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The stories clog up my brain and prevent me from thinking about anything else until I write them down. True story.


Even after Flight Camp, Fluttershy is afraid to fly by herself. Mom and Dad decide this calls for sneaky measures.

A one-shot about Fillyshy. 

Not related to any of my other stories.

Cover art is https://derpibooru.org/208297

Wow! Made the feature box 2019.07.25! Thanks, all!

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"That filly gotta rainbow butt," said Zephyr. "I like it."

Zephyr yawned, then said, "I like the filly wit the rainbow butt."

Even back then Zephyr Breeze pinned for Rainbow Dash


It was annoyance at first sight!

Some nice ideas in this.
Zephyr was a brat, even then :facehoof:

Zephyr likes butts, and he cannot lie. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowhuh:

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