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Well I'm Garfield23 and I'm another Scottish Brony. Writing stories is one of my favourite hobbies.


This story is a sequel to Equestria Crossover Confusion

(I know the name of the story should be Hunt for Celestia but Hunt for Celestia was meant to be the overall name for all the adventures in the other worlds)

Beerus returns to Equestria and chooses his first two game pieces Twilight and Fluttershy. When they arrive at the Duellist Universe Tournament, they find they'll have to learn a new game and they're in with some of the best duellists the game ever produced. If they fail to advance, they'll lose their one chance to save the first hostage, Discord. Then disaster strikes!

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 23 )

hmm i think twilight should have a marvel vs capcom deck and fluttershy should have a pokemon deck or a digimon deck

7007603 Uhhhhhh Pokemon defiantly not for a good reason. Still Marvel deck sounds like fun.

Let Joey win, let Kiba see how tough Joey can be and to realize that he can be beaten by someone other then Yugi.

Twilight's deck = Spellcasters
Fluttershy's deck = Beast/Fairy

7011455 I can't let my favourite Yugioh character lose the first match can I? I'm keeping my own cards close to my chest on who'll win but know my favourite Yugioh character will do well in the tournament. As for the decks I want to give Twilight and Fluttershy decks like I gave Beerus, not overpowered but with characters from other franchises. Spellcasters and Beast/Fairy are too vague. still a spoiler here, one won't last long.

ohh why didnt you say so in the first place

7011509 Relax I'll look over your previous suggestions and pick out characters for cards, since I don't need to know much about the characters just what they look like and additional abilities.

I belive the first three yu-gi-oh serious hapen on the same world.. I have not watch it in awaile so I can be wrong caouse Joey or Joeys cousin apaers on one of them.

7012298 Your tetchily right...but if I was following that logic...I'd have to include Zexal and Arc V characters because I got a Yugioh fan friend of mine, who is vastly more knowledgeable on the subject than I am to explain the timestream of Yugioh to me and it hurt my head. I'll try to sum it up but it'll take a while. Yugioh and Yugioh Gx are a straight line in terms of story, 5ds was suppose to be too but when Zexal was created it was suppose to be back at GX the time stream broke off into two separate lines of time...I barely understood it and Arc V is suppose to be able to jump around time lines, which is why they have Jack, Crow and Alexis running around according to my friend who still watches Yu-gi-oh but I on the other hand decided to stop when I got a look at Zexal and just kept playing the card game. So that's why we don't have any duellist of Zexal or Arc V because it would take longer for me to familiarise myself with the way their decks work and I'm at the moment trying to write the story and listen to Fallout Equestria Project Horizons! So I haven't got the time and cannot be arsed watching two different spinoffs! Sorry if this last part sounds rude but I'm tired and trying to get the first little bit of Chapter 4 started so I'm a bit tired.

Have Yugi win, we cant have Twilight kicked out just yet, her and Fluttershy have a way unfair disadvantage. P.S. would you really thrust the fate of equestria into Fluttershy's hooves? no offense Shy.

7152588 Well I believe Fluttershy does have the capacity, besides the show seems to be changing from season 4's finale more and more. The other thing is Twilight has had a lot of moments of glory and Fluttershy has grown to a position where she can be very able. As for Twilight being knocked out, wait and see.

the part were Stag Hair (I forget what he's called) have to use his people and monsters and that Whis is using a deck of MLP characters that you just dont want to harm. Thats what i mean

Oh for petes sake Twilight, Snap out of it this is not you

7206873 Sorry, She'll snap out of it soon, promise but for now, I do have a plan to restore her confidence and it involves Yugi. By the way I hope the pictures were okay?

Will Freeza appear in this story?

7255859 I hadn't planned for him to be included but I'm not saying no. At some point Beerus will duel again so I wouldn't rule it out.

WOW... just wow. i did not see that plot twist coming :pinkiegasp:
you have roped me back in

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