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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Discord has everything he needs in life—a pocket dimension separated from reality, where he’s free to cause all the chaos he wants with nobody around to bother him! Could anything be more perfect?

But when a local lord forces several magical creatures out of the way and into his dimension, his ideal life is ruined. In the process of fixing it, he encounters a pegasus princess, who might be more than meets the eyes…

Fluttercord Shrek AU

This is a collaborative story with taterforlife, TheFVGuy, and Nashie_Floof_Butt. This AU was inspired by the amazing artist merbunny!

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I almost fainted of happiness when I saw this in my Feed, ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!!! :rainbowkiss:

(I’ll comment my thoughts after I finish reading the first chapters!! So excited! :pinkiehappy:)

One of the others gulped. “Yeah…” he said nervously. “It’s said that he turns your insides out…”

A.M. Shark reference? A.M. Shark reference.


So this first chapter was a delight to read! And everybody’s writing styles flow so well together! So good!

You know, before I thought reading that Cheese Sandwich would be Donkey, and Pinkie Pie as Dragon. But, it doesn't matter, this was a good chapter to read! I chuckled a few times.

Idk if anyone remembers way back when, when Disneyfanatic made a bunch of Shrek the Musical PMVs... but I've been waiting for a Fluttercord Shrek AU for forever :rainbowlaugh:

In all seriousness, I'm so very excited for this and thoroughly enjoyed the first chapter!

“The first option I found was Princess Cadance,” Twilight said, though she didn’t appear. “Hailing from the Land of Sweets, far in the frozen north, she’s currently under a curse that only the rare Crackatook Nut will be able to cure.”

Nutcracker and the Chaos King, I see we are full of references.

Gah, I'm too excited for this, and I'm really enjoying how you've set up the story so far. Like, it's obvously a shrek AU but theres so much room for it to be it's own entity as opposed to a copy of the movie but with ponies. It goes without saying I'll be keeping an eye on this.

I would love to see more chapters :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy: :yay:

This is perfect!! I want more!!!!

I was hoping for a Cheese dragon! And a Cheese dragon we got! Now.... for the Fluttercord~

Judging by how Fluttershy's knows what a Draconequus is, and in general her reaction to him, makes me wonder if her curse is to be a Draconequus as well? I was originally thinking Flutterbat would be her thing, but am certainly not opposed to a Fluttershy as a Draconequus if that's what ends up happening. Guess we’ll just see when we get there, won't we?

I'm loving this new story! I can totally see Discord as Shrek and Pinkie as Donkey, I can't wait to see some Fluttercord and the Cheese Sandwich dragon was clever a while ago I thought he was going to change from a dragon to a pony when Pinkie complimented him. I hope you write number 2 next after this I'd love to see Discord square off with the Fairy godmother or Fairy Godmare if we're mixing it up

A small, young-looking pink pegasus was inside, standing at a table with her back to him. “Golly,” she said to whoever else was there. “It’d be a shame if anymore of these lovely cupcakes would have to be destroyed for no reason…” She placed a cupcake with sapphires in the frosting on the table, holding a hammer above it.

Cue the excited screaming.

“It would probably work…” Twilight mumbled quietly. “And the Ancient Unicornlands are nothing to sneeze at…” She was ignored.

I felt a sneeze coming on as I read that-


Anyway, I’m finally getting around to reading this! The characterization is perfection, and Capper and Cozy Glow were definitely the highlights of this chapter. :raritywink:

Cya later. :twilightsmile:

Plain and dull, with only a box for bits and a few pamphlets that probably went on and on about how lovely and perfect and delightfully boring the kingdom was. “Except, oh yes... you can crawl under these .”

Sneaky sneak. :duck:

“I don’t need a lesson in political theory, thanks,” he said dryly.

I found this funny, and I don’t know why. :ajsmug:

“First of all,” Discord said. “It’s pronounced drah-kahn-eh-kwiss’. If you’re going to attempt to kill me to make me the most fabulous mount on your kill wall, then at least say it right. Second, come now! Can’t we just settle down, and talk this over with a pint of delicious cider?” he said, backing up and picking up a wooden mug, turning on the tap with the cider.

First part is a mood; second part gives me Frozone’s “I’m just getting a drink of water” vibes, even though this quote was from Shrek originally. ..Is the way I’m trying to word this confusing or no?

Discord had to admit, even he was impressed when the mare took out a huge cannon out of nowhere. (And slightly unsettled.)

Ohhh no. This’ll be fun. :trollestia:

“‘I dunno!” was all she said before she sent another boom of confetti in another direction.

Pinkie is now my confirmed spirit animal.

“But if this is a party, let’s at least make it a five-star smoozefest! Let’s roll out the red carpet, shall we?!?”


Sorry. I’m weird.

Discord, his chest puffing in pride, took a bow. “Thank you, thank you! Hmm, perhaps this crowd isn’t as boring as they usually are! ¡Muchas Gracias! Please, yes, don't stop the praise! I’ll be here ‘till Thursday, try the haydogs!” He laughed.

I’m genuinely happy and I yet again have no idea why. :rainbowkiss:

“Congratulations, dracon-kiss,” Tirek said.

Also, loving this gag.

He frowned in thought, stroking his beard as he weighed his options. “Alright, I’ll bite,” he said. “Exactly what kind of quest do you want me to go on?”

To be continued.. at least until I read the next chapter.

..can I adopt the dragonfly that sounds like a kazoo? XD

(Really, really fun chapter, btw!)

“Maybe you should be careful to not judge ponies before you know them,” she said.

Do you know how long I've been waiting for her to say that? Cause yeah, he goes on and on about how ponies judge him before getting to know him, and yet he does the same to them, mabye even without thinking. So, good job Fluttershy!

Now obviously the magic comes from the curse, and she wants to break the curse. But I wonder what happened that made her fear it so much? Is it the simple fact that she was sent away for it? Or did something more happen that ended with someone getting hurt?

Either way, the chapter was adorable and I can't wait for more Fluttercord bonding time :pinkiehappy:

What a great chapter!!

Again, a great chapter!! Looking forward to the next one!!

THis is perfect!!! I mean, PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there. I know this is the first (and only) time I have reviewed this story, but I was just waiting until the story was done before I said anything because there wasn't much I could think of to say that other reviewers haven't already said better. As a big Shrek fan, I have to greatly respect the effort that went into giving all these characters a good mix of their own canon personalities and those of the characters they portrayed. Also, the action, exchanges and general wrap-up were rather well done too. I admit, I'm surprised you went with a dragon version of Cheese as Dragon instead of using an older Spike, but that's a good kind of surprise. Besides, if you cast Spike as Dragon, you would have probably had to cast Gabby as Donkey instead of Pinkie. But I digress. Anyway, in addition to the story in general, I particularly enjoyed the final chapter where Discord showed a couple bits of Genre Savvy (i.e. reminding Tirek about letting his power make him overconfident and stopping Cozy from sneaking off). Plus, the "magically mute" part of the curse was a logical way to prevent Cheese from revealing too much too soon. And Pinkie's end party is not only in character for her, but also a logical way to include a passing reference to the "Dance Party in the Swamp" after the end of the actual movie.

Of course, if you DO decide to do a sequel (based of Shrek 2), I have to wonder who you are going to cast as Puss in Boots (Chrysalis would almost certainly be in the role of the Fairy Godmother though). But that's for another time anyway.

This was the BEST MLP portrayal of Shrek story ever! The casting was great! And the way you made the story it's own thing was very creative. If you ever think to make a sequel, I'll be on lookout.


Not gonna lie, I have a feeling Rainbow Dash will be Puss in Boots. But I could be wrong.

Beautiful! I don't know what else to say! Its a beautiful ending to a beautiful story and I enjoyed every moment. It's so sweet when he calls her beautiful :heart:

Anyways, thank you and all your lovely coauthors for this awesome story!

It’s just one pony , he told himself. How hard can it be? He smiled, already feeling a little bit better.

You idiot.

Starting when Discord woke Fluttershy up, I felt my heart breaking bit by bit as I kept reading. Poor Fluttershy! She deserves so much better than this! This was supposed to be the best moment of her life, and she'd been waiting for years, and then—! :fluttercry:

Loving the story, but dear Celestia! That chapter was rough!

Please tell me there will be a sequel with Fluttershy being pregnant

Finally, I can comment on this fic. And I just wanna say....yes! Such a wonderful story. I like how it is based on Shrek, which is a story I think is perfect for Fluttercord. I loved the design for draconequss Fluttershy and I think it is perfect for her.

Overall, I love this fic. Here's a bunch of Fluttershys and hears. :heart: :yay: :heart: :yay:

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