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Vore Crimes

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After 3 months of a loving yet secret relationship, Fluttershy and Discord decide it's finally time to tell ponies that they are together. Fluttershy's family will be the first to find out. But, will they take it well? Probably not.

Cover art by whaackery : https://derpibooru.org/2091025?q=artist%3Awaackery

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Yes! I've been waiting for a story where Fluttershy introduces Discord to her family. I hope more chapters are on the way.

😁 Please may I have some more?

Okay I must applaud you on the opening. You set up something so amazing and cliche at the start. Something that all romantic fictions seem to try and do, and Completely subvert expectations in the next paragraph. And it feels Discord. I adored this and I hope to see mode in the futute.

The punctuation needs a bit of work, but other than that, I'm hooked!

Awesome to see you in the feature box! :pinkiegasp: It was nice meeting you at BC! :pinkiehappy:

It was awesome meeting you too. :pinkiehappy:I miss talking to you already :fluttershbad:

“NO IDEA! THANKS! BYE!” Rainbow’s hoof shot over Scootaloo’s mouth before she could finish that thought. In a flash, she’d scooped up the filly in one hoof, pulled the requisite number of bits from her saddlebags, and traded them in for a cake. She shot out of the store, practically dragging Scootaloo behind her.

wow, that's funny, can't wait to see more

Then, Rainbow Dash understood. As much as she wished she didn’t. There’s no way. Sweet Celestia tell me that this doesn’t mean what I think it does.

Huh, for once, Rainbow Dash wasn't utterly oblivious. :rainbowderp:

No offense for all ye Rainbow Dash lovers.

This story is already so sweet and nice, I can almost hear ilikekimpossiblealot screaming in the background)
Excellently written!

A wonderful start, but I can't help but wonder if Rainbow Dash will respect Fluttershy's privacy.

Fluttershy never told them....

Yes!!! I'm very interested!!

:moustache: It all started with Angel Bunny
:duck: and ended with Discord
:flutterrage: I blame you and Rainbow dash!
:raritystarry: ?????
:fluttershbad: What with you and Spike or Tank and Dashy.......What's with our attraction to reptiles thingies ?

:rainbowderp: Tank's just my bud. . . .

:facehoof: Angel bunny spilled the beans :yay:I WANT TO MARRY DISCORD

To be fair, Discord is mostly mammalian. His only reptilian features are his tail and left leg.

When will this story be updated

Depending on how long it takes me to edit the next chapter, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Monday at the absolute latest.

I really enjoyed working with you on this on (Friday?) night at the con, and it's lovely to see how well it's done. I particularly liked:

...most of the night with Fluttershy in her… their? Bed.

It was awesome working with you on this too. Probably wouldn’t have ever worked up the courage to publish if I hadn’t had the chance to talk it through like you gave me.
Thanks man :pinkiehappy:

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. :raritystarry:

“Mom!” Fluttershy howled “Discord does not eat ponies.”

"Well," Discord mused. "Not in this dimension. There was that one Tumblr..."


And of course Zephyr is a complete A-hole. Thank goodness he's here now to give Blueblood a break from 'Most Hated Pony'. :raritywink:

THis was perfect!!! I look forward to a week from now.

Goos luck with your work!!

Zephyr, you have just proven you are an idiot.
Your sister is the only being in Equestria that can keep Discord under control, and you are angering both of them.

May Sleipnir have mercy upon you, for you shall find none here.

“Mom, Dad, don’t you get it? He’s a monster” Zephyr interrupted.

Wel THAT was abrupt lol

“Still, don’t you think that was a little much?”

Nope. Not at all. :pinkiehappy:

Fire away, Discord, fire away.

Zephyr, what's wrong with you?

And Zephyr continues his trend from canon of being a huge butt. I like Discord's sandwich solution!

As they walked back inside, Zephyr shot discord a glare, squinting at him as if it would somehow magically make him disappear.

Discord should be capitalized.

Oh, I think I remember that one! "Meat with a kick," weren't they? I wonder whatever happened to it...

Anyone over 12 have anything to say?

“Mom, Dad, don’t you get it? He’s a monster” Zephyr interrupted.

And you're a sore incel looser... So keep it down for once.

“Mom!” Fluttershy howled “Discord does not eat ponies.”

Discord: [whispers to Fluttershy] Unless, of course, she's talking about what I did to you last night.
[Fluttershy blushes profusely]
Fluttershy: DISCORD!

That you act like you are under 12, maybe?

9775741 It was, yes; before Tumblr banned anything and everything which could even be construed as 'adult'.

Though it hardly matters, as the creator of Super Psycho Cannibal Discord rage-quit about a year prior to that.

After some world-class trolling by yours truly. :trixieshiftright:

9776147 You leftists keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does.

9775843 No, it was a different one. It had several names before settling on "DiscordantlyVore".

The creator quit a year before the blog was removed. Couldn't stand me pointing out how that character didn't fit a spirit of chaos and disharmony at all (what with its actions being utterly predictable), and more a spirit of greed and gluttony.

we meet yet again, feature box troll

>“Well. Maybe you shouldn’t!”

death is coming to you, Zephyr.

“Shut up, weirdo, we’re not talking to you,” Dumbbell cut in.

My dude, you are speaking to the Lord of fucking Chaos. He can replace your brain with a sponge, calm yourself.

Not gonna lie, I think someone may have beaten discord to it.

Huzzah! Fluttercord ship is going full steam ahead!

Looooove how it opened up, such a sweet morning intro.

Well that was exciting! Eagerly awaiting the next update, also glad that he's starting to break the ice (metaphorically) aside from Zephyr.

Also to be fair not everyone was personally bedding chaos and witnessing emotional maturity. So I can't fault the general reaction. He IS a Boogeyman and proved it twice in their lifetimes.

But here's to hoping Fluttershys insistence and Discords charm can win the parents over.

Speaking of his charm, LOVED him standing up for her

Perhaps you should think before you act next time, you sacks of poorly packaged plant food

Great stuff! That and the mirror gag.



Zephyr may have been unpleasant in the show, but he wasn't that much of an asshole.. I do hope this isn't going into full demonization territory, but at least hopeful that he's wanting to be protective of fluttershy rather then just.. well.. usual blueblood affair.

If I was that young I would have like the story. You slow or something?

OMG!!!! You remember that. So cool. I catch as much shit if I ask a real question or make a real comment. So I troll and the waters here are great.


I agree with your points and hope that you will find the next chapter interesting (and not dissapointing).

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