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Some societies worshipped masters of thunder, who wielded mighty hammers. Some societies worshipped those who had the head of a crocodile. And then, there were those deities that were a bit more, well, colourful. A bit more fun-loving. A bit unpredictable. But they were caring also, and for them, the world was big, beautiful and was to be handled with tremendous responsibility.

...Oh, and it was also a massive playground for them to do pretty much whatever they wanted. But hey, work hard and play hard, right?

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The human 7 are goddesses, and they're going to use their infinite power to cause insane shenanigans for their own amusement?

Yeah, I am DEFINITELY tracking this...

I wanna ask for some clarification please

1: I am assuming Sunset and her HUMAN friends are goddesses of teh human world?

2: Did Celestia from Equestria come to the human world to help Sunset with the sun?

3: is Luna helping with the Human world, or was Twilight Talking about Princess Luna doing something back in Equestria?

4: I am assuming the Twilight here is Princess Twilight from Equestria?

This story sounds really neat but also I am a little confused XD

I am guessing this is going to be shown like the Greek gods? Because it kind reads like that.

I think this is pure AU where the Human 7 are goddesses, and most likely never mortal or were ascended, as are Celestia and Luna, without any involvement from Equestria at all. In fact, I don't think Equestria "exists" in this story, or at least that's the set-up so far.

So no, that's not Princess Twilight.

I second 9422002's request for more clarification. I also second 9421978's expression of approval. Let the shenanigans commence!

Wow! I can understand Twilight being a goddess, seeing as how her pony counterpart is the Princess of Friendship. But, Sunset too? Nice job.

I think it's supposed to be implied that there is no "Pony world" in this AU.

I have to say that this looks like a really entertaining AU piece. Just visualizing the girls as goddesses (complete with the powers and immortality that comes with that) has all sorts of comic potential. To say nothing of the potential upgrades on their PETS (Obviously their pets would all be immortal too and probably have a certain degree of increased intelligence, but I could easily see Sunset giving Ray the flame breath and strength of an adult dragon, Rarity giving Opal whatever boosted abilities her creativity sees fit, Rainbow giving Tank temporary abilities to allow him to better take part in and enjoy whatever games she has in mind, Owlicious's intelligence being increased to the point of him having the abilities to read minds and see the future, etc.)

As for Spike, well, it would be easy to visualize HIM as a young god who not only has ALL of the abilities of an adult dragon, but is also such an adept shape-shifter that he can make himself look like any animal (he just goes for the "cute puppy" form most often because, well, dogs are his favorite animal AND he kind of likes having his enemies underestimating him) AND alter his size at will

And, yeah, it's not hard to visualize Fluttershy having even more of a calming influence on Discord than her canon self (as Fluttershy IS immortal here AND powerful enough to properly enjoy most of Discord's games) with the two of them sharing a relationship quite similar to that of the two deities in "Book of Life"

Okay. Sorry about that. Got caught up in my thoughts. (sheepish grin)

I will very certainly be looking forward to more of this.

This is a very interesting reality on the Humane 7 & their powers. Can't wait for more.

This is basically an alternate reality where Twilight, Sunset and the other girls, (as well as other characters who I'll get to later) are the deities of this world. There is no connection to Equestria or the ponies.

Unless I have a specific look for them in a given situation, then yes, that will indeed be the default attire for the girls :twilightsmile:

If there's one thing that certain Greek Gods-- whom I shall not name-- are famous for, it's screwing everyone over.

...I want to bet either Pinkie or Rainbow.



I second Rainbow.

This did not go the way I expected. I kinda went in thinking the girls from eqg turned into God's and had to figure it out.

I think it could be more interesting if they were ponies, but I'm game, let's see where this goes. The shipping might or might not have influenced that decision :derpytongue2:

9430295 My dear, sweet sister. You know I'd never do anything as saucy as that...:trixieshiftleft:...:trixieshiftright:...more than once :twilightsheepish:

So the girls basically replaced the Greek pantheon?
Interesting. :pinkiesmile:

Even as a deity, Spike just can’t catch a break.

I really like this story! OMG! I can't wait for more :)

This is a REALLY funny and cute chapter. I LOVED the exchange between Spike and the Crusaders. I especially liked the nods to both Spike's Equestria Girls form AND his Equestrian form (both courtesy of Spike's shape-shifting) as well as the mention of Sweetie seeming to have a crush on Spike (who has his dragon counterpart's insultingly obvious crush on Sweetie's big sister).

Anyway, this was a great chapter and I will most assuredly be looking forward to more of this.

Well, if there were any indication that he was enjoying this more than he was wanting to admit, I would agree that getting that kind of affection from three cute girls just a year or two older than you WOULD be something to be jealous of. As of right now, though, I would say the only "luck" he has is the fact that this is only a "Teen" rated story series. If this were a "Mature" rated story, this would be some insultingly obvious set-up for some three-on-one femdom rape porn.

The C.M.C. had so much fun messing with Spike! :rainbowlaugh:

But Apple Bloom merely waved him off.
"Ah! Goddesses in training, Spike! We ain't got our roles yet!"

CMC Junior Goddesses...:trollestia::yay:

Before Spike could react, he was whisked off the ground by the excited girl, and was once more being tightly hugged.
"What?! I'm not cute! I'm a terrifying, fire-breathing dragon! Fear me!"

Yeah, Spike! Let the world hear you roar!


Shipping them - Under consideration.

So what sort of backstory do we have here? Have they always been deities since ever or is it a something else?

9450493 I'm a bit murky on backstory, but the general idea I'm working with is that this is a world that has always had these characters as their Gods/Goddesses.

Ah, then they're a panthenon like of Greek/Roman, Norse and Egyptian myths?

Sadly, I expect this is be a terrifyingly common occurrence.

If this world is close to D&D than AJ's clerics and Flutters' Druids probably get into it often as well.

LG vs NG combat! Epic with nothing but embarrassment afterwords.

You are doing an amazing job of keeping their personalities intact while simultaneously showcasing their godly abilities.


It wouldn't be a proper world if it didn't constantly shit on Spike. The poor bastard.


Those poor mortals. I wonder how often this happens, and if Fluttershy ever angrily smites people whose only crime was killing poor innocent animals who can't help destroying towns and eating people.

Whoa there. Yeah, that argument DEFINITELY got out of hand. And, as demonstrated, arguments between gods can go REALLY badly. . Still, as aforementioned by other reviewers, it IS great to see how surprisingly in-character the characters are despite their godlike abilities. AJ and Flutters bringing in their (super-sized) pets was great to see too.

Anyway, the exchanges, action, humor and general "episode" wrap-up and future "episode" set-up are all well done in all the right places.

Yeah, deities fighting on the mortal plane generally doesn’t end well. So, who’s the god of fixing other gods’ messes?

Loved the chapter but I’m not the only person who thinks attacking Fluttershy with any form of animal is just a bad strategy?

You think those 2 would talk it out with the farmers & animals b4 war, but I guess not.

How did you know that I love Greek mythology? This is a wonderful parody of Persephone and Hades.

This was funny. Especially the spoof of the Persephone myth with Radiant and Sombra :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: I am liking the whole story line and feel more and more!

LMAO Sombra is VERY amusing!:rainbowlaugh:

Well...this is one Persephone who sought out her Hades.

Hehe, ever since I watch Kevin Sorbo's Hercules this the type of Hades and Persephone that is my head cannon.

Loved this one so much.

This is a good read! Keep it up!

REALLY good peek into this universe's version of the Underworld. The scenes between Sombra and Radiant were both sweet AND funny. As was aforementioned by other reviewers, this was a great parody of the myth of Hades and Persephone.

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