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Most ponies would settle for whatever they could get their hooves on, but not Rainbow Dash. Not when it involves her. Not with something so important to their lives.

A thank you to themoontonite, Shaslan and Flashgen for proofreading and editing before publishing.

For those who have played Harvest Moon, hope you get the reference.

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Nice story! This is plot really good, especially with old pegasi tradition!

I do find it interesting that a lot of games where you can get married don’t involve rings. In Stardew Valley you get married to an NPC by presenting them with a shell necklace called the mermaids pendant. This necklace is purchased from an old man of the sea (possibly a ghost) who only shows up in rainy weather.

That, and in the one game I know of where marriage is a thing and it does involve a ring, that ring isn't something for sale anywhere. It's in the accessory crafting list. When you've achieved a certain relationship level with one of the npcs you can marry, a marriage quest becomes available, and you get the crafting recipe upon accepting the quest if you haven't already made one by experimenting with materials.

For any who don't know, I'm talking about Rune Factory 4. And can I just say the Rune Factory series is a crossover as outlandish and surprisingly successful as Kingdom Hearts, but with genre melding instead of being the joint creation of two big names in entertainment. It's a cross of Harvest Moon-style farming simulation and a real time RPG, made by the same company that was behind Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons. In fact the subtitle of the series is 'a fantasy Harvest Moon'.

Damn... Looking over my comment now that it's all written out, it feels like a plug. Oh well, guess I'm just that kind of fan...

It is a good series. Oddly in Stardew Valley you can craft a wedding ring as well, though that is only used to marry another player in a multiplayer game.

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