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Hello, Readers. A very young Tempest Sabre goes to school, having been adopted by Sweet Potato, and not realizing who her mother really is...

This excerpt was taken from The Amulet of Shades, Chapter Four, but since it was initially couched as a flashback, it ended up detracting from the modern-day plot of the story. So, I am putting this up as an official side story, or back story, if you will, kicking off at this juncture. At it's first inception, all of the backstory from 1000 years ago was to be published as its own book with a full cast of characters. I may still do that, with this chapter as the jumping off point, but not before Amulet is finished first. Busy, and all that...

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The first rule of The Royal Fight Club is nopony talks about The Royal Fight Club! Except Celestia's never obeyed that rule. Because then she wouldn't be able to rub it in Luna's face so much! ... Well, after losing for the 27th time in a row, and being subjected to her sister's antics, Princess Luna's had enough. Time to go to Twilight Sparkle and make a dimensional rift!

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Fluttershy has been running her grand animal hospital for a few years now. But she has also found her calling in travelling Equestria to give motivational speeches on how to give The Gentle No. Iron Will has been the lynch pin to her success, managing her tour, giving her the support she needed to be successful. It has been a wonderful professional relationship. But what about Discord? Is he okay with Fluttershy spending so much time with her tour manager?

Set in the Universe of The Amulet of Shades, this will be a stand-alone story. You don't need to read Amulet to enjoy this one. So.. enjoy!

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An Amulet of Shades side story, Pinkie's Apiecalypse shows just what kind of shenanigans are going on while in Manehattan somepony is arriving and starting to make waves. Don't worry. The Mane Six will hear about her soon enough, but for now? It's just another day in Ponyville! Twilight sets her heart on a new discovery, pleading with her dragon assistant to be her research assistant once more. It... uh, backfires. As for Pinkie, is she just off her rocker, or does she actually have a plan for the whole pie thing? :pinkiecrazy: And will Applejack and Sugarcube corner (or the whole of Ponyville) survive?

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It's been nine years since Twilight's ascension, and her relationship with her friends has never been stronger. While many things have changed about their respective lives, Twilight and her friends remain very close.

Unfortunately, their heroism will need to be called upon again, but this time, they may not be enough. The Nightmare Moon Incident had one more complication, one final loose end. One pony, thought forever lost to the passage of time, returns. And she will have her mother free... or die trying.

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