Uncertain Love

by Nashie_Floof_Butt

Friend or Foe?

It had been two days since Fluttershy had been saved by the strange draconequus. She hadn’t seen any sign of him since, though she kept an eye out whenever she was out with her friends...though thankfully, she didn’t see any sign of those muggers from that night, either.

Though to be fair...she had stayed huddled in her house for most of the past two days, with only a few brief visits to town with her new friends. She still felt wary, even as part of a group, and in broad daylight...though the others’ confidence and relaxed nature in the town made her feel better.

After another brief tour of town, led by Rainbow (and without alleyway shortcuts, at Fluttershy’s request), the sun was high in the sky, and both pegasi’s stomachs were growling.

“Oh, man,” Rainbow said. “Normally I’d treat you to Sugarcube Corner, and we could see Pinkie, but you have got to try one of my favorite restaurants in town!” She raced forward, and Fluttershy panted as she tried to keep up.

“Hayburger Shack!” Rainbow said proudly, screeching to a halt in front of a small fast food restaurant.

Both mare headed inside and over to the counter of the restaurant, the interior felt warm and inviting as on the walls there was picture of famous pony folk like ‘Elvis Prosley’, ‘Marilyn Mareroe’, ‘Mustang Jackson’ and so many more that fluttershy wasn’t aware off it was quite lovely that the place was decorated as such. They pass by wine red tables full of  pony eating hay burgers and drinking pop.

As they both made it to the counter they were greeted by a griffon, her fur and feather were a coat of purple mix with white highlights. This was the first time fluttershy had seen a griffon in person.

“Hello I’m Selene, how can I help you today” She said looking at the mare and giving them a smile.

“I'll have the hay burger combo and I like fizzy pop for a drink” Dash say

“Okay and what will you like?” Selene said as fluttershy looked at the menu.

“I will have the same with large fries, and um vanilla milkshake please” Fluttershy said

“Alright coming right up” she said. She turned around and  yelled for a pony that was cooking “Hey Yamal, two hay burger meals now!” 

“ Yeah yeah” The pony in the back said

“It will be ten bit” She said as Dash paid for the food they ordered.

“ Oh here Dash” Fluttershy said, trying to give Dash money.

“ Hey don’t worry about this one on me you can do the next one” Dash says as they soon get their food and decide to sit next to the window to eat their meals.

The bell that was on top of the entrance door rang as someone entered; all the pony in the restaurant looked over at the creature that entered. Fluttershy didn’t look up, nibbling on her hayburger, though Rainbow did...her face morphing into a grimace.

“Oh, great,” Rainbow said with a growl. “It’s him.” She was glaring at somepony at was at the counter.

Curiously, Fluttershy turned and looked...and her heart leapt when she saw the strange draconequus. He wore the same jacket, his thick black mane was still slicked back...and he was still wearing the bandages. He was currently leaning over the counter and ordering something, though the cashier didn’t look pleased that he was there.

“I can’t believe he comes here,” Rainbow says. “One more place I like that I gotta think twice before coming to…” She grumbled and took a large bite out of her hayburger. The stranger finished ordering and leaned his back against the wall, pulling a candy cane out of his pocket.

Fluttershy froze. She had considered approaching him, but with the way Rainbow reacted… “Who is he?” she asked.

“That’s Discord,” Rainbow said in a hushed voice. “Whatever you do—don’t go near him. Ever.”

The stranger—Discord—was still leaned casually against the wall, taking a drag on his candy cane and blowing out a puff of pink cotton candy. “Why not?” Fluttershy asked.

“He’s dangerous,” Rainbow growled. “Do you know what he’s done?” Fluttershy innocently shook her head, making Rainbow pause. “He...well, he’s hurt a lot of ponies!”

“...bad ponies?” Fluttershy said quietly, remembering the muggers.

Any ponies,” Rainbow growled. “Any ponies who mess with him, or look at him funny, or who are just...standing near him when he’s having a bad day!” She looked at Fluttershy, who was now shivering at this new information. “Hey, just...stay away from him and you’ll be fine,” she said. “And if he tries to go after you, I’ll teach him a lesson!”

Fluttershy gulped, staring at Discord. He didn’t seem to be paying attention to them, instead taking long, slow drags of his candy cane. He glanced at the counter, tapping his foot impatiently.

A group of stallions at another table was snickering, all of them nudging each other and whispering, pointing at Discord. Rainbow rolled her eyes, casting one last glare at Discord before digging into her hayburger.

“Hey, Discord!” somepony—one of the stallions— shouted. “Where’d you get that bandage? Your mommy?” He and his group of friends laughed loudly, pointing at Discord.

Discord abruptly stood up and marched towards them, biting down on the candy cane and breaking it. The ponies stopped laughing, and all but the one who had spoken up fled the area. “What was that?” Discord said in a low growl, placing a paw on the pony’s shoulder.

“Um...just complimenting your bandage!” he said, dripping with sweat.

“Funny,” Discord said. “It sounded like an insult to me.” And before Fluttershy knew it, the pony was laying on the floor several feet away, clutching his gut and coughing up rainbow yarn. His chair and table were overturned, all of the group’s items strewn on the floor.

“Hey!” the security guard yelled. “That’s it, Discord! You’re under arrest this time!” Discord just rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, disappearing in a flash of light. Out of the corner of her eye, Fluttershy saw a few burgers and fries disappear with a flash of light.

“That’s why you don’t go near him,” Rainbow said. “Just look at that poor guy.” She pointed to the stallion, who was still moaning on the floor, a bruise forming on his gut, strands of yarn still stuck to his lips.

“Well…” Fluttershy said, “It wasn’t very nice to them to insult him...when he’s injured…”

Rainbow scoffed. “Don’t pity him,” she said. “He picks fights all the time, so he’s always got some injury or another. And if anyone messes with him...well, that’s one of the minor things that can happen.” She pointed again to the stallion.

Fluttershy swallowed. “Have...have you ever fought him?” she asked.

“Nah,” Rainbow said. “But I think he got into a scuffle with Applejack’s brother one time. Something about him loitering around the farm and helping himself to some cider.” She frowned. “They were pretty evenly matched...which is saying something. Have you seen Big Mac?”

Fluttershy shook her head. “Oh, yeah,” Rainbow said, rubbing the back of her head. “Well, he’s built like a house. And that skinny noodle still gave him the fight of his life!”

Fluttershy looked over at the where the draconequus had been standing, still wondering why he would be the way he is and why no one wanted anything to do with him. She knew deep down she knew that he couldn’t be as bad as everyone makes him out to be.
She was determined to get to know him better to get close to him and maybe be his friend.

“Uh...Shy?” Rainbow said, jolting her out of her thoughts. Fluttershy panicked for a moment, wondering if her thoughts were clear on her face. “Are you going to eat those fries?”

Fluttershy blinked, looking between her friend and her food. “Take them,” she said, pushing the fries closer to Rainbow who was almost done with her food already.

Rainbow thanked her and dug into the meal, while Fluttershy nibbled on her own hayburger. She couldn’t get her mind off of Discord, and of her new goal—to befriend him and find out more about him.

She and Rainbow had parted ways after lunch—Rainbow to work on the weather, Fluttershy to set up more things in her house.

Fluttershy stayed busy the next few days—from settling in with her dad and brother, to meeting and befriending as many animal creatures as she could. She didn’t have time to go out and look for Discord.

But finally, everything in their new house was just right. Her dad went out to meet with Rainbow’s dad, while her brother headed off to a ‘study session’. She wandered in their yard for a while, feeling a bit bored without any work to do.

One of her bird friends told her about a nice park nearby...though they mentioned that a strange creature sometimes hung around the area. Fluttershy was immediately intrigued, and once she had directions, she galloped towards the park.

It was a very large area, filled with open, grassy areas and spotted with trees. There were a few ponies wandering around, but the park was mostly empty, aside from the animals living here.

She felt at home already.

Still, as tempting as it was to just wander around and make new animal friends, she had come here with another goal in mind. She wandered through the park—but with purpose, scanning the area for a draconequus.

It took her several minutes, but she eventually spotted him. He was standing on all fours, peering into one of the smaller ponds in the park. She slowly approached him, the thick grass muffling her hoofsteps. He didn’t seem to notice her presence at all.

“Um...hi,” she said. He flinched and jolted forward, almost falling into the pond. “What are you doing?”

“Looking in the pond,” he said as if it were obvious. “There’s been rumors that someone hid something down there...or lost it. No one’s really sure.”

“What did they lose?” she asked.

“Don’t know,” he said. “I was just curious what everyone was getting so worked up about.” He sighed and stood up, stretching. “A load of nothing, apparently. Nothing but mud and rocks.” He glared at her. “Did you want something?”

“I just....wanted to thank you again for saving me,” she said, scuffing her hoof on the ground. 

“Don’t mention it,” he said. “Really. Don’t. I don’t want my reputation to change, like I’m some...some kind of vigilante!”

“What’s wrong with that?” she asked, tilting her head. “Maybe ponies would think you were good, and—”

“And all the gangs would see me as weak,” he said. “Then at least one of them would try to get the jump on me, to ‘convince’ me to use my magic for them.” He snapped his fingers and created a large purple stone, which he threw into the water. The rock bounced on the surface of the water several times before sinking to the bottom.

“Oh…” she said. They stood in awkward silence for a few moments. “Um...how are you feeling? Are your injuries healing well?”

He shrugged. “Well enough, I guess. They don’t hurt.”

“How many times have you changed your bandages?” she asked. He just tilted his head at her. “...have you changed your bandages?”

He shook his head. “Why should I?” he said. “The old ones are doing an okay job of soaking up blood, aren’t they?”

“Well...the bandage is also to keep your wounds from being infected,” she said. “And you’re supposed to change them if they get wet or dirty…”

He rolled his eyes. “And if I don’t know how to change them? Just rip them off and let nature decide what happens?”

“No!” she said. “I can change them for you! But don’t take them off until they’re fully healed!”

“ Please let me help you. I promise no pony will find out I just don’t want your wound to get infected because if they do you will have to go to the hospital and then—” She said 

He growled under his breath  “Fine you can help but don’t put on any more girly bandages it makes me look like an idiot and I don't need that.” He says crossing his arms. 

She looked at him and gave him a warm smile “Of course I’ll do that if you like, it's just that what I had in hoof at the moment.” She said.

“ Why are you like that?” He said not looking at her as he stared down at his reflection in the water touching his face.

“ What do you mean?” She asks tilting her head to the side as she tries to make some sort of eye contact with him.

“ You’re too nice, You won’t make it long in this town. Everyone's gonna take advantage of that, you know that right.” He says, turning his head to look at her.

“ But If they weren’t nice ponies then there wouldn’t be nice things to enjoy. The place would be run by chaos.” She says.

“ You're so naive as well.” He says taking a candy cane and putting it into his mouth. 

“How do you do that?” she asked as he puffed out a tendril of cotton candy. “And isn’t it...unhealthy? To smoke it?”

“Magic,” he said, pulling out the candy cane and blowing out a cloud in the shape of a sparkling wand. “And as for healthy...do I look like I care about that?”

She had to admit that no, it didn’t look like he cared about that.

“But why wouldn’t you be worried about that?” she asked. “Your health is important, and smoking could lower your lifespan!”

He barked out a single laugh. “Please,” he said. “Smoking a little sugar is one of the least dangerous activities I do.” He took a long drag on the candy cane, and then blew out another image—a familiar one of him battling off four different ponies.

She frowned, and scuffed the ground with her hoof. “I…” she swallowed. “Can I change your bandages now?”

He frowned. “Well, I don’t have any plans for today,” he said. “But...nothing cutesy this time. Or I will walk out and just deal with the infections and scars or whatever.”

“I...I can buy some plain ones today,” she said. “But we’ll have to go back to my house again…”

He shrugged. “Sounds okay enough to me.”

The two of them head over to a nearby pharmacy as the ponies there quickly look over at the door as it opens up; they see the draconequus walk alongside the pegasus. As everypony looked at him oddly.

“ What are you all looking at?” He asks them as they quickly turn their faces to the other way.

Fluttershy quietly walks over to one of the allies and tries to find bandages. 
“ Mmm they should be near here right.” She says looking up and down the shelf.

It was only a few minutes being in the store and a commotion had started between discord and another colt in the store.

“ Wow who's the mare you got with you finally got yourself a mommy to clean up after you…” He paused. “Actually...I recognize that mare.” A male pegasus with long blonde hair covering his eyes as his mare friend giggled a bit.

“ I didn’t know you hanging out with the creep over there, I thought you were a loner finally got yourself someone looney enough to be with you” He said.

Discord wrinkles his nose in disgust. “Says the colt that switches marefriends more often then switching outfits,” Discord said to him looking down.

The colt looked at him in shock but then anger fuelled him quickly as he threw a hoof over at discord to hit him but it was stopped as discord had grabbed it with his lion paw and pushed him away.

“Look for once I’m just trying to get something so why don’t you and your little skank friend move along now.” He says as he snaps his finger and a comb appears as he uses it to brush his mane.

Fluttershy ears perked up hearing the familiar voice of a colt as the commotion continued in the background. She peeks her head around the corner seeing the pegasus “Jeremy Mcalan” she whispers to herself softly as this was someone she had a small crush on a few years ago. 

This was a huge mistake of her falling for someone like him when he found out she liked him. He spread rumors about her, how she was a crazy girl that was obsessed with him. one of the reasons why she moved away.

“ Oh you really think I’d like some freak that talks to animals all day and doesn’t have a single friend” he says laughing in her face.

“ eww she just a weirdo”

“She been spying on you too” 

Her tear ran down her cheek feeling heart broken from those hurtful words that have pierced her heart like a knife and from that day on she swore she would never let herself forget and promise she wouldn’t fall for anyone else.

 But before she could think more about it.  Crash

“ Look here you punk I don’t very much like your tone so I'd suggest you buck off!” Discord says as he had Jeremy pin against one of the shelves of the store and holding the mare's friend back with his tail.

Fluttershy gasp slightly seeing the confrontation. “D-discord, please” she say 

He looked over at her as he still held the colt against the shelves, his expression filled with anger.

“ I-I have the bandages” she say

He rolled his eyes letting go of the colt as his body slid down the shelves and he pushed the mare friend off across the store.

He cuffed looking the other way “Good let get out of here” He said pushing others to the side as he walked to the door as everyone looked at shy as she smiled awkwardly paying for the bandages and then quickly ran off.

“ So that stallion is an acquaintance of yours or something?”  Discord asked, putting his hand in his pocket as he walked alongside her.

“W-what n-no I-I never even seen him before” She stutters nervously.

“Well he seems to know you” He replies as they both walk out of the store after fluttershy pays for the bandage. 

She frowned, scuffing the ground with her hoof. “I...I may have known him from flight school,” she admitted. “He was a few levels ahead of me. I used to have a crush on him back then. But…” She trailed off, biting her lip.

“But?” he said.

“...he started spreading rumors about me when he found out,” she said, her ears flattening against her head. “It made the bullying worse...the last time I saw him was when he graduated...the rumors still stayed for months after he left, though.” Her lip wobbled, and she felt a cold prickling in her eyes. “I can’t believe...he’s doing so well…”

“He’s not,” Discord said bluntly. “And not just because I gave him some bruises.” He held up his paw and began to count off on his fingers. “He’s a deadbeat without a job, last time I checked he has at least three ex’s who are peeved at him, and like I said back there, he changes marefriends more often than his clothes.” He smirked. “Might be why he has so many peeved ex’s.”

She couldn’t help but snicker a little, wiping her eyes with a hoof. “How do you know all that?” she asked, still giggling a little.

“ I know quite a lot of other pony I have been here a long time” He replied to her as they continued to walk down the street. 

“Last time I saw him, he was with a blue unicorn mare,” he said. “The time before that, it was a cream pegasus...pretty clear what’s going on. Not to mention all the guys and gals who mock him behind his back.”

“Oh…” she said. “Do...ponies make fun of him a lot?”

“He’s a joke, so yeah,” he said, pulling out a candy cane and lighting it.

Her ears lowered again. “That...that isn’t very nice,” she said. “I know he isn’t a nice pony, but...maybe he could be better if someone gave him a chance?”

He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose as he blew out a cloud of cotton candy. “Dear chaos,” he said. “You’re way too naive for this town...didn’t him spreading rumors teach you anything?” He paused. “What were the rumors about, anyway?”

“Um...nothing,” she said. “Just...mocking me for liking him, and spreading lies…” She swallowed. “And I...did learn something. I made a vow to myself...to not give my heart away like that again...”

He grunted. “Could still stand to learn a few things,” he said. “But I guess that vow’s a good start.” He scratched the back of his neck. “But, uh...I guess I’m glad I roughed him up. Can that count as repaying a favor to you?”

She swallowed. “I, um...I don’t think you beating up ponies really is a good way to repay favors…” she said.

“Even if they talk like that?” he said, his lip curling back into a snarl. “I didn’t like the way he spoke about you...it felt unusually satisfying to drive my fist into his—!” He noticed her shivered, her ears drooping, and stuffed his paw into his jacket pocket. “Whatever. Are we going back to your place so you can bandage me up?”

“Oh um y-yeah let's head back” She says, rubbing her hoof a bit as she looked down at the ground for a moment then looked back up as he was already heading down the street. 

“Are you coming or what?” he says as he pauses in the middle of the road, waiting for her.

Her ears perk up and quickly walked forward to catch up with him.

He rolls his eyes and follows her behind walking to her cottage now that it was morning he could see the place a bit better to his surprise her place looks nice from the outside at least better then his old place for sure.

All of the animals ran outside of the cottage enjoying their day as both of them headed inside and are yet again in the living room It still looked the same to him but for some reasoning this time it felt more welcoming.

He sat down on the green sofa as a bunny jump off it a bit upset at it wasn’t taken’t notice that it was there before this creature came along.

“ Okay here let me take a look at those bandages” She says as she slowly reaches over and takes his bandages off slowly.

She slowly unwraps the bandages off his neck as the wounds are somewhat deep but thankfully not bleeding anymore.

He stays calm letting her do her job.

“ So um are you the only draconequus ?” She says.

“ Well yeah as far as I know, why do you ask?” He said as he scratched behind his ear a bit.

“ I never seen any other creature like you” She says cleaning his wound as he stays still as it doesn’t sting as much as before.

“ Yeah sorta the only one left I think” He says tapping his fingers on the arm rest.

“ So are you an endangered species?” She asked and realised how rude that sounded.
“ I-I didn’t mean to offend or anything” 

“ It's fine and no I’m not an endangered species, I’m just the only one that all” He says to her.
She nods and starts to take off all the old bandages off his body as the wound are slightly better than yesterday.

“ Seems you like animals” He says as he looks around as the animals walk around.

“ oh yeah I talk to them” She reply

“And you understand what they say back to you or are you just talking to them because?” 

“ Well yes I do understand them” She says as she wraps the clean bandages around his wound.

“ Oh well what do they say?” He ask

“Some talk about their day and family….” She then got cut off in the middle of the conversation.

“Why are you really doing this for, why are you helping me?” He ask

“ I just don’t like seeing others hurt… I want to help you… I don’t want to sit there and do nothing” She says, looking at all the parts she has bandaged up.

 He taps his claw on the arm rest.

“ I don’t really want anything in return” She said and paused for a moment thinking of what to say.  “I want to help others as best I can” She spoke softly once more as she got up and headed over to the kitchen. 

He sat there silently and watched her walk away from the room where they both where as her hoof step can only be heard from the distance for a moment it goes silent and then they start up again as she returns to the room with a tray of chocolate chip cookies.

“ Here you can have one if you like too of course” She said.

He grabs one of the cookies, sniffing it before he eats the chocolate chip first.

He looked at her as he started to tear at the bandage off his arm. “Do you always get so excited to clean injuries?” he said snarkily.

She frowned a little. “I...don’t like to see anypony injured,” she said. “But I’m always happy to help.”

“Not a lot of ponies do that anymore,” he said. He stared at her for a few seconds, then scoffed and began to rip off some of the other bandages. “Go on, do the thing you want.”

“O-okay,” she said. She opened the first aid kit and pulled out a bottle of antiseptic. “This...this might sting a bit. Again.”

“It can’t sting that bad,” he said, looking between her and the bottle...though he did eye the bottle warily as she poured a bit of the liquid onto a cotton ball.

“...it’s not going to be any better than last time,” she said quickly and quietly. Before he could protest, she dabbed the antiseptic-soaked cotton ball onto one of his cuts on his arm.

“MOTHER OF CELESTIA!” he yelled. He gripped the armrest of the couch, baring his fangs as he felt the antiseptic sting his wound.

She flinched, gasping a bit at his language. “Please, calm down! It won’t hurt as much if you stay still!”

“Stay still? Why? It stings!” he yelped. He glared at his wound, and blew on it as though it would make the stinging go away. “What even is that poison? Is it supposed to sting this badly?”

“It’s an antiseptic,” she explained. “Not a poison. It kills any germs that are in your wounds and don’t blow on the wound. You'll spread more bacteria ...I’m going to bandage this really quick, okay?” She began wrapping a clean white bandage around his wound. He sighed, holding his arm out a bit to make it easier for her.

“Done!” she said cheerfully, tying her handiwork off in a small bow. “Okay...which one would you like me to clean next?”

“I guess my neck,” he said. He unraveled the bandage there, and she quickly bit her lip. While the cut was shallow, it looked worse than the other wounds...the skin around it was an angry red, and it was bruised.

She prepared another cotton ball, and he watched her. “Why do you like to help, anyway?” he asked.

“I...just don’t like to see any creature in pain,” she said, dabbing the cotton ball on his neck wound. “I want to help creatures however I can.”

“But—” He growled at the sting on the antiseptic. “I don’t see you getting any benefits from doing this.” He gripped the armrest, his claws starting to dig into it.

“Well...no. Not really,” she said. “But still, I can’t just...do nothing.” She finished a thorough cleaning of his neck wound and began to wrap bandages around it.

“Others here seem to be okay with doing nothing,” he said. He lifted his head up high, making it easier for her to wrap the bandage.

“That doesn’t make it right,” she said, tying it off. “There...now, it should just be your cheek left, right?”

“Well...not a lot of folks here want to deal with anything besides themselves,” he said. He turned his face so his cheek was facing her, though he still watched her from the corner of his eye.

She reached up and gripped the bandaid. Her touch was soft and light against his cheek. “Well...I guess I’m different from a lot of other folks,” she said quietly, slowly peeling it away from his skin.

“I suppose that’s true,” he said with a sigh, closing his eyes. “From what I’ve seen from you so far, anyway.” She tosses out the used cotton balls and then grabs new ones.

She had to admit that cleaning up the wound was quite a hassle especially with a creature such as himself. His action made her think that he really didn’t trust anyone. She feels somewhat lucky that she is able to help him even if it seems that he doesn’t want any help.  

“These are really good,” he said, nibbling on the cookie. She dabbed the antiseptic on his cheek, and he hissed, his hand quickly flying up to cover his wound.

“Ah, don’t touch it!” she said. “You’ll get germs from your hoof, er, hand on your cut!”

“It really stings there,” he grumbled.

“If you touch it, I’ll have to clean it again. Just...hold still for a second,” she said. She reached up with the cotton ball again, waiting for him to remove his hand.

“...fine,” he said, reluctantly letting his hand drop. “Just make it quick.”

She nodded and quickly dabbed at the cut, then quickly placed a bandaid over it. “Done!”

He blinked, gingerly touching his cheek. “Um...tanks you,” he said, staring at her. “That’s how you say it, right?”

She giggled a bit. “Thank you,” she gently corrected. “And...you’re welcome. I’m just glad I could spend more time with—helping you!” She didn’t want to yet reveal her plan to get to know him...who knew how he would react to that?

“Yeah...um,” he said. He drummed his fingers against his knee, then took another cookie.

“So…” She tapped her hooves together nervously as he munched on the cookie. “You’re a...draconequus,” she says. “And you seem to be well-known in town…” He raised an eyebrow at that. “My friend knew who you were...she told me your name.”

“Seems your friend likes sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong,” he said, finishing off the cookie. He snapped his fingers and created a candy cane. “But yes, I am a draconequus, as we have discussed, and everyone in town knows my name...now including you.”

“I’ve never heard of a creature like you before,” she said, avoiding looking him in the eyes.

He shrugged, a small fire igniting on the tip of his finger. “Ponies don’t exactly want to advertise that I’m here,” he said. “Kind of makes their ‘peaceful perfect town’ image look like even more of a facade.”

“I’ve never...seen or heard of a creature like you before,” she said. “Where are you from?”

He paused, lighting the candy cane and putting it in his mouth. “I used to live in Canterlot,” he said. He took a long, slow drag off the candy cane.

“What was it like?” she asked. She frowned, watching as blue cotton candy escaped from his lips. “And...do you have to smoke that in here?”

With a sigh and a roll of his eyes, he wrapped his tongue around the candy cane and swallowed it whole. “It wasn’t that great,” he said. “Just a bunch of snooty ponies who thought they were better than anyone else.”

“ Oh I see…. Is everything there like that?” She asked

“It's a nice place if you're rich and like to treat others like they are trash then yes it most certainly is” He said turning his face away from her and gave a small sigh “It’s one of the reasons why I moved away.” 

“When did you move? And why did you choose to come here?” She asked, tilting her head to the side as she looked at him curiously.

“It was quite a long time ago and I didn’t really have much of a choice” 

 “Why, did something happen?” she ask as she put away her first aid kid

“It seems you move here recently” He says avoiding the question she had asked as he didn’t really feel like talking about the subject.

Fluttershy noticed his sudden change of topic but didn’t bother him on the subject matter. “Yeah we did….we actually moved in the night we met.”

“ I see you still have some things to organize so I’ll leave you to it” He said getting off the couch and sliding his hand into his pocket.

“Yeah….” She says and looks at him as her ears perk up “Wait are…..are you leaving already?”

“Well yes this is what we came here to do isn’t it? Or do you want a favor for helping out?” He asked and looked down at her.

“ Oh no, of course not, it just….” she said and looked away. "I was...hoping we could talk for a bit...I want to know more about you."

“ Why are you so interested in someone like me?” He asked as he looked at her a bit suspiciously. 

"Well..." she says. "I just can't help but...want to know more about you. I've never seen a creature like you before, and...even if you're unhappy and odd, you still let me clean your wounds, and you saved me from those..." She shivers. "I just...want to know who you are..."

He sighed as he looked away for a moment not knowing her much except that she seem to be a mare of never giving up on much he decide he would talk a little with her since she did helping and has been the only pony that has ever even been slightly nice to him….It did feel odd to be treated nicely for ounces.

“Fine I’ll stay just five minutes no more than that” He said and sat down once more on the couch putting an alarm clock on the arm rest setting it for five minutes.

She smiles brightly. "O-okay! Do you want tea, or more cookies? And where are you going after this?"

“I'll stick to the cookies, and I dunno. Probably just hang around town as usual.” 

"Alright," she says. "I'll go get some more...there should be plenty left." She heads into the kitchen. "Um...where do you like to hang out in town?"

“Mostly sugarcube corner, the dinners, Neighpon Town, and mostly secluded areas" he say taking another cookie of the plate she brought back from the kitchen

"Neighpon Town?" she asks. "I don't think I've been there...what's it like? And do you know Pinkie? She works at Sugarcube Corner..." She asks grabbing a cookie for herself as well.

"Yeah I know her kinda, and Neighpon Town’s not too bad of a place...though I don't recommend going there alone if I were you" 

"...is it another bad place?" She asks with a shiver.

"It's not bad but you can get mugged there if you're not careful" He took out the chocolate chip out of the cookies and ate them first before eating the rest of the Cookie.

She watches him, her lips twitching into a smile. "That's...an interesting way to eat cookies," she says, grabbing a cookie of her own. She slowly starts to nibble away the margins.

"Oh um yeah I eat the sweetest part first" He says watching her eat. 

She notices him watching her in an odd matter almost suspiciously. It made a shiver crawl down her spine the way his eyes looked intensely at her yet she couldn’t blame him for doing so they are both strangers that only know each other's name not much else.

"I guess I can understand that," she says. "...do you eat desserts before or after dinner?" She asked, trying to break the tension that she was feeling and trying to make small talk with him.

"I eat it before of course." He says tossing the cookies in the air and catching it in his mouth.

"But don't you get too full for supper?"

"My stomach Is a bottomless pit I can't get to full or well too hungry I guess" He say

"Do you...get enough to eat?" she asks, eyeing his body. "I can't tell if you're very skinny or not..."

“ Well I think I eat plenty, not as much as I should but good to survive” He says for some reason he felt a little comfortable speaking to her about him even if at the same time it felt somewhat odd.

"...if you need food, you can come see me." She says. "We have plenty of food, especially lots of fruits and veggies..."

“ I um thank you for the offer “ He says, running his finger on the edge of the cookie as he looks at it.

"Though, um..." She twiddles her hooves. "I might not always be here...I might be with friends in town, or taking care of the creatures in the wild...but you can at least leave a note, and I can bring you something!"

“ It's okay, I've been fine without food for a few days.” He says eating more cookies.

"A...few days?" She asks, her eyes widening.

“ Yeah, maybe a week” He said almost like it wasn’t anything major.

Her eyes slowly widened. "Oh...oh my! Please, wait here!" She hurries into the kitchen.

“ Um okay?” He said watching  her leave the room.

There's the sound of bustling and working in the kitchen, and a few minutes later, she comes back, holding a brown paper sack in her wing.

"Here," she says, handing him a few bags of goods. "I put in some apples and carrots, and more cookies, and a few other things...I tried to pick things that won't spoil. I know it might not be enough for a week, but..."

“ I um are you sure?, I um you didn’t need too” He hesitated to grab the bag.

"It's no trouble, really," she says. "Maybe dad won't be happy...but I'll say I gave it all to a friend!"

His eyes widened and choked on the cookie. How could he have forgotten that detail that she lives with her father.

She notices his reaction almost as she knows what he must be thinking. 
"They're not home at this time!" she says quickly. "Dad is at work, and Zephyr is...hopefully at school...I promise, I knew they weren't going to be here!"

He snapped his fingers and soon disappeared from the room.

Fluttershy sighs as he leaves onces  more wondering if they would bump paths again hoping to know more of him.