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In a world full of magic, Twilight Sparkle is a young mage who is drawn to Canterlot High just in time for the Fall Formal. There she uncovers a secret plot that could threaten her home and whole world. With the help of her new friends, will she be able to stop Sunset's plans and discover the truth behind an ancient mystery?

An alternate take on Equestria girls but without the ponies and where magic is much more common place.

Inspired by human Equestria girls stories and the "My little Mages" series.

(This is my first story so other chapters and future stories may depend on the reactions I get to this one.)

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does Twilight look like Sci Twi? I always perfer the glasses wearing Twilight she looks so dorkable.

Nah, it's pony Twi's EQG form.

I mean I like Sci-Twi's look and I also think it's very cute. I'm just choosing the non-glasses look because I prefer it and it's been around the longest.

Well HATE Flash/Twi pairings but not going to stop me from reading this story glad it;'s being continued now.

Where can I read the my Little mages series?

Oh. Well, I think theres a folder for that. But just try typing 'mage' into the search engine and see what comes up.

Remember this story is only partially inspired and slightly similar by the 'My little Mages' series. Not PART of it. Most of it was based on my own ideas of the Equestria girls being mages long before I knew of the MLM series. This is part of a series all of my own.

Hey there. Very little I can say beyond great job on this story so far. Not only was it a VERY good end battle, but the exchanges and characterizations were great throughout. I'll very definitely be looking forward to the epilogue, but will also be quite willing to be patient.

Thank You! :pinkiehappy:
I'm glad to see that people actually enjoy my work!
Expect the epilogue to come out either tonight or tomorrow.

You're very welcome.

Hey there. Superb job on this epilogue. :-D I love how well they balanced punishment with compassion in Sunset's case as well as the new Element Bearer's reactions to their new roles. I'll most assuredly be looking forward to seeing whatever else you come up with for this series. :-D

Thank you again! :twilightblush:

I look forward to hearing what you have to say! :raritywink:

Again, you're quite welcome.

And, I'll try very hard to think of some stuff to say. I'm not exactly a professional critic, of course.

"I don't know what she's so insistent on me making friends. It's High School it'll probably be no different there than here. I mean what could possibly happen?"

Murphy: Well, duty calls.

Thou should never invoke Murphy's Law.

your = possessive
you're= you are

Hmm.. naa, I thinks its more:
Murphy: "Oh boy~ this is gonna be good, I'm gonna make Uncle Discord sooo proud. Now... let the games begin!"

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