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Fluttershy has been running her grand animal hospital for a few years now. But she has also found her calling in travelling Equestria to give motivational speeches on how to give The Gentle No. Iron Will has been the lynch pin to her success, managing her tour, giving her the support she needed to be successful. It has been a wonderful professional relationship. But what about Discord? Is he okay with Fluttershy spending so much time with her tour manager?

Set in the Universe of The Amulet of Shades, this will be a stand-alone story. You don't need to read Amulet to enjoy this one. So.. enjoy!

Also featured on Equestria Daily...:eeyup:

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Can't wait for more ! :D

That is a beautifully drawn picture.
It also makes me think of pictures with... less decency.
Still great art.
I'll give this a read!

Thank you. I was rather disheartened to get a dislike right off the bat. Didn't think my writing was that bad, so apparently somebody doesn't want Iron Will horning in on their ship or something... heh.

My writing is worse, trust me.
If you read Diaries of Equestria's Most Overworked Accountant, that was my work.
I'm actually working on a major project, maybe I'll pitch it to ya.

This is very well written :) Great job

You're brilliant! I aspire to be as good as you! This is very well written, my heart aches for discord right now :pinkiesad2:

Don’t count him out just yet!

Finally! A new well-written story with fluttercord in it!

Then again, you just asked us what direction the story should go, so who knows if you plan on ending it that way. I guess you know my vote, haha.

But it's so on par with the characterization! Discord, annoying and troublesome and so very emotional when it comes to what matters to him, with so much to learn still, and always prematurely coming to incorrect assumptions, while Fluttershy is still gentle and soft-spoken but so much more confident since her debut. I am so excited for the next chapter!

I do hope we get a little more background on this former relationship status of hers and Discord's. What happened? Why did it change? I mean, you hint quite a few reasons as to what Discord needs to learn before trying a relationship again, but was that the ultimate reason? Maybe one day we will find out!

Thanks again for a wonderful read!

I will indeed give some backstory, but for a little more context, this happens on the same day as my other two stories, Pinkie's Apiecalypse, and The Amulet of Shades (which will span more time as my flagship story). Basically, my Amulet-verse is about 12 years since Luna's return. I am introducing Flutters and Discord, because they will play a pretty big role later on in the story BUT I can't reveal more than that. (spoilers!)

This particular story was only planned for about 3 chapters... unless it grows some legs and goes somewhere I had no idea. Such is known to happen when you are dealing with the avatar of chaos himself.

If you are a discord lover, take a look at my daughter's comic prologue where he plays the main narrator for the first three pages... heh. The Amulet of Shades (comic)

Thanks for the kind words!:twilightsmile:

I love this! It turned out great, and I’m sorry I couldn’t get to it in time :twilightblush:

Love to see where this going. I wonder how your gonna approach the situation involving Discord’s jealousy.

Wow Fluttershy! Way to set some boundaries. :yay:
I actually feel bad for the big lug. Hope he is a quick learner. :facehoof: Not making any bets though.
And Amethyst is so patient! With the fake patient. Okay, yeah that was bad. Sorry. :twilightblush:
I can't wait to read the rest of it! :twilightsmile:

I-i-i-lo-love th-this

Enjoying this so much already! Poor Discord :fluttershysad: I don't know what it is, but there's something about depressed Discord that always makes me want to hug him to make him feel better. He's just so cute when he's sad!

Not sure where this is going, but I'm definitely rooting for Fluttercord to win in the end. Can't wait to see chapter two once it's posted!

I want it to go in the direction of...FLUTTERCORD...please, maybe, idk, if you don't mind that is :twilightblush:

why not make it a 3way?
discord X shy X will.
like a mini herd :3

It is certainly going in the way of Fluttercord, folks... Just... Discord is still figuring out how this relationship thing is supposed to work. He still tends to be a little selfish - let's see what comes out of it :heart:

i know right?
i doubt shy would complain.

Whelp... It's a way...
Not one I'll condone, though.
This is an offshoot from my 15 yr old's OC creation and story, so...
Keep it "T," folks. :yay: Keep it "T."

Pleasant day to you!

I have reviewed your story: you can read it here.

Thanks for that. Your input was valuable, and the content and consistency is all the better. :twilightsmile:

Well, this is a incredible fanfiction and it's very fun in that, but discord jealous? they are best friends, not a lovers. Discord gets jealous because he doesn't like his friend fluttershy to have other friends.

Thanks for the compliment. In this story, we are several years past the return of Nightmare Moon (about twelve) so the characters are matured up a little. In the interim, Discord and Fluttershy did indeed go in a relationship for a while, until Fluttershy broke it off for reasons... More to come. Discord is trying to come to terms with the situation... Either that or win Fluttershy back. Let's see if he can get out of his own way to do it, hm?

Love the improvement you made with Fluttershy's reasoning towards her actions in why she wouldn't consider forming a relationship again with Discord. Especially the awkwardness the two carry in conversation, but it's so sweet how Fluttershy would still want to be friends with Discord. As well as for Discord who still has feelings, and didn't lose a friend he truly cares about. I think that's something rarely done in any kind of Fluttercord fiction where the pair breaks up only for specific reason only to be back again as lovers.

Though while it may be first chapter, will there be more to Discord's reasoning as to why he still wants Fluttershy. I hope you can elaborate on that as when I was first reading it I was surprised that Discord acted that way at the clinic to get Fluttershy's attention. Yet, even if years have pass I don't think certain qualities of Discord is ever going away. Also, from the way I see it from the way Discord acts in jealousy I would've expected he controlled that part of him in the past. His actions for wanting Fluttershy back can be valid though as the way I see it for someone like Fluttershy to come into his life is a one in a million, so I can see why he would want to get her back. Though he does need to understand personal boundaries if he's ever gonna win her back.

You say that your still figuring out parts of the story on how to end it or do you already have in mind on how your gonna end it cause if it's not too late to have add something to the story even if you don't go through with this I question what will happen to Iron Will? I know this will end on with Fluttercord ,but is there gonna be a expected plot twist with how in some way or some kind of reasoning why Fluttershy and Discord should be together.

Thanks so much. My biggest challenge in writing this story will be getting into the head of a draconequus. I have mapped a few ideas out, but to actually get into the head of avatar of chaos, and successfully illustrate his thought processes, his inner self, his core...

...I have to admit I am more than a little intimidated. There is certainly a master plan and an ending set, because this story's result will have a later and much greater impact on my flagship story, The Amulet of Shades.

Discord is a powerful character, rather OP, all things considered, and for him to love a mortal the way he does... given who he is... I just really don't want chapter two to come off as trite. Actually, if you have surfed the Fluttercord stories out there (I have only scratched the surface) perhaps you can tell me of one that does a good job at getting into his head.

All things considered, I just have an easier time writing Pinkie than Discord. But glad you like my edits:twilightsmile:

Ah yes! To write the draconequus can be very complicated in getting his character right. I myself had ran into problems when writing him out as he is indeed a character that you have visually describe well enough and his inner thoughts are something much more. Honestly, for you writing out a character like Discord who in the series has not shown any kind of romantic affiliation it's just up to the writers interpretation on how a character like him would act in that kind of situation. So really there is no right or wrong in how you approach it.

What I can recommend though is looking into other writers that can write this pair off as well as Discord's characterization. I would say look into this one story called The Taxonomy and the Lower Reaches of the Discordian Dimension. It does well in captivating such an emotional Discord in trying to cope with the fact Fluttershy wants to date other stallions. It also shows how Fluttershy can be capable of asserting herself while still being her kindly self. I say it's something similar to your story in the triangle dynamic your trying to do.

Not to be harsh on the story, but Fluttershy considering going on a date with Iron Will RIGHT after she saw Discord's heartbreaking reaction to it makes her seem like a total asshole imo :P

Like she just saw Discord panic so much it's not natural even for him, he is clearly shook by this so she should probably tread carefully. And the next second she is saying "Oh yeah now that Discord mentioned it I might date him". I wouldn't wanna be in any sort of relationship with someone like that lmao.

This was wonderful. You've written these two so well, and it was so easy to emotionally invest in them here; I could feel my heart breaking for them both, even though a break to establish boundaries was needed. I know I stumbled upon this story late in the game, but would be delighted if you continued it -- please keep it up! You're a wonderful writer! :heart:

It's cheating to date someone in a relationship no matter what...
Your article about fluttershy's behavior makes me think she's not taking her relationship with discord seriously ......I feel sad
Anyway, I'll keep reading for now

I hope chapter one made it perfectly clear: Fluttershy and Discord are not, I repeat: NOT in a current relationship. They were in one in the past, but Fluttershy has broken it off due to Discord’s behavior.

She also states that such is the case to Iron Will. She is a free mare at this point. Does that help provide better context? Do I need to clarify further in the chapter? Let me know, please!

OH MY.....
i realize i ignore Chapter 1 ... I am so sorry:twilightblush:

Oh my goodness, poor Discord! :pinkiegasp:
If only he would respect those pesky boundaries. But you know, I think Flutershy's cluebat of Kindness may actually help the poor draconicus grow once again. :twilightsmile:
At least that's what I am rooting for. :raritywink:
Awesome chapter! I can't wait to read the rest. :pinkiehappy:

Did you see the reference to Iron Will's family in the official comic? He lives in a maze, too.

I literally just noticed that there was a 2 year gap


Next gap won’t be near as long...

“Oh, nothing…” Discord lapsed into silence, before calling on some visual magic to rearrange a virtual grid titled: The Periodic Table of the Elements . The table only displayed the symbols for K, La, H, Ge, M, and L. Fluttershy would have been confused, if not for the cutie marks associated with each symbol.

Before I read further, Kindness, Laughter, Honesty, Generosity, Magic, and Loyalty. Am I right? :pinkiehappy:

“Fluttershy,” he asserted. “You know that this is what I am. It’s what you love! Remember when I began to fade while trying to throw you a proper and orderly tea party?”

What episode was that?

He would talk to the best expert on the planet. There were many psychologists, consultants, and marriage counselors in the nation of Equestria, but only one pony would suffice. Just one would have the answers he craved, and she was the current ruler of the newly-returned Crystal Empire. It was time for a little trip.


This, overall, was a wonderful story to read, with a good conclusion to cap it all off.

To go into more detail...I think I just love how true it all feels. From Cadence wanting to help Discord, but struggling when he doesn't want to cooperate to Discord and Fluttershy having that conversation with each other, just being close, and sincere...ending with him giving her the key. All the emotions feel genuine, and I'm tied into the story.

Wonderful side story. That ending still left me on the edge with that sudden transition towards your ongoing story. It hit me right in the feels. Especially, the part where Discord's decided on limiting his magical capabilities to be with Fluttershy almost made me teared up. It shocked me what he had in stored for Fluttershy. Was he gonna rid of his magic? Was he gonna give up his immortality!?! Jeez, that part still gets me. You really nailed on the emphasis part, and the seriousness of the character that is Discord. You do have some missing quotes that need to be put in some places in your story. Overall, can't get enough these two, and can't wait in what they'll get up to in your Amulet of Shades story.:pinkiehappy:

Ah, those pesky quotation marks. I'll hunt 'em down. And thanks for your kind words. Interestingly, while Amulet hasn't touched on these characters at all yet, they end up playing an important role down the stretch, so, why not give them their own side-fic to set it up? But yes, Discord and Flutters stroll right into the next chapter. Will be fun to see how Rarity and Twilight react... That was also set up from further back in Amulet.

So happy to hear you using words like true and genuine. I am all for realism (as much as can be had in candyponyland) and I certainly want the story to be instantly relatable and digestible. Glad to hear it was received well. :twilightsmile:

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Boy, you have an OC (most likely yourself) snuggling to Fluttershy.
You telling us to get a "better taste in ships," yet you have that as your pfp?

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