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Fluttershy and Discord are college students preparing for another chapter in their lives, and they may as well face it together. Discord wants to marry this girl, the girl of his dreams, theres only one problem, he's allergic to the animals she loves so dearly...

Inspired by the musical The Theory of Relativity!
Written for Day Five of Fluttercord Week 2021!

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i can already picture the anime opening.

Wait. Nothing was resolved allergy conflict wise.

It wasnt supposed to be. Whatever happens next is up to the imagination :raritywink:

This was a nice story! It was sweet, and several parts of it made me smile and laugh. The two of them enjoying crepes and chocolate milk, having a quiet night out dancing and walking in a beautiful garden--they're sweet scenes, and it's easy to see the two of them doing it. The proposal scene was one of my favorites, especially this bit right before it:


"Yes, Discord?"

He blinked and sighed "Oh good,"


"You said yes, right?"

"I mean, yes, but you didn't say anything… other than my name,"

"Shoot," he grimaced stuffing his hands into his pockets, "Sorry about that,"

:rainbowlaugh: I love that part!

Though I've never seen the musical you based this on, I'd like to imagine that Fluttershy eventually figures out about his allergies (I mean, they will be living together), and takes steps to make sure their home is safe for him, though not giving up all her animals. Like, confining all the animals to one room, deep-cleaning the whole house, limiting how many animals she ends up bringing home, and so on.

Aww, this is very very adorable. Discord and Fluttershy were extremely adorable together! :heart:

I loved this story so much! This is going into my favourites!

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