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Just another dummy on the internet, with too much imagination and not enough time on their hands. Sometimes I write cohesive stuff...mostly StarBurst.


Instead of clogging the site with one shots, I thought it was best to compile them here.

I'm a messy writer. I have a bunch of ideas but never get around to them, some of them never make the light of day. Until now. Now you can see them and feel some second hand embarrassment on my behalf.
These scraps are mostly StarBurst centric, but may feature other pairings as well.

The Teen Rating is just a precaution.

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This was a really sweet chapter. And I watched that video too. It was great.

Thank you so much! And yes, that little animation was adorable, I think I watched more times that it was necessary, but I love it so much!

This so so cute! I love this so much. StarBurst is my OTP:heart: You really captured the characters personalities too, very well done.

I love that video hehe:twilightsmile:

Yes! Nice to meet another StarBurst fan:heart:! I love that video to pieces, it's great shipping fuel.

The Teen Rating is just a precaution.

What do you mean by that?

Ah, good ol' Sunburst...
Cute wee story there.
Nice find of the video

Teen rating it's use when a piece of media touches on more mature subjects, like dark humor, light cursing, violence with mention of injury and a little blood, some innuendos, etc. Think about things that you would find in a PG-13 show/movie, nothing too bad but not that very kid friendly either. So far this is the first chapter that warranted the T rating, since its heavily implied that Starlight and Sunburst consummated their marriage multiple times, something I wouldn't want a kid to read, but definitely something a teenager or adult would understand.

Thanks a lot! I adore that video, I wish I could thank Agrolchannel for keeping the ship alive and sailing

LOL that last line.
This was kinda adorable.

I’ve always had a hunch that Sunburst and Sunset were related, glad to see I’m not the only one. :twilightsmile:

"Can I at least say the l-word?" he asked after a moment, a joking spark in his eyes.


"Who dares to summon the Grrreat and Powerful Trixie!?" :trixieshiftright:

It's almost 11PM
I have school tomorrow
And my favorite fanfic about my favorite couple just updated
What is the most logic thing to do?
Staying awake reading fanfiction of course! :trollestia:
Now, about the story...I LOVED it. This is probably my favorite chapter of Bits and Pieces. It's really cute, and I love the way you wrote it (there's a name for that type of writing, isn't it? I just can't remember it now). This is fantastic, I really like your stories. Keep it up!! :3

(In fact, I just know two, and they’re both one-shots)

I LOVED this story! I always wondered how Sunburst would react to starlight saying 'yes' to marrying him and how he would react to finding out he was going to be a dad. This was pretty much how I thought he would react; overly excited and worried for Starlight's safety and health. The 'Time for Two' is really inspiring and it's cool to see others feeling the same way. Kudos for this piece!:twilightblush:

Very touching and sweet. Such loyalty from Sunburst for his One True Love. :twilightblush:

I adore Sunburst's reaction. This was like cotton candy in written form, I loved it.

Oh wow that was beautiful. Teared up a bit. The description of their marriage bed was so romantic.

I love the build-up here. Can't help but think Starlight over-reacted by pushing Sunburst out the door so, good job on keeping her in-character. Love how you have Sunburst consider things others would think of as annoying about her as endearing.

Wow. Starlight's lack of self-confidence is painful to read.

So Starlight was afraid to lose Sunburst to Twilight, but Sunburst chose her?

First and foremost, thanks for leaving so many lovely comments! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
As for this chapter, is more about Starlight having so little confidence and too much guilt to ever believe she could be happy, so she more or less self-sabotages any chance of happiness she gets. Sunburst and Twilight see this and save her from her self destructive ways, it takes them quite some time to get through to her but in the end she finally accepts their help, learning to forgive herself and accepting Sunburst's feelings.
Hope this clarifies things a bit.

I’m saving this for september/october because i haven’t seen the episode and i’m waiting for the official release :p
However, I noticed this is the first chapter of “Bits and Pieces” that doesn’t start with the phrase “In which...”. How curious :p

Oh, that's okay, I'm very impatient and I watched the early releases already, and about the title...you're right and now I want to kick myself, lol. I'll fix it right away. I have committed to the aesthetic for too long at this point to leave it be.

So cute. My heart! You are the best Sunburst and Starlight writer ever!

But she hadn’t listened.

I see what you did there

Ahh, this is so well written! These two are so stubborn, they would totally act like that :p
Great fic!!, :3

An excellent little vignette! Did you come up with the bits before the titles, or did the titles prompt the pieces?

“Geez, I knew your eyesight was bad, but not that bad!” Starlight sighed and returned his glasses. “Have you ever considered contact lenses?”

Is that a Steven Universe reference I see?

is nice
though it feels heavily alt.universe, or at least very anachronistic

Thanks! And yeah, this story is an Alt. Universe through and through, very little to do with the source material except that all the characters are ponies

I know its a stand alone, but I wouldn't mind if there was any continuation to this later.

Aw thanks! I do have a couple of notes on this story, if I don't continue it I’ll just post them on a blog so you can at least now what happens next

Poor Sunburst. It will be a heck of a story to tell their kids though.

That bird is going to find itself relentlessly harangued by the latest in attack-kite technology.

Sweet. That first part made me laugh. Love Sunburst's insecurities.

Good fluff and slice of life. Very in character.

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