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Crossover with Gatchaman II. As Gel Sadra is dying, her mother appears to her and tells her that part of Sosai X has escaped to another world, and she agrees to seek her redemption by going to that world to help that world's champions defeat the creature who destroyed her life and made her a monster.

Meanwhile, Discord is monitoring Equestria for a dimensional incursion...

(Just to be absolutely clear, this is not Displaced. The human crossover character is herself, not someone who was cosplaying as her and got turned into her.)

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You've piqued my curiosity, but I have to know before jumping in: how much prior knowledge of Gatchaman II (or Gatchaman in general) would be necessary to enjoy this story?

You have no idea the depth of my pettiness about this show. I continue to despise Popeye and the Howdy Doody Show because 40 years ago, my local TV station took Battle of the Planets off the air on two different occasions to show those instead, and I've only warmed up to Voltron (which they did the same thing with) since the new series came out. I can absolutely hate a show I've never seen for the extremely petty reason that it clogs the tags for the show I prefer and makes it harder to find fanfic. :-)

Oh hey, I'm actually vaguely familiar with Gatchaman... though mostly through one of those terrible dubs. :twilightsheepish:

Think about it. I'm a dragon-pony; wouldn't going through that portal turn me into a werewolf?

... On a completely unrelated note, I just got a very interesting idea for Arlinn Kord in Equestria.

did they have spas? Of course they had to have spas, what kind of a civilization wouldn't have spas?

Lovely inclusion, just in case it wasn't clear this bit is from Rarity's point of view.

We really do all need to take a trip to Sunset's world one of these days,

I second this motion. Also the converse. (You know, without having to sink a cruise ship beforehand.)

"Replaces Season 8" would've garnered my interest if you hadn't already had it. I like the Student Six, but the School itself was... let's be nice and say "misguided."

She ascended, oh, I think maybe four years ago? Five? It's so hard to keep track.

Glad to know we're not the only ones having trouble there.

"Yeah, but Tempest Shadow is objectively a much more awesome name than Fizzlepop Berrytwist," Rainbow Dash said.

She and Pinkie very nearly got back into an argument that had raged off and on since the Friendship Festival at that.

No, I just read a lot of comic books.

Spike, there is a time and a place for genre savviness, and it is not during a woman choking out her horrifically traumatic life story through her tears.

When I investigated the other incursion point there was nothing there. If only part of him entered our world, it's a small enough part that it didn't disturb anything.

That is the literal opposite of reassuring.

"Oh, I've had my own interactions with her," Discord said.

I have several questions.

'm pen pals with the evilest centaur who ever lived, so bad they locked him in Tartarus.

I have further questions. I know that's canon, but I still have them.

And those are quite the stakes to establish. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this one.

It's definitely a completely different series with some legacy names and beats, but I suspect that's mostly the "Do whatever to build up hype for the movie" origins.

Just the fact this is *not* a Displaced story has put this in my radar, I'll be checking it out when time permits.

Discord seemed uncharacteristically panicked. That was strange. He'd been somewhat weird since the whole thing with the Storm King, which he had never explained why he hadn't been present for despite the fact that he'd been promising for weeks that he would attend the Festival of Friendship and had sounded quite enthusiastic about it... but Discord was always weird in one way or another.

I am curious to know where Discord was during the events of the movie. It’s a question that I’m sure all of us Discord fans have had in terms of an “in universe” reason rather than the production perspective of “he can snap away the problem.” It’s especially curious since they did include his silhouette in the end credits enjoying the party after the entire crisis happened. Given his relationship to Fluttershy and how he reacts when she is in danger, willing to dive head first into danger to save her when the chips are down, it is odd for him to only be present for the peace time party.
Will this question be answered later in the story?

I'm curious as well. I always figured Discord was trying to avoid the concentrated harmony of the Friendship Festival and was on some kind of extended tour of other dimensions, and was thus incommunicado for the entire movie. But in this story he was planning on attending the festival. Definitely begs the question of what the heck happened.

Yes. I have a headcanon for this. Two, actually, but I haven't yet decided which to use.

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