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This story is a sequel to A Chance

Sunset and Fluttershy have been a happy couple for the last six months. Both of them are extremely happy...

But then... Why did she do that?

Someone asked me if he could use this story as a prequel and I said "That means more Sunshyne in my life, go ahead!"

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 72 )

Ooh, very interesting so far. Looking forward to what happens next.

Shipping! I love shipping!

thnx satan now im gay and dead

Long comment is long, but here's how I'd think each girl would react:

Rainbow's first impulse would probably be to track down Sunset and beat an answer out of her if necessary. On top of representing loyalty she'd be extra protective of Fluttershy (then again I head canon them as having a sisterly relationship so that's probably why I think that). Plus she's not the best at emotional support.
Applejack would be all for tracking down Sunset, but she'd just want to talk, and before any of that she would acknowledge that comforting Fluttershy comes first. She's also very rational even under pressure, so she'd realize there's no way they could catch Sunset, even if they noticed what bus she got on and knew the route, they wouldn't know where she'd get off.
Pinkie Pie would want to smooth things over. Something a lot of people (sometimes even the show's writers) don't always get right is that Pinkie's not just a goofball, she has a compelling urge to make everyone happy. When she can't make her friends happy though she doesn't always handle it well, so she might wind up being off to the side with Rainbow not knowing what to do.
Rarity would be all about support. When she did talk to Sunset I feel she might be the most open to just hearing what Sunset's side of the story. Of course she'd bu upset, but she'd be better suited at putting her emotions aside and getting to the matter at hand.
And of course Fluttershy's just a puddle of sad :fluttercry: Once she's collected herself a bit I think she wouldn't want anyone (namely Rainbow) to do anything rash about Sunset.

While comforting Fluttershy would come first, once it was time to talk to Sunset I could see the situation unfolding a number of ways. Everyone confronts Sunset separately, RD and AJ set out to interrogate her (which might just be what I most want to see but I'm by no means saying it's definitely what you should do), everyone except Fluttershy talks to her at once, Fluttershy asks them not to talk to her until she has a chance (which I think is probably most likely)

I am taking a liking to the story

"Oh Sunset you better have a good explanation."
*Lodes Sniper rifle and get's ready to fire*
"Or you might get a relay strong headache in just a moment."

Good story so far looking forward to the rest.


*grabs katana*

Let's go.

Is it human Sunset Shimmer because she should have an alternate dimension counterpart.

I am 90% sure that is human Sunset they just saw, but, guess we shall see.

When will the next chapter come out its hard to wait:fluttercry:

6223734 I can't give you a date right now, but it won't take longer than a week, I'm working on it.

6223932 cool I guess I can wait a week:pinkiehappy:

Something tells me we now know where the human Sunset is now.

Soooo, this helps confirm my thought it was human Sunset they saw even more, not pony one.

I love that Rainbow-Sunset fight, great job on the escalation :scootangel:

6228030 Originally I had planned for Applejack to be the one to hit Sunset, but I couldn't find a way to make it work naturally, so i just gave up that idea.

I like it this way. Applejack's more level headed, I think. It's also amusing seeing a good cop-bad cop situation where the good cop also wants to deck the suspect :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, dear... I understand what the implications are, and I can only hope the girls will, too :applejackunsure:

This was great can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

This is interesting.

oh i see how it is. they ran into her double from this world didnt they.

Damn it, I missed one :facehoof:

looking for this world Sunset Shimmer


I hope Fluttershy finally realized that was Sunset's double she saw earlier!

Rainbow better apologize to Sunset for punching her. :ajbemused:

Yay, they made up! :pinkiehappy:

That Fluttershy plushie is cute! :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed this. It was fun.
I agree that that plushie is indeed cute.
I personally wouldn't mind either way. My curiosity on the other hand...

I'm a bit of an oddball when it comes to fictional sex. I'm actually very fond of it as a story telling device (sex is an important part of most relationships) and I tend to like the build up for it, then I get bored when the actual sex starts happening :applejackunsure: I guess erotica just isn't really my thing.

Anyway, if you write a mature story I'm sure I'll still read it, since I've nothing against them, but I probably wouldn't be a great judge of content. And I say if that's what you want to write go for it :yay:

Aw this was so sweet.

Bring on the saxophone money.

Bring it.

This was lovely. Yes, to the final question, too :twilightsmile:

Oh finally, got the confusion cleared up. Now, i look forward to the, hopeful, meeting of the Sunsets.

Yes, Mature chapter(s) a good idea

Would someone like to read a Mature chapter of Sunshyne??

Has the Shimmer been doubled? You know she totally thought Shy was cute, even though she had a BF.

I need more Sunshyne in my life

You made a excellent Sunshyne story :yay: I wish there were more Sunshyne :3

But I would like to see a mature chapter if you ever get a chance?

Is the human Sunset looks like this: [ link ] or like this: [ link ] ? c:

6582405 I guess she looks like the one in the second link.

Can you make a sequel to this? Rainbow punches sunset really hard in the stomach and sunset throws up blood and then finds out what actually happened?

I guess I could write a bonus chapter, but not at the moment. I'm busy with college.
A punch hard enough that would make Sunset cough blood would be a little too much. Maybe another punch to the face would be better, add a broken nose?

6982159 that sounds wonderfull!! Oh, and I hope you do the b:heart:est in your studies!:twilightsmile::ajsmug::pinkiesmile::heart::heart:

Weeee waaant
Weeee waaant
I'm ok with Mature or whatever you want but I need to read more.
And please I want to see an angry Fluttershy :flutterrage: upon a guilty Rainbow :rainbowderp:.
Or at least Rainbow Dash apologizing.

there should be a part of the rest of the humane 5 apologizing to sunset and both sunset groups (sunset and the humane 5 & other sunset and her boyfriend) encounter each other.

“We… we should take Fluttershy to her home.” Pinkie Pie said in an unusually quiet voice, her hair slightly deflated. She knelt down and with Rarity’s assistance, helped Fluttershy stand up.

Never a good sign

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