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Fluttershy is given a rather odd request from somepony she thought she'd never see again: Iron Will. The minotaur seeks her out, asking her to teach him how to be as calm as she is. But when she agrees to being his tutor, will Iron Will take the lessons a little too close to heart?

(Cover picture belongs to John Joseco and I take no credit for it. Warning, some of his work is NSFW.)

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Sweet baby Luna in her cradle...

Beat ya to it.

Show off...

436548 Haha, that's buckin' funny!

I have no idea what's going on :derpytongue2:

436610 I think you should.
If you don't, read your story again.

You sure nailed Iron Will's character! :)

Heres some moustache

This was actually pretty awesome! I enjoyed it much! One thumb for you.

aw man, i was gonna do something like this with that image.

well, that's the end of that plan.:fluttercry:

I can see this as an episode XD. Nice work:rainbowlaugh:


Don't let me stop you, just have fun writing. :pinkiehappy:

436660 ok, but, you do realise i'll have to work on finding a simular but original concept for the story i planned. i don't wanna look like a copycat.:twilightsheepish:

Don't waste time with doubt, just work it out!

I felt like I just watched an episode of the show. A short one, but an episode nonetheless. Awesome job!


Coming up with a new concept is half the fun. And we all know we need more Iron Will fics! :trollestia:


Not sure what to do? You've got it, it's all you! :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:


Not sure what to say? Don't worry; that's okay!

dont stop doing these rhymes, they're good at the times!

With all that rhyming, I bet you could write some mean Zecora!
Not sure of that rhyme? Sit back 'n' take your time!


Of course, my dear Shu, rhyming's just what I do. :rainbowwild: I don't say this in jest, just put me to the test.

Okay, I'll stop. :twilightsheepish:

now THIS is episode material maybe saome slight changes but pretty good.

LOL that was funny :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, this is good. The role reversal between Iron Will and Fluttershy is just great!


...Somebody needs to make that gif with Vinyl Scratch...

This was a fun read, and quite clever. You really nailed Fluttershy's and Iron Will's characters.

You got the characters down perfectly, well done my good sir.:pinkiehappy:


Was awesome.

"Don't strive for a fight, but stand up for what's right."

Wise words, Fluttershy, wise words. :twilightsmile:

wow, startling role reversal, well done

Cute! Though I'd never have imagined this role reversal myself, it actually works pretty well!

You've earned a like for this one.

Iron Will is best pony

Iron Will looked up from his fingers, arching an eyebrow. “You didn’t know? Minotaur mazes have a mind of their own. They rearrange at will, closing off and opening up any passages they want. That’s why minotaurs live in them, because our gruff nature won’t take any backsass from the maze. We shout at the maze ‘til it gets how we want it, and stays that way.”

...brilliant :rainbowlaugh:

Very cute stuff! Definitely felt like an episode and mellow Iron will made me laugh out loud.:rainbowlaugh:

And I quote :unsuresweetie: : "Aww, that was such a sweet story."
The role reversal was just brilliant.

Aw, that was cute. :twilightsmile: Clearly Fluttershy needs to teach the maze next.

You know, this story is so simple, and yet I really, really enjoyed it! I could easily see this being an actual episode on the show. I love the bit where Iron Will is holding the door for people, and they keep coming. So funny! It IS an awkward situation, isn't it? And the idea of him needing his gruffness to enter the labyrinth is awesome. (Just the labyrinth being included at all is awesome.) Yay.:yay:

This. Is. Great.

Captured the personalities right and was pretty entertaining. I love it, it's a quick story that's pretty cute. :pinkiesmile:

I was SOOO skeptical of this at first. But you did it amazingly! Thumbs up and faved. I dunno if comedy is a great tag for it, though.

That was simply an amazing story! You NEED to write more IronWill Fics, you got the character spot on.
Imo one of the funniest things was the look for a opening in his schedule....:rainbowlaugh:

Thumbed up, very cute story.
Loved how Fluttershy took a page out of Iron Will's book and started making catchphrases.

That was just BRILLIANT! Both characters were captured nicely and I liked how it felt like an episode. I love fics that do that! :twilightsmile:

Dude, loving this story. Seriously.

Sometimes it takes me a loooong time to read something. Enjoyable though.

Loved it! I can def. see this being an episode if Iron Will ever returns.

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much I have put together and audio version on YouTube.

3338706 listened to it and loved it.

good fic, by the way, writer. funny and weird.

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