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75 years ago, a man called the Reverend Wilbert Awdry published the first stories about the railways of Sodor. Little did he know, his creation would become a global phenomenon that would inspire generations of children and adults into a love of railways.

In honour of his creation, I present those classic tales, retold as never seen before. Prepare for a journey into yesteryear, with old friends...and some new ones!

Updates daily.

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Will it be the classic stop motion with the shown expressions with rolling eyes and not the 3d animation version.

This is based on a combination of the books and the classic episodes. None of that CGI rubbish here!

oh thank heaven. I stopped watching after the CGI version that murder and spit on my childhood memories.

No problem. The second Sharon Miller got her hands on the show, it went downhill fast.

Nicely done! I'm looking forward to to more!

I once tried out something like this, but I never got around to finishing past the prologue. Though my version had the engines in human form.

Well. That’s different. Hoping for more soon.

Usually, I see Fluttershy with Edward, but this was very nice, earned yourself a follow/favorite

My childhood! The CGI took all the heart and soul away from the books!

More shall arrive tomorrow, so please do track. That way, you never miss an update.

I see that I have united many old TTTE fans on this story. Nice of you to stop by, Scimitar.

Just really adorable!

Applejack is so cute, you're really got such a unique way of descriptions.

I can't wait to read more! :heart:

Of course! “Happy to be here at last.”

Thanks. Remember to track so you never miss an update.

I wonder if my style of writing is a side effect of being British.

Thanks dude. Happy I rekindled some happy memories for you.

Always been a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. Can't wait to see where this goes and which train Flash Sentry gets.

Really looking forward to seeing where this leads.

I'm assuming that the CMC will get the Skarloey Railway?

I think it started going downhill with Season 8. Look at how the Skarloey Railway was treated between seasons 9 and 12.

You may be surprised at who drives who...

True. Seasons 17-21 were pretty good, mind.

You know what, I've been around so much Thomas that I can't not give this a like. Good job.

Thanks! Please do follow; that way you never miss an update!

Oh yes the orginal Model series the show that started it all 75 years have passed and Thomas is now a major icon when it comes to trains. I still remember watching the videos on VHS and I still have them including DVDs of the series. The songs were also amazing as well and these two songs comes into mind when you mention Thomas.

When will Thomas arrive? I know James will arrive before him.

These are being adapted in book order.

So who are the other two engines mentioned in the story is it Gordon and Henry? Thomas, James, Percy, Toby, and all the other engines haven't arrived on the NWR yet. Besides who will be working with Thomas when he arrives? Twilight?

Wait and see. Chapter 2 has just uploaded.

I see you read Gold Dust and Harmony too.

Should have none Rainbow would be Gordon's driver. Now I'm thinking Rarity as James's driver and Pinkie as Percy's. Maybe Fluttershy with Henry, but I'm not sure.

I hope Twilight works with Thomas so that she can keep an eye on him. Thomas has a habit of getting in trouble, so having someone trying to keep him from getting into any balances out.

“I’VE DONE IT! I’VE DONE IT! I’VE DONE IT!” he whistled triumphantly, racing out of sight. Edward flew along behind him, desperately trying to keep up, but Gordon was soon out of sight, and raced through two stations before Edward was run into a siding at Marron. Edward hopped out and took the opportunity to fill Edward’s tender up again, as the banking run had somewhat depleted his water supply.

Edward hopped out and took the opportunity to fill Edward’s tender up again, as the banking run had somewhat depleted his water supply.

Edward hopped out and took the opportunity to fill Edward’s tender up again

Edward hopped out:applejackconfused:

Don't you mean AJ.

Yeah just in case Thomas decides to play some of his tricks.

Pairing Rainbow and Gordon was great. She really likes to push him!

Nice insight on the different personalities, too!

It's an absolute classic. Shame it went away.

You shall find out more tomorrow.

Yes indeed. They would make a good match.

Corrected. That's a leftover of two separate sentences.

Part of the fun of Awdry's work was the clash of personalities that occurred; of course, though, we usually got a laugh at the expense of the proud ones.

Or anybody else, for that matter.

My brother doesn't. Besides, it must have caused a massive amount of traffic inconvenience.

Save it for those who really deserve it, like the writers of Wonky Whistle and Mrs Brown's Boys.

Oh boy, if Henry does come out, I hope Fluttershy will forgive him.

Well, it will certainly teach him a lesson. He will certainly enjoy the rain washing off all the dirt from the tunnel, and he will likely feel very silly about be afraid of the rain.

As an American, I have a soft spot for George Carlin.

That said, for most of Series 1, including the first 5 episodes, Ringo is the only narrator for me.

With that in mind, here’s an opinion I’ve been waiting almost 20 years to share,

No, he didn’t deserve to be shut in, but how else would Sir Fat Controller (intentional) get his point across?


I do love that you made Number 3 Ombrophobic, since I always believed he just hated getting wet rather than fearing rain outright.:twilightsmile:

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