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I'm a writer and Artist! MLP is my favorite tv show, and I love writing fanfic about it. Warning: all my writing is dark and or sad. Except for the occasional comedy.


Equestria is at war with the hippogriffs, and ponies from all over are being called to battle. When Fluttershy's father is told to join the perilous fight, she takes his place. Despite her friend's warnings, she disguises herself as a boy, joining the war. Will she be enough to defeat the hippogriffs, or will Equestria go up in flames?

This is supposed to be a crossover of "Mulan". I got the inspiration after I watched it a few days ago. It's one of my favorite Disney movies! Zephyr Breeze doesn't exist in this story, but I might use that as Fluttershy's cover name. I hope I can make this an enjoyable story to read! Have a good day!

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So... Why the hippogriffs of all creatures?

A friendly reminder that Mulan was based on a "real" legendary hero.

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I know. I had no reason to use the hippogriffs, I just used the first creature that came to mind.:pinkiesmile:

A crossover with Mulan starring Fluttershy, huh? That’s a really interesting choice.

As for the story itself, I don’t think I can say much about it yet. It was readable, though watch out for some recurring issues in direct speech (can explain more if needed) and also for some formatting errors, most notably missing spaces between paragraphs. Furthermore, the story would definitely benefit from more showing, as right now it’s just a retelling of the movie’s events with some details tweaked. Also, I’m curious, are you going to diverge a little from the movie’s plot and add something of your own making to the story?

HI! I like novel ideas like this that haven't been done over and over again, and also Fluttershy is best cutie.

I just wanted to pop in with the mental image of Spike shouting about dishonor. "Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your family! Dishonor on your squirrel!"

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