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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Fluttershy is just one colonist out of many, specializing in animal care...she hadn't expected to befriend an alien Imposter. Or that befriending him would come with uncomfortable truths and changes.

A crossover with Among Us.

Day Seven of #FluttercordWeek

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Y'know, it was going to happen eventually... Dont even know why I was surprised to see it.

But seriously, I enjoyed this, despite not being the biggest fan of the game. I mean I'll play if I have friends to play with but theres too many angry players on public servers. (highlighted perfectly in every one of the discussions)

Overall, I love this, it's fun, its clever, a little heart breaking, but it just works, you know.

..I think this might surpass “Girls and Dolls” as my top favorite from Fluttercord Week 2021.

Like.. wow.

This was amazing!

Plus, I bet this would make for a great crossover AU if you ever want to expand on this concept!

“Are you sure that…none of them will get hurt?” she asked. She placed her hoof near a pure white bunny with a grumpy expression, who nuzzled against her.

Angel Bunny is an alien confirmed. :moustache:

He snorted. “I swear...that Gemstone friend of yours irked me, what with her generosity schtick. Like you ponies aren’t the greediest creatures in this galaxy.”


My AU Rarity (who’s coincidentally named Gemstone): “Aye! Am I a joke to ye?!”

This was so heart warming....I think i got diabetes from this story.

Cute, fun. Very mixed feelings about throwing Fluttershy out an airlock. "But she survived" doesn't quite justify it.

This is no longer literature, this is art.
This is amazing beyond description and unique beyond belief, I have no words for it.

I really would like to give some constructive feedback, but honestly, I have no idea what you could possibly improve this. The story has a good amount of emotion, the characters are believable, fair share of jokes and it’s overall well set up in terms of story itself. Even the ending was at the right place open, but with a hopeful future.

I could see this being turned into a movie. 👍x♾

PS: Are you planning an epilogue or sequel? This story has an amazing amount of potential and I would love to see more…

This story gave me many vibes of the avatar movie (combined with among us of course). But I must say that the narration is up to a professional writing, because I basically felt I was reading a book all the time. And even though I have never liked the open ends, you certainly asserted in putting one of this kind to this story, as I feel that this gave it a more realistic and professional touch, and finished this story perfectly. You have all my respects and congratulations for creating something so wonderful, that honestly, I didn't believe it would work at all until I read it.:yay:
P.D. Seriously, how did you make a crossover with among us and fluttercord work?:derpyderp2: I can only say wow.:heart:

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