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An Amulet of Shades side story, Pinkie's Apiecalypse shows just what kind of shenanigans are going on while in Manehattan somepony is arriving and starting to make waves. Don't worry. The Mane Six will hear about her soon enough, but for now? It's just another day in Ponyville! Twilight sets her heart on a new discovery, pleading with her dragon assistant to be her research assistant once more. It... uh, backfires. As for Pinkie, is she just off her rocker, or does she actually have a plan for the whole pie thing? :pinkiecrazy: And will Applejack and Sugarcube corner (or the whole of Ponyville) survive?

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Everything from the opening of the scene with Celestia and Luna on was hilarious.

Heh, thanks... Hey, BTW, based on our earlier conversations, I thought you read this already! lol... :derpyderp2:

I had added it to my read later list during our conversation, but had just gotten around to reading it when I made the comment.

I apologize for any misunderstandings.

You are fine. Misunderstandings? I was excited just to get a comment:twilightsmile:.

More hilarity incoming, but I am putting my finishing edits on chapter three of Amulet of Shades right now.

Twilight’s eyes tracked the arcs of magical discharge from the Arcane Resonance Coil. While the coil was similar to its electronic analog, invented by Neighkoli Tesla, it differed in that it magnified and resonated mana instead of electricity. It was a device of her own creation, but Twilight was too modest to put her name on it. Although, calling it the Sparkle Coil did have a nice ring to it.

Yes, a very nice ring. All it needs is to sparkle.

Pushing her Stetson back from her eyes in bewilderment, Applejack re-read one particular section. What in the Tartarus was a mighty morphin’ power changeler? For that matter, why did Pinkie draw a few changelings along the margins of the note, ridiculously dressed up with brightly colored jumpsuits and visored helmets? Wasn’t their current color scheme garish enough?

Go go power changelers!
*dewnnn dew new neeeeewww newwwww*
Go go power changelers!
*dewnnn dew new newwwwwww new*

“ Luchando en una Batalla de los Gustos !”

Google, a little help?

And with that, the party mare had brought the room to a climax. Pinkie began pumping her hoof into the air as she continued to spur on the crowd. “Not Duff Goldpony! Not my buddy Valastro! It’s yours truly, the Baker of ALL. FOUR. WALLS. Pinkamena Diane Pieeee!”

HA! That pun. I noticed it there.

After a moment, the lights flicked back on, and Pinkie hopped back down to the floor, still holding her microphone.“Now, everypony take a look at your invitations. On each you will find a hidden message if you would just double-click on the upper right-hoof corner of your browser!”

Oh ok then!
*clicks twice*

With a mechanical whir, the scrolling door retracted upwards again as Pinkie wriggled with glee, her hoof on the button. The aperture slowly yawned open, revealing a kaleidoscope of colorful manes and faces as the attention of many sets of eyes were drawn to the movement. As soon as it was open, Pinkie leapt through the window onto the counter, nearly kicking the register with a back hoof. Bewildered, Applejack scratched at her mane. Why didn’t she just use the Tartarus-darned door?

Because why use a door, when you have a window and window-back-flipping skills?

“Ghost peppers!”

. . .
But why, Pinkie? How could you?
I hate spicy foods.

Who will win? Luna, of course!

What a stupid name for a color! Of all the uncool color names out there, the only one more uncool than periwinkle is chartreuse. Or maybe smaragdine. Yep, smaragdine was definitely an awful name for a color. Wait, why was she even thinking about this, anyway? Pondering on the color of a door was more Rarity’s shtick, not hers.

I had to look up all 3 of those colors.

“Ugh. But, to ask Rarity ?” she mumbled. “Isn’t that like walking into a changeling hive on Hearts and Hooves day, and announcing you are catering a gorb-fest? I gotta be outta my mind…”

What IS a gorb-fest? I still haven’t got a clue.

“I’m… I’m okay!” The yellow pegasus bellowed as she got airborne again, wobbling to and fro as she made her way back up to the Town Hall clocktower.


Assuming a sprinter’s pose, Rarity lowered her head while she pawed at the street with a hoof. “ This is where we fight! This is where they die !” Without another word she launched into the fray, her horn activating with a brilliant blue light, finally screaming “THIS. IS. PONYVILLE!”

i couldn’t find anything better *shrug*

I never knew Rarity had that much *game*. :raritywink: You go girl! Er, mare! :twilightsmile:
I haven't laughed that hard since the last chapter. I see a trend! :pinkiegasp:

Rarity is certainly a mare due her respect, and can be a force of nature to be reckoned with. Seeing her pull such a masterful prank just seemed right somehow, you know? Especially if she had never gotten even with Rainbow before... :raritywink:

Heh. I read Fluttershy's lips, and that doesn't seem to be what she's saying. It's that lip-bite on the "v" sound of LOVE ME! Ah well. Flutters is a force of nature too!:yay:

I can see this entire thing actually happening in MLP :P

I'll be honest, I'm more intrigued by this story than the main one right now. Don't let it deter you and continue to write the main one though, as it's just me and how I enjoy seeing the main characters interact with each other though. :twilightsmile:

Meh, I'm more for pizza anyways.

(Activates shield spell)

Just in case. :twilightsheepish:

I was honestly expecting worse for the prank, but I'm glad it wasn't quite as bad as i was expecting.

I've seen a few "prank videos" on YouTube - and... personal view here: people tend to go waaaay too far sometimes. I mean, if you have a family member, ESPECIALLY if it is adult-to-child, there is supposed to be a fantastic level of trust there. Makes me mad, seeing moms or dads pulling a cruel prank on their children. Really mad. But breaking such trust with your child can only come back to bite you later on... at least it can.

That is all. I'll get off the soap box now. But Rarity still has her class, and she did a rather Rarity-esque prank there, so I really feel it works. :duck:

Just reread it again - that was awesome! And the pictures were just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing this. :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry! Pinkie's plan is proceeding along as expected!

Ooohhhhh, that was a fun time! It still happens, y'know!

Certainly glad you enjoyed. Was hoping, like Pinkie, to cause a smile.

Thank you so much for going through it!

Glad you enjoyed. My next chapter of AoS is around the corner. (finally!)

Heyyy, of course I want everypony to smile! That's my job! :pinkiesmile:

“Because, my dear Spike. You will be our defense.” Rarity’s got a cunning look in her eye. “How do you think Princess Celestia will feel about receiving large quantities of high quality Sweet Apple Acres pie?”

Beware, you pony folk! The wrath of Sol Invictus, the Pie Scorcher, is no joke!

No, seriously. You need an epilogue with Celestia's retaliation strike, courtesy of the Canterlot Kitchens. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

:trollestia:Did somepony ask for... "shake and cake"?!

My Talented daughter, Tillie, age 16. Just google “Tillie-TMB” and see what you find.:heart:

This story reminds me a lot of IDW comics Ponyville days mixed with issue 63's sugar boycott. Absolutely hilarious and a great read so far, good job.

Thanks! Now I need to find that issue so I can check it out!

“Ten vote penalty? How about I break a pie on your face?”

When I read that, the only thing that came to my mind was:

Wait. I thought Rainbow Dash didn't like pies? Why did she consider the pie fight 'tasty'?

Your timing is great. I just made three pies this evening. A cranberry-apple, a banana cream, and a sugar-free apple. Nopony’s throwing these puppies. To your question... er... AU?

I never knew an apocalypse would be delicious

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