definitely Not Safe For Work, as the saying goes.

I then had another couple ideas that were safe for work. So I decided that I would just have two of these anthologies. One for adults only and one for everyone.

And this is the one for everyone. :)

Each chapter is its own story, so feel free to bounce around if you wish.

Chapters (2)
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:duck:Sorry but no, Darling.

Respect, bro.

Yeah it's not my favorite ship either, but this just rolled outta my head and I liked how it turned out.

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