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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.


Discord, the lord of chaos, is skilled at many things. As the saying goes, Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one. The one thing he never dirtied his claws with was the idea of love. But on the day he went to rescue Fluttershy from Chrysalis, he considers it seriously for the first time.

Inspired by the song "Something Real" by Chase Holfelder.

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:twilightoops: and then Spike Discord Rarity and Fluttershy broke out in a song and dance about "Prius racing"

:pinkiegasp: That's HIBRID RACES the couple with the first mutant baby wins!


Sigh! Fluttercord is one of the most adorable couples ever!

Wow! That was deep:raritystarry::pinkiegasp:

It so so so sweet just like chocolate milk!!!!

Shot, sweat and to the point... this pleases me :ajsmug:

:heart:Fluttershy's Love is the best thing Discord never knew he needed:heart: (Song reference:rainbowlaugh:)

Love it! Very beautifully well done. I love how you wrote Discords emotions and thoughts about love. You did a great job!

This was cute, but the lack of dialogue doesn't feel natural to me. That being said, good job on this.

Daaawww... This was so cute and so sweet!^_^ I like it!^_^


Still, it would have been nice if you had written the reactions of all the others present in to see what they felt.

This story is beautifully written and a joy to read, keep up good work!!!

That was really sweet. Good story. 👍

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