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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Fluttershy finds a strange stuffed toy, one that looks like it's made of all sorts of animal parts, abandoned in the road. She decides to take it home and fix it...but soon, it begins talking, telling her its strange story.

She finds herself agreeing to help lift the curse on it...though she's not sure what that will entail.

Day Five of #FluttercordWeek

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Don’t we all want a Discord plush? It just sounds amazingly ridiculous to have a mismatched doll with John DeLancie’s voice- ahem.

Anyway, amazing work as always! This might be my favorite of your Fluttercord Week entries this year!

Have a nice day, and thanks for giving my a great thing to read while having some insomnia. :twilightsmile:

This is Amazing but you end it up in a cliffhanger a VERY big cliffhanger. I just need to know what happens next.

But that's up to you. This was a beautiful fanfic and is officially one of my favorites 😄😄

Did it have to end at a cliffhanger?! This was so good! I just love your stories

I wish I had another chapter hahaha, I hope you continue it some day

This was really good! It leaves the reader a chance to expand their own imagination of what comes next as well as making them long for more from the original author. I'd personally love to see more from you but if not, I'll just use my imagination to see what comes next. I love all your stories I've read so far. I tip my hat off to you.

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