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Fluttershy and Discord are married, and are happily raising their baby. This week, Fluttershy and Discord do all kinds of things, both fun and necessary around the house. Theirs is a home full of love and laughter, with cozy moments and affection, play and satisfying work.

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I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your parents. I think this was a beautiful story to dedicate to them, made even more beautiful knowing these moments come from your childhood memories. I think you managed to convey the warm, comforting feeling of home and family perfectly.

Levity is a very pretty name, and I love the design of her that you described here. It's wonderful seeing Discord and Fluttershy act as parents, and they both felt perfectly in character—they both love their daughter and each other very much, even if Discord sometimes focuses more on chaos and fun and Fluttershy on home and help. But they both care for each other and work well together.

As for Fluttershy's behavior...based on the title, I had my suspicions by the second day. I wasn't sure whether her nesting was due to the current child or a future one she was pregnant with, but it was brilliantly foreshadowed without being too obvious.

Overall, this story was a delight to read, and made me feel warm and fuzzy all the way through. :heart:

Thank you for your condolences. And I'm so glad you liked the story! As the master of Fluttercord fluff, your approval means a lot :twilightsmile:

*picks up phone and calls up Pinkie Pie. “Um, hello. Yes, this is Lightning here.. Yeah, I need your help with a baby shower Pinkie. NO! Not mine! No way! Fluttershy’s! Yeah! Great news right! TTYL!”

And, this story is awesome btw! Hope to see a sequel, or more chapters! <3

:rainbowlaugh: I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

No problem! And I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your parents. I hope to see Levity as a 12 year old or something with an annoying younger brother/ sister too. That would be funny.

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