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Hello I'm Senpai, I'm a fluttercord shipper and I do drawing and short stories. If you would like you can join our server to find out more about small project I work on with friends.


This story follow our shy Pegasus Fluttershy moving into a new town only to shortly find out that she's falling for Discord the trouble maker but is he as bad as he seem she doesn't think so. Will He show her his true self or would he keep to himself and allow her to be close to him or keep her away for the well being of her life due to the deep secret that Ponyville truly hides. P.S. this story will have violence.

The chain of events that will occur in this story may lead to the demise our character. A forbidden love that no one would accept or understand so what options do they have, Will they hide their true intentions for one another for the safety of one a other or face the consequences of loving one another.

This ideas is base on 1800's-1900's trope and movies such as Grease, Roadhouse and typical bad boy.

This is a collaboration story with geekcat.

Cover art by best friend Eveeka

If you like you can follow Eveeka for more art in the link below.
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If you like what you are reading and are a fan of fluttercord and have ideas why not join our discord server we always welcome new member. :yay:

Anyways I hope you all enjoy the story.

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Comment posted by Annie_TC deleted Feb 12th, 2021

Thank you so much for the feed back and we are both working on chapter two it a bit longer but it will be posted soon. :yay:

Of course and I can't wait for read it ☺☺☺

I'm so sorry, I accidentally delete my comment 😞😓

But I'll repeat what I said about this fanfic, so that way more people want to read it, and is that is happens to have a pretty good start and I'm sure that with time is going to be one of the best fluttercord masterpiece and that I'm so excited because you're working with Geekcat and that I can't wait for the next chapter to be posted. Also I think that you made a great balance between cute and dark when it comes to ponyville and I hope that remains like that for future chapters.

Again sorry 😓

Hey it okay it happen from time to time I'm still glad to have received it.:twilightblush:

Both mare headed inside and over to the counter of the restaurant, the interior felt warm and inviting as on the walls there was picture of famous pony folk like ‘Elvis Prosley’, ‘Marilyn Mareroe’, ‘Mustang Jackson’ and so many more that fluttershy wasn’t aware off it was quite lovely that the place was decorated as such. They pass by wine red tables full of pony eating hay burgers and drinking pop.

Ok those pony puns are everything to me.

I have to say that I really Love this 😍😍. I notice that little fluttercord tension in the air and it was awesome.

I like how you put a little of fluttershy's and discord's past in there and the fact that he smoke candy cane and expulse cotton candy clouds is simply genius!!!.

I understand that you need time to complete chapter and don't worry we can wait. But seriously I can't help but get super excited for see what is going to happen next. You and geekcat sure did another great jod this time and I can't wait for see more of it. 😄😄😄

I'm glad you like the puns that was my part of the story that I wrote and it was geekcat idea to make him blow out cotton candy and we are both thankful you enjoy the storie I will keep updating as soon as we can. :twilightsmile:

YAY Can't wait and I knew that you both were going to make a great story with yours ideas. You know what they say two head think better than one.


*deep breathes *

Sorry but this truly have me excited, the fluttercord moments were pure and beautiful and the horse pun were really funny 😂. Another Great chapter of this great fanfic. I hope that in the next discord won't break fluttershy's poor heart by ignoring her.

Also I'm glad that you're okay and I truly hope that we can see what happens next sooner, but it's ok if you're busy we understand ☺👍.


“Oh yes they have everything…..Okay maybe not a pony you can rent for a day, because that would be crazy. Did you know that's actually a thing, you can hire a pony to cuddle it sooo crazy but Yeah they have everything on the list” Pinkie said as she giggled a bit.

I get the reference.

Pd: congratulations for the longest chapter yet, you two made an outstanding job 💖💗☺👏👏

Omg I love seeing your comment It really does make me want to continue writing and I will get back to it as soon as I can thank you again so much.

Awww. You made me blush☺☺.

Thank you and I mean every word. You're AMAZING 😄😄

Comment posted by Annie_TC deleted Dec 25th, 2021

I've been reading all 3 chapters and wanted to leave a comment here, the discord personality may not be as distinctly playful as everyone knows, but he remains sarcastic as ever, his personality in this story may be different but it doesn't bother, I like how the story sounds and the idea of ​​ponies wearing clothes xD It's quite interesting, hope to see some other acquaintances throughout history too, keep up the great work and don't push yourself to the limit.

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