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I'm an editor for multiple authors on FiMFiction, as well as other platforms. Feel free to send me a PM if you are interested.

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Yeah, fuck Canada! Too goddamn cold for my taste.

Hey, Blazing Moon! what do you MEAN, you hadn't favorited my story yet? Wut?!
Just kidding:rainbowlaugh: But thanks...:twilightsmile:

You know it Dusky :trollestia:

Blazie Moon; Sexiest Editor of the Year award winner five years running!

Yeah man, no prob. I'm pretty boring as well though. Just an editor going around telling every author I work for that their story is shit.

Uhm, thanks for the follow though I'm pretty boring.

Busy (er) now that I am working six days per week instead of five. Check out my blog...
And, keep up the excellent work!

Doing alright, and you?

Boop! How're ya doing, BlazingMoon?

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Website · 2:21am Jan 3rd, 2018

Hey guys, Iv'e created a website, check it out.


(Yea, yea. I know it's Wix ok)

(Once again, Yea, Yea. I know there's not much on the website)

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